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  • Review by Razan of Koboz ow Shai
    8 years ago
    I have recently been to this place after reading about it here on Jeeran. I understood from the lady who was very pleasant that they are not officially open, so this may explain the lack of many of the items they said they had on the menu. I ordered a cheese Sandwich that was very average. It had olives in it and that is it!! I assumed I'll get couple of cucumber slices or pickles on the side, like we usually get in other places. The place is located just by the Marina, so you having a gorgeous view of all the boats and people walking by. Lots of potential here, I really hope they can develop their services to match Tala Bay standards.
  • Review by Razan of Islamic Hospital
    8 years ago
    So I bumped my arm and it got swollen real bad, I woke up the next day and the pain didn't disappear (like I was hoping it would!). I went to the ER at the Islamic hospital, and it wasn't too bad. I had to ask about the procedure, which one of the nurses was kind enough to explain. They then sent me to get an X-ray for my arm, I received the results in less than 5 minutes. I'm not sure if it is always like this, but I thought the process was smooth. The parking area is very small, so you may need to park outside. The hospital needs some renovation but I think they are doing the best with the limited resources they have.
  • Review by Razan of Ayla Legal Services Firm
    8 years ago
    I have dealt with this law firm through work. The firm is owned and operated by Samah and her husband. They run a very professional law firm. They were able to provide us with advise and prepare us for the things that are expected to happen. I think that Samah's calm and precise attitude is what makes one fully trust her and listen to what she says.
  • Review by Razan of Al Kalha Restaurant
    8 years ago
    Al Kalha is a well known Hummos place in Amman. They have recently opened a branch in Aqaba and we decided to go and check it out. The food's quality and taste is similar to that in Amman, Great! They bake their own bread, which was fresh and soft. They have a beautiful seating area outside. We had Fatteh, Hummos, falafel and tea for 4.75JDs ... Which I though was very reasonable.
  • Review by Razan of Bukhara Restaurant
    8 years ago
    I went to this place based on the recommendation of my colleagues, I was not disappointed. Great value for money! The place is located in a narrow alley, and doesn't look so inviting from the outside. But once you are in you will notice the remarkably nice staff from Bukhara (an ethnic group in central Asia), nothing special about the setup ... standard plastic tables & chairs ... They have a vast seating area in the second floor both inside & outside. They display the meals in trays and you can select what you want. Mainly they serve grilled chicken, Okra, white beans and mixed vegetables with beef and of course regular or spicy/hot rice. I tried the okra and mixed vegetables and loved it! Service is quick, you can have your meal served in a few minutes unless you order the grilled chicken which takes a bit longer (say 10 minutes) The portions are big especially if you are taking out! Great value for money ... 4 JDs for a whole chicken, 1.25 for Rice, 1/2 chicken with rice 3.25
  • Review by Razan of Standard Chartered Bank
    8 years ago
    I have opened an account with Standard Shartered since 2004 in Amman, I find their rates and interest value higher than many other banks, so have actually opened an account somewhere else ... But I have visited the Aqaba branch last week, as I needed to transfer money to my landlord who now lives in the UK. The guy didn't give me his account number, I only had his name. The staff went out of their way to help me get the correct number and ensure that the payment was sent on time. This has made me re-evaluate the services the bank is providing and I think by far their biggest asset are is the helpful staff they have.
  • Review by Razan of Al Shami Restaurant
    8 years ago
    I was invited with friends for dinner at this place, I wasn't really enthusiastic as it doesn't look very appealing from the outside ... But I'm so happy I took the chance. The food is excellent and cheaper than places that serve similar type of food. The menu is very standard, you have a selection of Arabic appetizers (Hummos, Mutabal, Salads) all great tasting .... and you have mixed grills for the main course .... that are so good. They serve Cocktails and fresh lemon with mint drinks (No alcohol). Usually this place is busy with locals and tourists alike. There is not much of an atmosphere going on besides what you and your group bring into the place. Parking near the place is a hassle as this is a very busy street, so just park far and walk your way up. The place is clean in general, I thought the service was quick. I thought the staff were quick and responsive. Generally cheerful and welcoming. I would for sure go back there and recommend it to other people.
