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مشاغب درجة أولى. أي مكان ما بيعجبني بسلخه نصيحة نجمة واحدة!
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  • Review by ليث of Leaders Center
    6 years ago
    First and last time I shop at this place. Shitty after sale service. Bough some Tupperware for my mom and one turned out to be defective, but they wouldn't exchange it even though it was within the designated 7 day exchange period. Floor manager was rude and indifferent. He started arguing that I broke the product without even examining it, then claimed it was past the 7-day exchange grace period without even looking at the receipt to see its it was exactly 6 days. The guy was so electrified that I wanted to "exchange" I left the product and the receipt at the customer support desk and told him I'm never shopping there again. He didn't seem to care. I'm glad i experienced this first before spending more money there. I only shopped at Leaders because it happened to be looking for a specific piece to electronics. I had planned to go back and buy it but after this experience I'm not only never going back, I'm going to tell everyone I know to stay away.
  • Review by ليث of The Tango Studio
    6 years ago
    This is by far the best place to learn Argentine Tango in Amman. It's dedicated solely to the art as opposed to the other schools that want to teach everything. The teachers (Dareen and Mohammad) are among the best in the region if not globally and have taught and performed at global events. If you want to learn tango the right way and be comfortable dancing anywhere in the world, this is the place to be. The community at the studio is the largest Tango group in Amman. Everyone is just amazing, thoughtful and friendly. It's like family.
  • Review by ليث of Sahlab W Adas
    7 years ago
    I would give them 5 starts if it weren't for the interior. It smells of cigarets and not cozy. The lentil soup is so simple and tasty. They serve it in large paper cups so you can actually sip it while you drive. It seems blended to make it easy to sip.
  • Review by ليث of Globalization Mobile
    7 years ago
    I bought a really expensive mobile phone cover that didn't turn out as described by the sales guy once I opened it. These guys are crooks. They sell you phone accessories that are not what they claim to be and when you go back to return the product they tell you that you opened it and that they don't accept returns. There is no manager to talk to, just a bunch of young guys who all seem to be partners in this tiny store. Very rude people too. You're much better off buying from big names like SmartBuy where a happy customer is much more important than a few JDs they make on an accessory.
  • Review by ليث of Manaseer Gas Station
    9 years ago
    بحب هاي المحطة لأنها أكثر من مجرد محطة. فيها تقريباً كل شيء، حتى فيها مخبز. بحس إنهم صادقين بيع الوقود لكن الله أعلم. اتمنى إنه كل المحطات الأخرى تصل إلى مستوى محطات المناصير.
    السلبيات: 1- مرات بيكون هناك أزمة عند المدخل بسب المحلات و المطاعم الموجودة قبل منطقة مضخات الوقود. كان لازم يعملوا مسربين منفصلين في المدخ حتى يفسحوا مجال للسيارات إلي بس بدها تعبي وقود. 2- ما عندهم خدمة نفخ الهواء في الإطارات. هاي خدمة مهمة جدا في كل محطة و خصوصاً على طريق المطار. 3- لازم يمنعوا الإصطفاف على باب السيفوي لأنه يعيق طابور السيارات على المضخات.
  • Review by ليث of The Ivy
    9 years ago
    Great place. I loved the ambiance. Very friendly staff. Manager is always there and takes care of you. Location is also great with ample parking areas outside. A great spot to hang out with friends. I did not order any food, just had a Piña colada (virgin) which was the best I've had in Amman so far. Will definitely go again.
  • Review by ليث of Caffè Strada
    9 years ago
    Tried it for the first time yesterday. I love the fact that it's smoke free -Rare these days. Atmosphere is quit and laid back. I cant imagine it ever becoming a hangout for the argeelah loving, shaddeh playing crowd the plagues Rainbow street.
    I ordered a latte and a Poppy seed cake. Both were great. The cake was especially unique in that it was not too sweet but still tasted rich. I loved the frosting which tasted something like caramel. The size of the wedge was generous compared to what you would get in other places so I felt they really wanted you to eat the cake, not just taste it ;) The guys there were very friendly. The seating felt very homey especially that there weren't too many tables, just enough to make it feel cozy if it fills up. There's a small open area outside in the back and on one side so I imagine they can make use if it in the summer. Will also make a great place to work or read on those cool spring afternoons. Prices were reasonable: 1 latte, 1 coffee, 1 cake: ~9JD Will definitely go again.
