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  • Review by راوية of Ararat restaurant
    6 years ago
    One of the best restaurants in Amman. Armenian's atmosphere from all levels; food, decors and music... I went last night with my family and we had a great time... we enjoyed our appetisers and meals..I can't remembered the names of meals exactly but ill share some photos with you here... because each order was just perfect in taste like the other one and even though the portions was small in size but it melted in your mouth so good...we were so lucky to park just in front of ararat as usually rainbow street is quite busy...also I loved how Jeeran added the navigation system to the map to give us 100% correct direction of the place...
  • Review by راوية of Bourj Al Hamam Restaurant
    8 years ago
    بالفعل مطعم برج الحمام من افضل واجود المطاعم البنانية والشرقية في الاردن من حيث النكهة العربية المبتكرة وجودة اللحوم البلدية والاسماك الطازجة العالية الجودة .ذهبنا الى حفل عشاء مع عدد من الاصدقاء قبل عدة ايام وكانت الخدمة لحظة وصولنا من اورع ما يكون ... يمتاز هذا المطعم باجوائة العائلية الهادئة المفعمة بانغام الطرب العربي الاصيل تبادلنا العديد من المقبلات والمازات من ضمنها الفنوش ، سلطة الجرجير ، السلطة اليونانية ، الكبة النية ، الحمص ، بابا غنوج ، جبنة الحلوم المقلية والسجق الحار ... تنوعت طلباتها للوجبة الرئيسية من المشاوي المشكلة وكانت لحوم بلدية 100% ومشوية بطريقة محترفة بدأً من الكباب ، شيس طاووق ، ولحم عصفور والريش. يقدم المطعم بعض العصائر الطازجة مثل عصير اليمون بالنعنع المميز ، الكيوي ، والبرتقال بالاضافة الى المشروبات الغازية .... ولاول مرة لم اشعر بانزعاج من الشيشة "الاراجيل" كما في المطاعم الاخرى التى تقدم هذة الخدمة لزبائنها.... بنصح بحلاوة الجبن والقشطة بالعسل للتحلية كتير طيببن اسعارة عالية نوعاً ما وصدقا يصعب مقارنتة باي مطعم عربي شرقي لبناني . تابع لفندق الانتركونتينتال
  • Review by راوية of The Body Shop
    8 years ago
    One of my favorite shop for cosmetic, their product is purely natural. they always have special sales on different occasion. Ladies can find anything they want from body & skin care, makeup, hair treatment, both accessories, facial serums and mask, fragrance and much more. Their price is reasonable, the staff is well educated and able to showcase the product to you and give you the best advice. I adore the skin care and makeup, it’s so amazing on skins and face. I would recommend ladies to pay them a visit and try out their adorable natural products
  • Review by راوية of Virgin Megastore
    8 years ago
    Virgin mega stores is one of the coolest stores for music and entertainment. You can buy lots of staff like CDs, DVDs, games, books, apparel and electronics. I went with my husband last month and bought for my children x-box 360. We were so impressed as usual by the staff knowledge, they guy who helped us there understand every peace at the video games section, they even give us more advise why it’s better for us to buy an original one rather than the hacked one although there was a big difference in price. But at the end we were happy buying it, it’s a great exercise game , and it is directed to feel that certain muscles are moved by different games. You can easily walk between the store’s section, and find when you need with minimum assistance compared with other stores. They give some promotion on different objects and sometimes there sales are really competitive. I recommend the games lovers to pay them a visit, even if you are looking for a special novel/books you can find it there. And by the way they also have nice stuff for gives away and birthdays
  • Review by راوية of Adidas
    8 years ago
    I love Adidas not because it’s the world’s best brand in sport but because I really adore their products starting from shoes, clothes, body care like deodorant and their great design eyewear and watches specially for men. Me and my family always buy nice stuff from this branch as it’s closer to our place. The staff are very gentle and polite, the place is always clean and smells good They service gift vouchers and has real sales during the seasons.