  • Review by Razan of King's Grill
    9 years ago
    This place is located at the Double Tree by Hilton, I have been a customer since it opened in 2010. I love the spacious white interior that is tastefully furnished with wood & leather. But I have to say that those one seaters are not comfy at all ... they look elegant but are terrible on the back!
    The menu has everything that you wish for if you love steaks. My favorite dish so far is the King's Grill special, which is a 200mg piece of steak, cooked in what looks like a hut made of dead sea salts!! It is excellent! The chef would come personally to your table, discuss your choice of steak with you and was willing to give us many recommendations (which I have to say were exactly what we needed) Other waiters were very friendly, and were also very knowledgeable about the menu. I thought the prices were very reasonable for such setting in a hotel. Between the four of us there, we had 2 salads, 4 mains, shared a cake and a bottle of wine for 150 JDs
  • Review by Razan of Gloria Jean's
    9 years ago
    Very modern and stylish,
    This is a good spot for a small meeting or to study, internet is free ... the coffee is excellent, I usually go for a regular Cappuccino and the occasional hot chocolate (which is heavenly). The staff are super friendly, they always draw a little something on the cappuccino foam ... just giving it that little extra friendly touch. The place is always clean, and there is a non-smoking area as well as an out door area. I wouldn't recommend eating there, as the food items come from Amman and stay in the fridge during the week. So it is not fresh after 2 days. May be if you're going for cookies but not sandwiches for sure. There are many close by restaurants and stands where you can get a fresh sandwich from.
  • Review by Razan of Vis a Vis
    9 years ago
    I love the location and space at Vis a vis Aqaba, especially the outside area.
    The service is very good, the staff are super friendly and always welcoming. There is a good selection of foods on the menu, the steak sandwich is good as well as the vis a vis special. In summer I always go for their frech tasty smoothies, my favorite is Guava & Strawberry. Argeeleh is available in all tastes, even the traditional Zaghlool which I normally go for! We attended couple of the world cup big matches here, and given the fact that the place was 100% occupied the service was still excellent. They usually have Arabic pop music on, but thankfully not very loud so you still can have a decent conversation. Prices are within the scale of prices for similar coffee shops in Aqaba or Amman. As a non smoker I can't sit inside for too long without suffering, as there is no smoke free area inside ... so I usually sit outside.
  • Review by Razan of JETT (Jordan Express Tourist Transportation)
    9 years ago
    I always use JETT buses whenever I'm traveling between Amman & Aqaba. They have a very clear schedule for their daily trips (which is always on time and no delays). I appreciate the fact that they have more than one station in Amman depending on where you want to stop.
    I've recently been using their VIP service and think it is excellent. There are 2 trips daily on the VIP, one in the morning & the other in the afternoon. What is special about this bus is the space, the normal bus usually has 48 seats, the VIP bus has only 25 ... meaning more space (which is appreciated on the 4 hours ride), also each passenger has their own mini TV where you can switch between 3-4 channels (you can ask the hostess for a certain channel if you're following a program). A Sandwich & drinks are available for free. I think the price is reasonable for the service you get, it is double the price of a regular trip (regular trips are for 8JDs).
  • Review by Razan of Al Asayel Equestrian Club
    9 years ago
    This place has the word "passion" written all over it.
    The location is stunning, close enough by car ... yet feels isolated and away from Amman's hectic traffic and noise. I went there to drop off my nieces and somehow ended up taking a lesson myself and spending another two hours chatting to members who are passionate about horses. My coach, Abd El Hadi is a very professional instructor. He introduced the course and main instructions to me with ease that I was already doing them without really feeling the pressure of being a student again! I also spoke to Abd El Nasser, who I think is a very interesting person ... He remembers when each horse was born ... the reason why they were named this or that etc.. There is a terrace cafeteria that overlooks the training area, where you could have coffee & tea ... so that could also be a choice for those who love watching horses. I was there very early in the morning, and someone was already cleaning the stables. The place generally is well looked after. The horses seem healthy and the staff talks about them and their characters as if they were people. The lesson lasts for one hour, you'll be given a helmet (you should come in comfortable pants and high neck boots), a horse will be assigned to you for your lesson, 12 JDs for each hour .. or you can pay 80JDs for 10 lessons. After that one lesson, I announced that I'm hooked now ... I defiantly want to go back there; for the learning opportunity, the spirit and the great place ...