  • Review by ليث of Caribou Coffee
    9 years ago
    Caribou cafe is located on the first floor at Baraka Mall, one of the calmer malls in Amman. This makes is one of my favorite spots for casual meetings and weekend reading sessions. It's never too crowded like some of the other places. I order my usual latte mixed with cinnamon spice and honey.
    The music isn't particularly special. It's ok. They have three types of seating options; large study tables, small coffee tables, and couches. Their drinks are reasonably priced, a notch below other similar places, but their food is a bit higher. I had their carrot cake quite a few times and loved it. They have amazing cupcakes -had them twice so far. They used to have regular sandwiches but recently changed to a hybrid croissant stuffed with cold cuts and veggies... never tried them but they dont look good. Staff are always friendly and greet you with a genuine smile. The major disadvantage is that the Mall allows smoking indoors, so you can smell smoke from people sitting just outside the cafe.
  • Review by ليث of Shahrazad Restaurant
    9 years ago
    أنا جربته كمان مرة قبل إسبوعين و صرت مقتنع إنه اللحمة فيها فلم. إما انها مش لحمة خرفان أو نوع خرفان مش طبيعية. اللحمة ما فيها لية، ولا حتى 1%. كمان بيحطوا على اللحمة شوال بهارات، شكله علشان يغطوا على الطعمة، و لهذا ألسب لحمتهم ما فيها زنخة لحم الخروف... بعدين ما عمري شفت عندهم في ثلاجات فيها خرفان زي ما بنشوف في باقي محلات المشاوي.
  • Review by ليث of Hybrid Cars Center
    9 years ago
    أنا ما جربت كل خدماته لكن إنطباعي عنه إنه مش ممتاز. مرة غيرت ضو السيارة الأمامي و بعد ما رحت رجع الضو طفى. رجعتلهم ثاني يوم و تبين إنه الشاب مش شاد اللمبة كويس. أنا شكيت و هو بيركبها إنه ما أعطاها حقها لأنه كان مشغول كثير و خلصها بدقيقتين. ثاني مرة رحت عندهم غيرت مساحات على أساس انها نفس قياس المساحات الأصلية، طلعت أصغر لكنه ما قلي عنها إلا لما سألته.
    الشيء الجيد عندهم إنه القطع الصغيرة رخيصة مثل الأضوية و المساحات....إلخ أسوأ شيء هو إن الكراج مش منظم و لازم تلاحق وراء المعلم حتى يعطيك من وقته كأنه دكتور أمراض نادرة :)
  • Review by ليث of Feel Burgers
    9 years ago
    I had a Feel burger three times in the last week. Last was today, I had it plain with no veggies, onions or ketchup, just the meat. It still tasted amazing.
    I felt I had to write another review to give feedback about the bread; I think the type of bread needs to be changed. If they use a richer type of bread it will be perfect. Maybe give people the choice to pay extra for whole grain bread. I only order the burger, no fries or drink. It's a far better experience just focusing your senses on the burger.
  • Review by ليث of Feel Burgers
    9 years ago
    Just had one of the best burgers in town from this place. You can taste the grill so its actually grilled not just cooked like most places. The seating area is a simple diner style. I ordered take-out so I dont know how it feels to actually sit in.
    Negatives: The burger was a bit dry but no biggy for me :) They also need to wrap the burgers with foil for take-out to keep them hot and moist. Advice: Don't order the combo unless you're a big fan of fries and coke. The price increase is not worth it. The real "beef" is in the burger ;) Will eat there again, often hopefully.
  • Review by ليث of Blue Fig
    9 years ago
    Great place. I got there once every few weeks to meet up with friends. I like the atmosphere, always cozy. Service is friendly, although sometimes they take too long.
    I love their burgers, served open on a wooden platter. Comes with fries which happen to be average. Everything comes with a complimentary basket of bread buns. Last time I was there I ordered a Pina Colada (virgin), some beef dish with avocado and veggies (forgot what it was called). The beef was good although they should mention on the menu that this dish is not a hot one. The pina colada seemed to have milk rather than coconut cream, and not enough pineapple flavor. Overall the place is still OK and I still go there.
  • Review by ليث of Cilantro
    9 years ago
    Went there for the first -and probably last- time last week. The inside is much like any other modern cafe. The workers there are friendly and put a lot of effort into pleasing customers. This is about as far as the good points go.