  • Review by راوية of Donia Zeena
    8 years ago
    Donia Zeena is the first place in Aqaba specialized with Belgium chocolates. they provide additional nice products like birthday gifts, Candles , Wedding gifts and Special personalized anniversary cards - Balloons’ - Ornaments & garnishes. I was so happy when I've noticed that this place is owned by one of my dearest friends. her name is Dima Jaradat and she is one of the best students in art & design at secondary school. they also provide event planning services that is exclusively designs technically especially for your. I've tried their chocolate and it tasted so yummy, nothing is better than Belgium chocolates :-) their prices is reasonable. The place is clean, decorated nicely, and the staff are also very welcoming. I highly recommend people living their or passing by to pay them a visit and try their products.
  • Review by راوية of Mövenpick Resort & Residence
    8 years ago
    This is my second time I visited Movenpick Resort Hotel, but this time I have stayed with my lovely family. We have stayed in the hotel for 2 nights, and i am sure we are going to return, perhaps for a longer period but not during or after Eid vacation directly. I can say everything was good all in all. The room was clean, pretty, and nice. It was a 4 star average hotel. But what was really OUTSTANDING and worth mentioning was the staff who took each one of my concerns and complaints and did everything they could to make us happy. I went with my husband and my 3 kids and they did amazing solving all my problems  We’ve tried the Italian restaurant and the experience was very good but it is overpriced! Our room was a family room near the kids' pool which suited us well. There was some privacy for us as well as for our 3 kids. Our rate included the buffet breakfast which was wonderful. The check was extremely horrible as same as check out, we’ve waited for more than an hour till our room came ready. the place was very crowded , noisy and covered with lots of people. This is unfortunately expected during this season but I really hated it. This is one of the things that has to be improved in the future, also the pools need to be heated, the Children's center is understaffed and I never felt I could leave my children there alone even with our babysitter.
  • Review by راوية of Akhtaboot Job Company
    8 years ago
    Akhtaboot is one of the best and well known online career network in the Levant and GCC . My experience with Akhtaboot is not new, I used to deal with them for over than 3 years, and I can’t recall that my experience with them was less than pleasant! They provide friendly services to both job seekers and employers. They have a huge database of resources that any employer can benefit from in terms of competitive job postings and “CV search” packages. The filtering tools are so friendly compared with other online network, they also provide a cool service like Radio job ads through Sunny FM and Fan FM. We’ve tried it once on Nov 2011 and we’ve received a good number of applicants. I have attended some of their job fairs and last one was on October 2011 at TAG- Knowledge Center, and honestly I was so impressed that all their staff had taken initiatives and developed a well organized event in terms of location, marketing brands, quality of services . The recruiting staff are professional and friendly. I have build a very good business relationship with them, they always do their best to please their customers. Akhtaboot is one of the choices that I would highly consider to use when searching for potential resources.
  • Review by راوية of Mardakoosh
    8 years ago
    We have received a delivery of mini sandwiches and mins lovely sweets today from Markadoosh, I have tried the fried chicken sandwich and it tastes so yummy; the bread was so fresh and the chicken is really cooked well. i also tried cheese cake, it's not heavy on stomach at all and it was so delicious :-) i would definitely pay them a visit soon. and try out many other meals
  • Review by راوية of Yogiyo Frozen Yogurt
    8 years ago
    I like yogiyo, they are no. one in Jordan servicing frozen yoghurts with dozens of amazing nuts and fruits … I always pass by this place whenever I decided to take my children to play in the kids area at mecca mall. The place is so clean, the price is reasonable and the waiters are very gentle serving your order. Eating Frozen yogurt is better than eating ice-cream, it’s much better for your body, it’s low-fat alternative or even a fat-free alternative. If you are a new visitor ask for your cobone to get free frozen yoghurt after no. of visits. Try it out once and you’ll love it more than the ice-cream !
