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  • Review by Sabri of Noodasia
    6 years ago
    Not what it used to be, the quality and service has dropped. Used to be my first choice, I don't know if I'll visit again, last three visits over 6 months were all bad. Ordered Temakis that looked like they were rolled by 3rd graders with a shrimp cut in half that looks like fell by mistake
  • Review by Sabri of GAP
    6 years ago
    Great team, great varieties, better than levies jeans
  • Review by Sabri of Shakespeare and Co
    6 years ago
    Decor, 9/10 Service, 9/10 Outdoor area at night, 8/10 Food, 3/10 Everything had 5x more garlic than it should, we were a group of 10 and all agreed that the food was below the standard I would deff go again, but I'd stick to salads instead
  • Review by Sabri of Harley's Burgers & Grill
    8 years ago
    I wrote a bad review on Harley's prior to this one, in it I stated that the place didn't honor a 50% discount they offered even though it was still valid. I later received a message from the owner wanting to make things right, he took full responsibility for the mistake and explained that the offer wasn't well thought through and that demand was so high they both ran out of supplies and had a few employees quit. I dont usualy let people go easily, but he was genuine and admitted it was their fault. He invited me to lunch and asked me to bring a friend to try out their food. We had the Boneless crispy chicken wings, both the spicy and Asian ones, they were probably my favorite of all the things I tried there, we also had the classic burger, which was a little heavy for me but was fresh and had great bread and good tasting meat, the Steak Sandwich was moist and great, probably my second favorite item, we also had fried Onion Rings, Bell Peppers with Cheese and Mozzarella Sticks, those were a little below average for my taste. Two things I learned about Harely's, 1. it has a great owner who really cares about service and is trying to please customers, but he had a mishap that I think they will not repeat, 2: though it looks like it might be expensive, due to name/location and good interior design, its not at all, you can get a burger/fires/hot-dog /coke for 5.75jd's its also smoke free, completely
  • Review by Sabri of Harley's Burgers & Grill
    8 years ago
    This is not about the food or taste, although I wish it was, this about the service. What a disappointment! Since the day Harley's opened, nothing drew me to, guess its variety of options plus its location is bad for parking, Haley's was just on my waiting list, the one I kept behind my grandmothers freezer. I unfortunately came across their page on Facebook, and what good comes from FB anyways, seems they were celebrating their 10,000 fans and offered 50% 14th - 21st of Jan 2013, I liked the offer and decided to give it a shot. I have no passion to tell the whole story, so cutting it short, when I asked about the offer, the cashier said it had expired, I showed him my screenshot of the offer, it said 50% till the 21st, it was the 20th. He said "ana il 3abd il ma2mour" the owner has withdrawn the offer. He was rude and unapologetic, I turned around and walked out and am still heading in the opposite direction. I will make this story a life lesson to any business that cant not live up to its offers, I want to get a car sticker, fridge magnet and a tattoo that says "Dont **** up like Harely's" Shame on you Harley's
  • Review by Sabri of Just Flafel
    8 years ago
    Not big on falafel, but i do enjoy Abu Jbara's 1 Jd ka3ek sandwich, so i thought id give it a shot, a shot in the leg it turned out to be. The place is nice, nice team, nice manager, nice, umm, nice location, nice lighting maybe.. nice team, wait, I said that, ok nice smell.... ya, thats about it for nice. Avocado and Wasabi with ginger and you call it Japanese, The same for the crushed olives and mint and calling it Greek, curry / Indian, Egyptian / Tahineyeh, you know what I'm talking about if you've ever played that game of mix and match in preschool. I see how foreigners or vegans who have no benchmark would appreciate this, maybe even a smart subtle introduction to Falafel through familiar flavors to different cultures, I just don't see how it makes sense to pay 2 jd's for a Falafel sandwich, just because of a cool logo and and a cool name (though both are not) the only thing cool was the Falafel, and cool as in cold. Either it was a bad day for them, or their bad sales (according to manager) in Taj Mall is a true reflection of how Jordanians feel about sprinkling wasabi on a falafel and charging 5X *No Visa when I went, too bad my friend was carrying cash
  • Review by Sabri of Chili House
    8 years ago
    Dry bread, greasy, salty, cold (delivery), horrible fries. it also took and hour and a half to deliver. basically it was s***
  • Review by Sabri of Anabtawi Sweets
    8 years ago
    Great place, great service, great taste. like all arabic sweets, its heavy on sugar, but this place deff makes it different, i tried the warbat (2 pieces) and a friend had a knafeh na3meh they were both fantastic. price for these items was an 0.90JD's which was fantastic would go again everytime i visit Salt.
  • Review by Sabri of Orange Telecom
    8 years ago
    The closest thing to an experience with Orange is like dealing with the government, in Yemen, in the 80's, and your wanted for a crime against the presidents daughter. We've been with Orange for years, and though they offer the best internet packages/rates, they do not deliver, internet disconnects at a disengaging rate, customer care are useless and under powered, its like complaining to the valet about room service of the hotel next door. We've been reporting the same issue for weeks with absolutely no results and no follow on their behalf. Even as we speak, I'm connected to my Zain 3G over personal hotspot. Orange should be Red, and the square should be a circle.