    Negatives are: 1- Upstairs is like sitting in an ashtray. Ventilation seems to be non-existent. Places with smoking areas need to still ventilate. This is the worst I've been to in that respect. 2- Tables are tiny. most are rounded, and some are semi-circular (half circle) which is very weird and can barely accommodate one person, let alone two. 3- Prices are much higher than most similar places. I ended up paying 9 JD for what normally costs 6 JD at Second Cup nest door. 4- The food and coffee were nothing special. 5- The place is situated at the corner of the building so the interior is not rectangular which made space utilization very difficult, resulting is a very cluttered and uncomfortable atmosphere. I will probably not go there again unless it have to.
  • Review by ليث of Benihana Restaurant
    9 years ago
    Had dinner there last night. We were served by a guy named Omar. Service was great, very attentive and friendly. Some of us had sushi buffet, I had a special order of salmon. Didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised because I'd never tried fried salmon before. It came with some friend vegetables on the side. I felt like spring rolls and although it was a Japanese restaurant, the waiter ordered some from a Chinese restaurant next door.
    The only negatives were: 1- was that the fishy smell was very noticeable when we walked in. I'm a bit too sensitive to the smell, but that's just me. 2- The location, at Le Meridien in Shmesani. I don't like Shmesani :)
  • Review by ليث of Have A Green Day
    9 years ago
    I went there last week. The place was nice and quiet. Not a lot of people. Clean. It was a bit confusing to find at first but if you just follow the signs you'll get there.
    I ordered a latte and a burger. It's a bit weird for this type of cafe to serve burgers but why not? :) The latte was ok although a bit small. The burger on the other hand had some issues: 1- It was cold 2- Too much mayonnaise and ketchup even for a ketchup lover like me. 3- Did not come with fries (you'd expect this by default). The greatest thing about this place is the clean air. You won't smell any cigarette smoke. They have a separate closed room for smoking. This place is still new and I hope they're getting lots of feedback to improve their f&b menu. Will go there again.
  • Review by ليث of Central Trade & Auto Co - Toyota
    9 years ago
    I take my care there for regular oil and filter change. I know I can go anywhere else but I like the dealership because its very organized and systematic. Everything is on time and they usually finish faster than promised if you get your car to them early in the morning.
    I especially like it because I get to chitchat with the engineers and technicians about car mechanics and understand how certain things work. Learning about hybrid cars is especially cool. They've been working with hybrids for over 6 years now and their engineers really know what theyre talking about. The only disadvantage is that their waiting room is not smoke-free so one minute in there you'll be smelling like an ashtray. They're more expensive than an independant maintenance shop but more reliable and professional, so it's worth it.
  • Review by ليث of Turtle Green Tea Bar
    9 years ago
    I really like this place. The staff are very friendly. Service is timely. They food menu isn't very diverse but this is not the type of place you go to really eat. They have a great assortment of green teas. Coffee is standard.
    Last time I ordered two sandwiches, one lebaneh and one halloomi, and a latte (These cost around 8 JD). They serve the sandwitches in nice little straw baskets with a tiny saucer of cherry tomatoes and olives. Portions are adequate so if you're not really hungry, one sandwich is enough. The seating variations are nice, you have a bar with stools, regular tables and seats with small coffee tables. So if you're there to work or just chill with friends you'll find your spot given its not too full. The bar is fully covered with electric outlets for all your gadgets. The only negative was the bathroom, when someone does a #2, you can smell it if you're on the ground level. Maybe they need more effective ventilation in there. I would recommend it to friends.
  • Review by ليث of Azkadenya
    9 years ago
    كنا 3 شباب نبحث عن مكان جديد حتى نتغدى، قررنا نجرب أزكدنيا لأنه شفناه على صفحة جيران الرئيسية.
    إستقبال الجرسون ما كان جيد، زي كأنه إتشلبك لما شاف 3 شباب. صار مش عارف وين يحطنا مع إنه المكان نصف فارغ. بعد ما وقفنا شوي و هو بيفكر، قر يجلسنا في الداخل جنب المطبخ، زي كأنه مستحي منا أو إنه جايين نشحد. اعترضت على المكان فأرتبك أكثر و قال إنه كل الطاولات الأخرى محجوزه. استنكرت فقال لي "استنى و شوف كمان شوي بيتعبوا الطاولات"...طبعاً بيحكي عن أكثر من 10 طاولات المفروض أنها محجوزة. بعد ما اصرينا راح و إستشار المعلم و سبحان الله وجد طاولة غير محجوزة..... مش عارف احنا متى رح نبطل هذا التخلف... الأكل كان جيد، مش مستاهل كثير السعر بس ماشي الحال. من الأشياء الجيدة عندهم قلايه البندورة. طلبنا فخارة لحمة مع المشروم، فخارة صيادية، و صينية دجاج مع البطاطا. في الغالب ما راح أروح المكان مرة أخرى إلا إذا كنت مضطر أو إذا غيروا معاملتهم المتخلفة.