  • Review by راوية of Dr. Tareq Damra
    8 years ago
    الدكتور طارق ابو ضمرة واحد من افضل دكاترة اختصاص اطفال في عمان – تعاملت معاه عن ولادة ابنى الثالث والآن هو طبيب اطفالي المعتمد منذ اكثر من 6 اشهر . طبيب فهمان ، تشخيصة دائما واضح وصريح ، غير مادى ، معتمد لدى شركات التأمين ، وبصراحة التعامل معه كتير مريح ، دائما متواجد لاعطاء النصيحة والمساعدة وهاتفة النقال مفتوح 24 ساعة . انا كتيربنصح فيه . المشكلة الوحيده انه في عيادته ما بياخدوا مواعيد بس حسب الحالة الطارئة في تجاوزات .... تعامله ممتاز مع الاطفال خاصة ان اولادي بحببو يزوروه وما عندهم رهبة الخوف من زيارة عيادته وخاصة انه دائما بيعطيهم هدية بعد كل زيارة ....
  • Review by راوية of Active Gym
    9 years ago
    Active Gym is one of the best close gym near by home. it looks like a 4 stars hotel... the quality of service they provide their customers with is so unique comparing with other gyms in amman, for example you pay a monthly package of 50JD and you get benefits from all it's service, starting from using their machines for exercise, entering all their classes; aerobics, Sumba, Aqua classes, hips and apps, in addition to be able to use their swimming pool 4 times a week in addition to the steam, jacozy and sauna . it’s divided into two separates area, males and femals and they offer you a free ticket visit to encourage your family member and your friends to try it out using again all their services. I’m a member now with them and iam enjoying the quality of service, the trainers classes . they also have WiFi service and free hot drinks .
  • Review by راوية of Wox and Company
    9 years ago
    I have to admit that I admire Chinese food a lot. Wox, is one of my favorite place that I usually choose whenever I decide to eat Chinese ! The atmosphere there is quite impressive, whether it’s crowded or not; you simply enjoy it. The dishes are so special, very tasty and delicious. I went there with my friends two weeks ago and I enjoyed the meal, it was shrimps with vegetables and cashew nut served with vegetable noodles. The only problem we've faced is that our orders took extra time to be served, and the waiter seems to be too slow to get/receive and transfer our orders on time even though we were talking the same language. All in all, I can say, the food quality is very good but they need to give more attention to the quality of serving and taking orders. The price is reasonable it cost me approx 15 JD for two dishes and one drink. to view my order click here http://jeeran.com/u/61/album/23486/
  • Review by راوية of Matalan
    9 years ago
    I went last week to Matalan and bought a very nice stuff for my kids, the quality of their clothes are really nice, lots of nice designs and option you can find to meet your kids satisfaction, Matalan is like a combined of different global brands that suits teenager, women, men and children for any kind of occasions.... there is also section full of accessories that match your home needed stuff for bedroom, kitchen and toilets.
    The staff working there are so friendly and helpful, you can easily walk between shop show stations with lots of comfort checking their stuff.... even if the workers saw you carry an item in your hand without holding a stroller, they will rush to provide you one without even asking. Isn’t that cool :-) I went again yesterday to change the size of my son's pejama as it looks big on him, and while doing the rechange process, I’ve noticed that they have posted gift vouchers of 10JD for any purchase invoice that reach 50 JD... I checked this out with the cashier to see if I can get used from such a benefit for the items that I have purchased a week ago, they were so nice and told me that if the tags are still on the stuff you bought and you still have the invoice, then with pleasure, we will include you to this service and guess what I'll be saving 10 JD for each 50JD :-))) isn’t that really cool ! What I wanted to address here is that Matalan is one of the well known shopping centers that care about their customers, and they always treat you with highly respect, they are managed by well educated people who have a global system that all branches in the world has to apply to same rule of system services…. if you didn't visit Matalan that is located in al baraka mall, and if you want to get used from the gift vouchers and buy gifts for your families, friends on Christmas and New year, then i guess it will be a good chance to go there and discover their services and quality of stuff by yourself. and i am quite sure you won't leave that place wi
  • Review by راوية of Rosemary
    9 years ago
    انامن معجبي هذا المحل كتير عنده تشكيلة واسعة من ملبوسات بتناسب النساء بشكل عام والحوامل والعرسان بشكل خاص ... بلبى احتياجات كافة افرد العائلة من ملبوسات اطفال بنناتى وولادي وكمان عنده بيجامات رجالي قطن 100% ...