  • Review by Sabri of Carrefour Express
    8 years ago
    This is a fantastic branch, everything that's great about "City Mall's" Carrefour but in small size, many of the food items you find in the big store are there, but without the bad parking, miles apart sections, open packages, noise and over lighting of the big branch. I'm not sure if prices differ or not. but i suspect them to be the same. Excellent alternative and a better solution to Cozmo's insanely overpriced goods
  • Review by Sabri of 18th Century Burger
    8 years ago
    Tried this place lask week, its still soft opening, or so the door sign says. They've made an effort to be different in terms of design of the place, but not in the taste or presentation of the food. in the 18th century there were no freezers to serve frozen fries, the burger wasn't horrible, but it didn't feel 18th century, or 19th for that matter. I'd rate the burger at a 5.5-6/10 which is alright, but exactly just that, alright, with small letters. price was 6.9 jds for 180 gram and an extra coke cost 1 JD yawn....
  • Review by Sabri of Chapatti
    8 years ago
    Just tried a chicken shawirma sandwhich, tasted great. could have been a little bit juicier and a little bit spicier. the bread was good too (Chapatti bread), fresh and filling, baked there I assume. Cost is 1 JD
  • Review by Sabri of Pro Hikers
    8 years ago
    These guys are amazing, they are disciplined, trained, passionate, environmentalist and know what they are doing. they organize field trips to the remote locations of jordan, I've been with them with Wadi al Karak a few months ago and was reminded of how great they are when I tried another service. the trip cost me 35 jds but was well worth it, it included pick up and drop off (location was about 2 hours out of Amman) they are on time, they good care of the people going with them, they push you to perform well and hike fast, they offer food and water as well as First aid kit, not to mention the ropes, harnesses, gloves for the climbs and falls. it was a great experience, two guys i recall from their team were Nihad and Randa, so if you are going with them, ask if they are tagging along.
  • Review by Sabri of The Cake Shop Cafe
    8 years ago
    Great place and location, very nice decor, the place is inviting, the desserts are fresh. they had angry birds cup cakes, and gave us a free box filled with a variety of their baked desserts. one of the workers there told me they would later include dinner items to have when you are there, and he explicitly said "stakes and pastas" which i found out of place at a shop called "the cake shops", call me picky but steak is the last thing i want to smell when im shopping for a red velvet.
  • Review by Sabri of Mousa Mousallam GM of HITACHI Power Tools
    8 years ago
    Great place, everything that has to do with Drills, you will find it there, even accessories, its upper end drills, brand names, from Hitachi to Dewalt drills to AEG, Cordless, home use, professional and everything in between. The guys working there know their stuff and the prices are better than anywhere else I've seen.
  • Review by Sabri of Blom Bank
    8 years ago
    quite branch, no waiting area or seats, no room for lines, only 2 tellers. but its great to have in a mall with flexible working hours
  • Review by Sabri of Canadian Embassy
    8 years ago
    Very slow, very hard to find parking, Any application takes weeks and there is no way to speed it up (paying extra). Waited 1 hour just to get in, everyone waiting was complaining about delays in their paper work.
  • Review by Sabri of Grand Cinemas Zara
    8 years ago
    Became a haunted house after the launch of Prime Cinema, though as an overal experience, its much better than prime, it just feels so lonely going there now. the seats are comfortable, the sound quality is great, the screens are bright and clear, they have a poor selection of movies most of the time. and one more thing, the popcorn is **** its dry and the caramel version is an even scarier nightmare.
  • Review by Sabri of Zain Telecom
    8 years ago
    Horrible Horrible experience, every time i've been there, i've had to wait a ridiculous amount of time, its almost always busy and is extremely busy at the beginning of the month, people get paid, they go recharge.
  • Review by Sabri of Jordan Kuwait Bank
    8 years ago
    good guys there, ur turn comes around pretty quick, its one of the less crowded banks in the mall, advice goes for this and all other banks at the mall, do not go first 5 days of the month.
  • Review by Sabri of Arab Bank
    8 years ago
    Every time i've been there, it was crowded, long waiting line, poor layout of bank inside, u have to sign a 100 paper to withdraw a 100 JD's.
  • Review by Sabri of Faroujna
    8 years ago
    I am a fan of Faroujna, though i was a bit reluctant to get from their second branch, I usually get from Mecca street, but it was a Friday and i thought they'd be the same quality and taste. I ordered 4 half chicken oregano and 2 half teka chickens, all were meals, the total came to 34 JD's which was expensive, but worth it for the taste, or so i had gotten accustomed to at their other branch. It was not what we were used to, the taste was lighter and the chicken was dryer, much dryer. I called the main branch and asked to speak to the owner, to let him know about this, and his response was pathetic, he said something along the lines of "well now you should just order from Mecca street"
  • Review by Sabri of BreadTalk
    8 years ago
    Though the place has great design, great variety, clean and neat, and an ok location. I was surprised that the most basic bread was not done right. We've tried this place on two separate occasions, both of them were to buy burger buns, and both times the bread was dry, the second, which was yesterday was so bad the bread was falling apart with each bite. the cost of the 4 buns was 75piasters, which is reasonable, the buns were a light "white" colored bun, they were so dry I ate my second burger with a fork, well, my hands actually.
  • Review by Sabri of Bargo's
    8 years ago
    went there after hearing so much about the place. the design is nice, the ceiling is a little low, laid back, people on their laptops. i found the music a little loud, which got in my way of seeing a video using my earphones. i wanted to try fresh juice, but most of the mixes they had listed on the menu were not available, no strawberry, no berries, no carrots, so i ended up getting watermelon with lemon, it was a horrible mix. drinks were 2.5jds, which is reasonable, no close parking. over all, its an ok place with nice design, will not be my first choice.
  • Review by Sabri of Wadi Saqra Est. For Car Trading
    8 years ago
    I bought my first car from this shop, didnt like the experience of it, nor the people that sold it to me., to be fair, this was 7 years ago, but never forgot the bad experience there. it was a C200 1995 model, there were problems with it from the day i bought it. it was over priced. would never want to buy from them again.

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