  • Review by Razan of Tasqiah Restaurant
    9 years ago
    This is a small Arabic fast food place that bakes its own bread!!
    That alone makes it on top of my list for the service it provides. They have an exceptional Falafel sandwich by all means, Fresh bread, fresh salad & Falafel for 30 cents. They have other sandwiches (Shawerma, chicken & hot dogs) but I only go for the Falafel. The service is quick, staff are efficient and don't really have time to be friendly as they are always busy! The parking is horrible, as this is a main street and usually people double park and block your car. There is no seating area ...
  • Review by Razan of Bank Audi
    9 years ago
    I've been using the bank's services for almost two years now in Aqaba and never had any issues.
    The parking spaces in front of the bank are almost available. There aren't that many customers usually so I'm attended to immediately. I know all the workers there now, and think they are all extremely friendly and helpful. The ATM outside the bank seem to always work. They have special loan and credit card programs, but I never subscribed for any.
  • Review by Razan of Aqaba Marine Park
    9 years ago
    We often go to the park during the week. It is a great location on the south beach. We never go there on week-ends simply because it will be full of people coming from outside Aqaba, who don't respect the sea or the environment and would mostly litter (unfortunately).
    But we follow what the locals do, go there during the week. Take your meal or snacks with you and enjoy the park. Many tourists also go and enjoy the beach, it is a good spot for snorkeling. I wish they would enforce the law and give tickets to those who litter or caught fishing. The park stretches over 7KM, so we often access diving sites through those beaches. There are few divers shades, where divers could put on their gear. There are also a few toilette that you can access for 15 cents (never been so don't really know what is the status there!) In general I think the park is a good idea as it provides a free of charge access to the beach, but it still needs a few more services like showers, rangers enforcing the law of no littering, more garbage bins etc
  • Review by Razan of InterContinental GYM
    9 years ago
    I was a member of the GYM last year, you pay around 100JDs a month for a full use of the GYM's equipment, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam as well as the pools and beach front. So it's a great deal except you have to pay it in one payment!
    The facilities were always clean, I don't remember seeing many people using the GYM when I did ... I always felt like I was the only one there (which I prefer). There aren't any special classes or trainers. A water cooler is provided in the area so you can re-fill your bottle.
  • Review by Razan of Pizzeria Del Corso
    9 years ago
    This is a Pizza you can't just have on the run. So usually whenever I can afford to wait 20-30 minutes for my pizza I would choose to go there.
    The ingredients are generally fresh and tastes OK ... I don't think the tomato sauce is fresh. The crust is thin and not too dry. I usually order Margarita or Mushroom chicken. There is a small area for customers to eat in, it is too hot though in summer. You can pre-order by phone, but still you'd have to come and pick it up as they don't deliver. The pizza is large enough for 2 and costs 5JDs
  • Review by Razan of King Hussein International Airport 
    9 years ago
    I sometimes fly up to Amman from this airport, a very small airport, yet very clean and well organized. There is a huge parking lot outside for both departures and arrivals.
    Royal Jordanian run 2 daily flights from this air port to Amman, the other flights are charters coming directly from Europe. As a resident in Jordan you will only need your ID or residency card to get through the gates in the airport in Aqaba or Amman. They tell you to arrive 2 hours before the flight time, but 45 minutes is more than enough as the procedures are very straight forward. There is a small cafeteria in the waiting area, a bit pricey but nothing unusual for airports. The duty free is also very basic, so don't leave your shopping to the last minute!