    زرته مرتبين هذا الاسبوع وشريت من عنده روب ستاتي مع قميص مميز وبعض مستلزمات الولادة....نوعية البضاعة عنده كتير مميزة صحيح انه اسعاره غالية نوعاً ما بس عم تشتري بالفعل نوعية وجودة عالية ... خدمة صاحب المحل كتير رائعة كتير بيهتم بزبائنه و غالبية الاحيان بعطيك خصم ليكسبك زبون دائم ... المحل فيه كل ما تحتاجة الام للمولود الجديد من تجهيزات ، من كوفلية لسرير هزاز ..... بضاعته غاليبيتها من الشام وتركيا بس كلها نخب اول .... بنصح كل ست اتزورة واتجربه واكيد لا بد تلاقي شي بيعجبها ....
  • Review by راوية of Farah Hospital
    9 years ago
    ياللي عم بدور على مستشفى بخدمة 5 ستار ما الك اللا مستشفى فرح طبعاً غير معتمد عند اي شركة تأمين طبية . تجربتبي معاه سنه 2008 عندما ولدت ابنى .... ما بديي احكي عن العناية الفائقة والنظافة وطاقم العمل المتواجد 24 ساعة لا نه غني عن التعريف ولكن بدى احكي عن غلاء هذا المستشفى الغير طبيعي ما في شئ بيمرء عندهم ببلاش .
    الواحد بيدفع على الغرفة العادية فوق 140 دينار على امل ان ابسط المستلزمات تكون متوفرة في الغرفة ولكن للاسف حتى بكيت الفاين ، كاسة الماء البلاستيك ،علبة الماء ، تغيير الشراشف ، الصابون المفترض تقديمه مجاناً وغيرها وغيرها من الاشياء اللي بتنصعق لما بتذهب عند المحاسبة ساعة الخروج من المستشفى لدفع الفاتورة الخيالية اللي بتوصل 3 صفحات تفصيلية ومفصلة وبالنقاط العجبيبة لاستخدامك ما تم ذكره في الاعلى . انا والله محتارة اورح عليه عند ولادتي لطفلي نهاية هذه السنه واللا اخاطر واجرب مستشفى ثاني!!!! محاسنه انه خدمته الطبية ممتازة بس من مساوئة انه تسعيرته على المتفرقات اللي مفروض توفيرها للغرفة كتير غالية وغير معقوله .نصيحتى لمستشفى فرح ان يعيد النظر في اسعار المتفرقات العجيبة بكون من اوائل الناس اللي بعطية فوق الخيال ..... وما بدنا ننسى انه من المميزات الموجودة عنده انه غرفة المتابعة للحامل قبل التوليد هي نفسها الغرفة اللى بتولد فيها ... وهذه ميزة فريدة من نوعها وغير متوفرة في اي مستشفى في الاردن . تصيحتى ان الاهل يطلبوا دكتور الاطفال اللي متعودين عليه في فحص المولود الجديد احسن بكتير من دكاترة المناوبيين . وبعد التجربة الممرضات جميعهم متعاونيين وخاصة الروسيات والهنود .....
  • Review by راوية of Dr. Abd Al Rahman Al Bashir
    9 years ago
    واحد من اروع دكاترة الاردن - اخصائي نسائية وتوليد - واسع الثقافة والعلم - ولدت ابنى الثاني تحت عنايته سنه 2008 وانا من السيدات التى دائما تعاني من مضاعفات عجيبة اثناء لحظة الولادة . ولكن الحمد لله انه هذا الدكتور كان دائماً متابع وواعي وحكيم لحالتى ودائماً ياخذ الحيطة الطبية الضرورية اللازمة وفي الوقت المناسب .....