  • Review by ليث of BreadTalk
    9 years ago
    I love the idea of this place. We lack a high quality gourmet type bakery in Amman and this one seems to be the first. They have several new and creative baked goodies. I ordered something called Mr Potato its a pastry filled with mashed potato covered with Parmesan cheese in slightly sweetened bread. I also got a date cake, a butter sugar loaf, and some Croissants. It's a bit pricy, but everything is in Amman these days. They also serve coffee, haven't tried it, but if you like your coffee from Second Cup, it's right next door. The great thing is hat it's right next to my place, so I'll be stopping by Bread Talk more often on my way to work.
  • Review by ليث of Lemon Shisha Bistro
    9 years ago
    جربته مرتين. كان عادي جداً. الأكل عادي، مش سيء بس مش مميز. السعر مش غالي. أخر مرة طلبنا قهوة، عصير برتقال، و براونيز مع فانيلا أيس كريم. عصير البرتقال كان فعلاً طبيعي... يعني مش مخلوط مع ماء مثل ما بيحصل في معظم المطاعم..
    من مشاكل المكان إنه كبير كثير و في مليان ديماً، يعني إزعاج، و إذا ما كان معك عائلة "فتاه" ما بيسمحولك تجلس مع البشر على الترس.... يعني لا زالوا متخلفين مهما ارتقوا بشكل المحل...
  • Review by ليث of Starbucks
    9 years ago
    I like this place because it's close to my office. The people there are very friendly and polite. The outdoor seating area is quite pleasant and great for friendly meetups or for casual business meetings.
    The major problem there is that there is no in-house bathroom. You have to walk outside to the basement floor to use the shared building bathrooms. Drinks and food are overpriced but thats just how StarBucks is in Amman.
  • Review by ليث of Kitchenette
    9 years ago
    I recently used their delivery service. I ordered the Grilled Beef meal which they advertise in their daily email menu. The picture shows a hot juicy steak, but what I got was a cold dry one. The size of the steak was good, but the quantity of the vegetables was not impressive. The side salad was a below average greek salad.
    Now, the price of the meal is around 4.5JD, but delivery is another 2 JD, and when you tip the delivery boy another 0.5 JD, your total is 7... Way too much for what I got. I think they have to reconsider deliviring certain dishes or at least ensure they arrive hot.
  • Review by ليث of Okinawa Karate Academy
    9 years ago
    This is by far the best Karate dojo in town. The Master instructor is the top Karate Master in Jordan and one of the best and highest ranking in the region. He holds the rank of 7 Dam Grand Master. He is one of the top Karate judges participating in national karate tournaments and activities, as well as an examiner for the Armed Forces and Police Karate training programs.
    Training style is quite unique and comprehensive covering the different areas of Karate including kicking, grappling, wrestling..etc I have been training for 8 months. I started feeling the difference in my fitness and performance in the first month with accelerated progress with time. The training is so rigorous, yet very exciting and rewarding. There's never a dull or boring moment because you are always learning and feeling the difference. I simply have never felt this fit in my life (I was quite athletic in my youth). The dojo itself is quite spacious, new, very clean, and nicely designed. Most other places are either too small, in a basement, or too old (or all of the above). The location is right on the main road on gardens street. Parking is available.
  • Review by ليث of Home Center
    9 years ago
    This is one of the good furniture places in Amman. I like the fact that they have a wide variety of categories in one place. Not always what you want but the wide selection in each category eliminates the need to drive around to 10 places. I really like the concept.
    Quality of furniture and items varies depending on the item itself. Some look really cheap and some really good. Prices also vary. In general it's above market average. They have an ok return policy, they dont give you back cash but they will give you a voucher for the amount. I would recommend watching out for their big sales. They really make big discounts. they have an SMS service that notifies you of any upcoming sales, so next time youre in the store ask about that. Their customer support staff are very helpful. They are willing to spend all day with you to help you find what you need. Their delivery and assembly is always timely and professional.

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