  • Review by Razan of Mohannad For Shopping
    9 years ago
    If you can't find it anywhere you'll find it at Muhannad's.
    This supermarket offers a wide selection of international grocery imported from Russia, Philippines and the US, besides standard local items. They are more expensive than other groceries in Aqaba. There is an interesting cheese section, where sometimes you could find very local French cheeses or Russian produced Salmons. There is also a very small section where you can find vegetables and fruits, you'd better buy from a vegetable shop for quality and price. Abu Muhannad is usually there, taking care of his business. He's fun to chat with if he's in a good mood, otherwise stay out of his way!
  • Review by Razan of Bourj Al Hamam
    9 years ago
    I love Burj Al Hamam, I always know I'm in for a great meal no matter what we order.
    The menu consists of very traditional Lebanese dishes and desserts. We always get overwhelmed and order too many starters and salads! The mezze (or selection of salads and starters) is usually my favorite part. You must try the Bamya bi zait or Okra with olive oil, goat cheese, Fatoush - mixed fresh vegetables with special dressing. We always go for the mixed grill for our main, and it is always well cooked and tender. They serve Alcohol, and have a decent selection of wines. There is a smoking area and the service is generally quick, even when the place is packed.
  • Review by Razan of The Bakery Shop
    9 years ago
    Often me and my American friend choose to treat ourselves to a nice Croissants at the bakery.
    I adore the coffee (ask for the Movenpick special), They have many types of croissants (plain, with cheese or a la chocolat), cinnamon rolls and other types of cakes. I often ask for jam & butter with my croissant but the waitress always tells us they ran out of it! Although the breakfast area is 10 meters away from the bakery!!! Nevertheless, we always come back for the beautiful outside sitting area, yummy croissants and amazing coffee. A coffee and a croissant is almost 5 JDs
  • Review by Razan of TCHE TCHE 
    9 years ago
    Although Tche Tche in Amman is considered very strong, it didn't live to it's name in Aqaba.
    The location is great, there are many parking options around the coffee shop. I went there twice and in both times the A/C was barely running, in Aqaba ... in summer!!! The service was also very slow, by the time the food got there I had already finished smoking my Sheesha! The food's quality is similar to that in Amman, which is great ... but then the delay in serving is just too frustrating.
  • Review by Razan of Al Shaeb Roasters
    9 years ago
    A place that deserves the huge reputation it has among locals in Aqaba. The place is well organized, you can easily find what you want. The nuts are always fresh, and there are always 3-4 people serving clients.
    Prices are very competitive especially compared to Amman. 1 kilo of Almonds is for 7.5JDs where in Amman is 12 or 13, Same for the mixed nuts. My favorite is smoked super mixed nuts, the kilo is for 8 JDs
  • Review by Razan of Al Turk Super Market
    9 years ago
    The shop is well located right on my way home, I stop whenever I find a parking spot (Which isn't that often). Products are similar to almost every shop-Dukan in Aqaba ... But they import some stuff from Saudia Arabia such as Al Mara'i fresh milk, and bread.
    The older guy who owns the place is sometimes very annoying, as he would try to sell you things right when you're trying to pay and leave. "Did you remember to get oil? what about rice, we have nice rice from blah blah blah!!" There is a small Deli there, that often has great "Labaneh Jarasheyyeh - Solid Yogurt from Jerash in the North"
  • Review by Razan of Disi Women Association
    9 years ago
    This is a cooperative in one of the most remote areas in southern Jordan. The association is lead by the remarkable Bedouin woman known as "Oum Laith". She along with a group of women in the village launched this NGO in January 2010 with aims to support women and children in the village.
    They look at sustainability from a very wise angle, they run their organization with a democracy that I have never seen else where. The association welcomes volunteers under their many projects; CeraDisi - a ceramics making project where 10 women are employed to create art from mud. Jadayel - is a project where the women collected old tales from the elderly and created photos and paintings inspired by these tales. I often go and volunteer my time on week-ends, the girls are always there and waiting for whatever I have to share that day. It is never disappointing working with this group, it actually makes you believe in such organizations again!!

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