    انا الآن حامل في شهري الثامن وطبعاً دكتوري هو د. عبد الرحمن البشير ... بالرغم انه غير معتمد في شبكة التامين الصحي المؤمنه بها اللا ان للضرورة احكام - "سلم حالك لحكيم ولا تسلم حالك لنجار حتى ولو معاه شهادة من المريخ "...... انا بنصح السيدات اللي بتدور على اخصائي نساء وتوليد - عقم او حتى تحديد نوع جنس الطفل - تزور الدكتور - وانشاء على ايديه وبمشيئة الله بتحقق اللي بتحلم به عيادته جداً مرتبية ومجهزة باحدث المعدات الطبية اللازمة ودائماً في فيديو مصور بمواحل نمو الطفل عند كل زيارة بتزورة وبعد الولادة يقدم للام هذا الشريط تذكاراً . مواعيده كتير دقيقة حتى السكرتيرة المتواجدة لديه كتير محترمة ، بشوشة ، و متعاونه مع الجميع . بالنسبة للاسعار كغيره من الاطباء المميزين بيأخذ 20 دينار عن كل زيارة عادية وفي اخر شهر من الحمل اظن بتوصل 10 دنانير . موقع المركز سهل الوصول اليه مقابل مستشفى المركز العربي وبالقرب منه يوجد موقف اصطفاف للسيارات .
  • Review by راوية of Bruschetta
    9 years ago
    I was invited by the company today with some of my colleagues for a lunch at bruschetta in abdoun.
    We had a very nice time there; the location of the place is so easily to reach, you can park nearby so easily as well. The resturant was not crowded at all, we enjoyed our time a lot. I loved the Mushrom steak i’ve ordered , - usually steak is a not a good choice to order to places they are not expert at – but from previous experience – bruschetta is one of the best resturant speacilize not only with italian food but also with steak meals- the meat was well cooked came with mashrom thicky source and mashed potato together with different kind of boiled vegetables, Brocoli, carrots and sweet corn. In general the plate was well presented and I ate it almost all. Some colleagees ordered Pizza and others chicken breast with white source. I can easily say we all enjoyed our meal a lot! They serve also beside deserets a differenet kind of delicious salads;we’ve tried rocca salad & ceassar salad and both were really so yummy. Also the waiters were welcoming ; they keep checking tables from time to time in case anyone needs or wants to request anything. The only thing that I’ve noticed is that their menu is only written in English as they only provide arabic menu for delivery purposes. They usually give you a survey to fill it out after you end your meal and most of the time they attach it with the invoice. Last but not least, if you love italian food, bruschetta is one of the best choice to try out in Amman. The price is reasonable comparing with the quality of food. This place is good for families, partners, friends and co workers !
  • Review by راوية of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Society
    9 years ago
    I am so proud to say that my company has participated in Akhtaboot-TAG Knowledge 2nd job Fair that took place at TAG- Knowledge Center on 25-26 Oct.2011. I was so impressed that both parties took initiatives and developed a well organized event in terms of location, marketing brands, quality of services and the great hospitality and care we’ve seen from their staff during the whole event.
    It was one of the best job fair we have ever participated at. My only comment was that we found some kind of difficulties with internet connection but due the non stopping audiences applying to us, we didn’t give a big attention to that. Least but not least, seeing Mr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh & Mr. Yousef Shamoun the Co founder and CEO of Akhtaboot passing by each employer’s booth and shaking hands and taking photos with everyone is something really special.
  • Review by راوية of Auntie Hanady's Cheesecake & Cookies
    9 years ago
    Auntie Hanadi's Cheese Cake is an amazing place to try out original cheesecake with different flavors ...like , Blue Berry, cherry cheese cake, Chappatichino Orio
    I went two days ago with my friends and couldn't resist my self to pass by again the other day with my ... family and try chappatihino cheese cake and double chocolate cookies I am really good in making sweet and original cheese cake with cherry and I might put my self in a competition and try out Orio flavor at home and see :-) my husband keep saying yours can be even better l The location is close to my place, easy to reach and park, the price is reasonable, but the service is somehow slow. I encourage all cheese cake lovers to try it out
  • Review by راوية of Friends Cake
    9 years ago
    بصراحة قبل ما احكي عن الجاتوهات عنده بدي احكي عن روعة وذوق صاحب المحل اللي ما بهمه الا ارضاء زمائنه . زرته امبارح وكانت اول مرة بزور المحل بالرغم من السمعة الممتازة اللي دائما بسمعها من صديقاتي عن جودة الحلويات لديه .... بعد اعطاءه صورة اللي بدي اطبعها على الكيكة واخباره باننى قرأت رأي كتير من الناس عن حلوياته المميزة في موقع جيران اثار المزيد من الاعجاب والاحترام للمحل والعاملين فيه . وبالنهاية اخذت من عنده مينى كيك وكوكير كتير مميز للبيت وكانيت النتيجة انه رفض ان ياخذ قيمتها بداعي الضيافة لاول زيارة لي للمحل . انا بنصح الجميع يجربوا الكوكيز والمينى كيك كتير زاكية واسعارها كتير معقوله بالنسبة للجودة العالية .
  • Review by راوية of Dr. Zuhair Ghosheh
    9 years ago
    اخذت موعد عنده اليوم وبعد مرور الوقت في غرفة الانتظار لاحظت انه طابع ورقة على لوحة الشرف بتقول "سيدتي الحامل الرجاء عدم الاستفسار او سؤالي عن جنس الطفل" وبعد التأكد من السكرتيرة ، تبين انه وللعجب يطبق هذا النظام الخاص به وبمنع مرضاه من الاستفسار ولو من باب اللهفة بمعرفة نوع الجنين... وكانت النتيجة اننا تركنا العيادة مندهشين من نظامة العجبيب اللذي لا يمد بصله بالتقدم العلمي والتطور الطبي ولا حتى في الدين ... تجربة سيئة ومؤشرات بالفعل نثير الحيرة ... انا ايضاُ لا انصح به ابداً
  • Review by راوية of The Children's Museum
    9 years ago
    اخذت اولادي وبعض الاصدقاء الاسبوع الماضي عليه وبالفعل لا مثيل له في التميز والابداع فكرته فريده من نوعها بس تعليقي الوحيد عليه انه المتحف مخصص للاطفال فقظ ومش مفروض االكبير والمراقف حتى لو كان بيبي ستر يحاسب على الدخولية زيه زي الطفل المستفيد :-) كنا اربع امهات مع خادمتان وثماني اطفال وكانت النتيجة دفع 42 دينار فقط للدخولية . يعنى اذا بدك اتروحه احسبها مزبوط او اشترك سنوي وروح وقت ما بدك اوفرك بكتير
  • Review by راوية of Dr. Adnan Ammoura
    9 years ago
    دكتور اخصائي طب اسرة - عمل في البيرو الاردني وطب طيران - دبلوم كلية الاطباء الملكية - لندن - خبرته تفوق 20 سنة في مجال الطب . هو دكتور العيلة ودائما يؤخذ بنصيحته في كافة الامراض ، امين في عمله وآخر همة المادة ، عيادته مرتبة في موقع شعبي .
  • Review by راوية of Sharif Eye Centers
    9 years ago
    من افضل الدكاترة في المملكة المعروف محلياً وحتى في الخليج ، متخصص في العيون وجميع اعراضها . دكتور بمعنى الكلمة تشخيصة دقيق ونصيحته يوصى بها ، زرته مرة وكان عندى التهاب حاد بالعينين اثر على القرنية ولكن الحمد الله بفضل العلاج تم شفائي تماماً . عيادته او بالاحرى مركزه كتير مرتب وطاقم العمل كتير محترم

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