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  • Review by فرح of Eat Smart
    4 years ago
    Yesterday we ordered food for Iftar from Eat Smart; the Harira soup tasted really good but needed more water in my opinion, I loved the vegetarian Lasagna, tasted different and light, someone commented that it tastes like a pizza (this was my favorite dish). We ordered msakhan rolls, tasted really good and it was light and not oily. Portions of each dish is really good to the quality and prices.. Looking forward to trying new dishes from this restaurant
  • Review by فرح of Sara Sea Food
    7 years ago
    I gave this place 4 or 5 stars in my previous review! and now i take it back!! last time i went there (winter) the place smelled really bad and it was cold in there! We waited for about an hour for our meal to be served and forks were dirty!! I don't think i will ever visit this place again!
  • Review by فرح of Sara Sea Food
    8 years ago
    One of my best seafood experiences in Jordan was in this restaurant, we heard about it from Jeeran and went to check it out... its located in Al Balad opposite to Hashem.. When we walked in we were disappointed with the first look and smell, but never judge a book by its cover! we decided to check the seating area in the second floor and surprisingly it wasn't that bad, the place was full with families and couples and all dishes looked yummy! we waited around 5-10 minutes to sit in the out side area which is a very small balcony with 6 tables... we ordered one sea food soup and two different kinds of grilled fish and shrimps and it was delicious! If you don't really care about the hygiene and location of the place (since its an old place) then this will be a very good experience other wise you can order a take away.
  • Review by فرح of German Bakery
    8 years ago
    This is the only bakery in Jordan that produces genuine German Rye Bread. I passed by this bakery many times in the past year and a half but never thought of trying it, until this week I bought different kinds of bread, one of them looked like chocolate cake with nuts! this was 100% made of non-processed rye which is an excellent choice for dieters, it’s not that tasty but it’s very healthy as it includes fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B-1, folic acid, thiamin, niacin and antioxidants. Another kind (which I personally liked) looked and tasted like any Italian loaf bread; it consists of 75% processed rye... I recommend trying their bread but keep in mind that the location is in the basement of Al Baraka Mall; prices are higher than other bakeries.
  • Review by فرح of American Eagle Outfitters
    8 years ago
    This store has a quite large selection (clothes, accessories, summer jumpers and more) the staff is super friendly and helpful! The quality of their clothes is good, stylish and not pricey! i enjoyed my last visit there and bought one jeans which is becoming my favorite! you can easily find some great pieces with different price ranges.
  • Review by فرح of Foyer Lounge
    8 years ago
    This place serves one of the best gourmet burgers in Jordan, its a rich treat that is served with french fries and salad. we paid around 35 all inclusive for two meals with Pepsi. Their customer service is great! the lounge was full and there was no space for us so we asked to have our burgers at the Italian restaurant and they were generous enough not to let us down although this is forbidden in their policy.. The over all experience was great! The burger is a must try!
  • Review by فرح of The Mill Bakeries
    8 years ago
    الطاحونة عندو أطيب مناقيش ودايماً بكونو fresh وهدا برجع لفترة الخبز المحدودة للساعة 11:30 صباحا والطلب كتير عالي خصوصا أيام الجمعة والسبت فكتير احتمال ما تلاقي مناقيش! المعجنات والكعك كمان كتير طيبين، خدمتهم سريعة كتير بس ممكن مرات الواحد يستنى على الدور من العجئة. الصفة كتير صعبة عند هدا الفرع.
  • Review by فرح of L' Entrecote
    8 years ago
    This place is very cozy and romantic the setting is fancy, despite this, it was almost empty when we went there... it could be that we went on a week day..
    The dining concept at L’Entrecote is simple. They offer you a set menu that consists of green leaves salad then comes their famous entrecote Steak with a special butter based sauce from Geneva with fries, the steak is served on a heated steel plate. The only decision left to the diner is whether or not to order desert. Prices are high, but its worth trying at least once.
  • Review by فرح of Il Pizzaiolo
    8 years ago
    You won't go wrong choosing pizzaiolo. It’s a small local pizza place that offers a gourmet pizza... I tried various pizza places and this place is at the top of the list! The place is very small with two tables in it, it’s clean but not cozy I would rather order a take away than eating at it…
    The pizza is full of fresh ingredients and you will notice how friendly the owner is!
  • Review by فرح of Cafeteria Al Thawaq
    8 years ago
    Al-Thawak has great wrap sandwiches that are very reasonably priced, the turkey with cheese and white cheese are my favorite.. the place might not be that clean but its a small take-away place that offers delivery service..I recommend trying it..
  • Review by فرح of Foyer Lounge
    8 years ago
    We stopped in at the foyer lounge for a cup of chamomile, this lounge is very cozy and yet full of life. service is 5 stars all around, atmosphere is great specially with a pianist playing music all the time, the Christmas decorations were amazing. Prices are high but worth the whole experience
  • Review by فرح of Feel Burgers
    8 years ago
    I went to Feel restaurant once and it’s definitely on my favourite restaurants list, the burger was one of the best I've ever had. I do recommend trying the cheese burger with French fries..
    Friendly staff, good service, clean space and affordable prices.
  • Review by فرح of OOBE
    8 years ago
    I heard alot about oobe's famous burger and was looking forward to try it.. i went there once and had stuffed mushrooms and triple mushroom cheese burger, it was really good but a little bit over rated! The place is nice, i didn't like the atmosphere "loud music" , my friend and I couldn't have a proper conversation! prices are average to high.
  • Review by فرح of Chen Restaurant
    8 years ago
    تشن من المطاعم الصينية القديمة في عمان.. أكلو زاكي ومتقن والخدمة منيحة، أخر مرة جربتو طلبت sweet and sour chicken وبس جربت الصحن ما عجبني أبدا طلبت أبدلو بطلب تاني و وافق الموظف وبدن اي نقاش.. طلبت beef sizzling وكان جد زاكي.. مشكلة المحل انو ما بتحسو بقمة النظافة والديكور شوي قديم بس هدا جزء من التجربة. أسعاره منيحة وموقع المحل على الشارع الرئيسي بس بتلاقي صفات.
  • Review by فرح of La Maison Verte Restaurant
    8 years ago
    What a great place to celebrate a special occasion! Wonderful atmosphere, awesome food, great service and dining experience.
    The restaurant serves French food, I tried onion soup and spinach ravioli and it was really good, the French bread was very fresh and delicious...we just couldn’t get enough of it! Valet parking is available.
  • Review by فرح of Casper and Gambini's
    8 years ago
    A great hangout place, excellent food accompanied by a wonderful atmosphere..it serves different kinds of food such as pasta, burgers...etc. Great service, waiters are well trained..prices are moderate..
  • Review by فرح of View Point Terrace
    8 years ago
    من الأماكن الي بتفتح بس بالصيف لأنو عبارة عن ترس. كل تجاربي في كانت حلوة كتير. بيقدم أنواع مختلفة من الأكل مثل الباستا، ستيك، سوشي وفي عندو صحن لزيز اكتير بيجيبو منقل صغير و واحد من الموظفين بيشوي عليه قطع دجاج أو لحمة مع الخضار حسب الطلب أنا جربت الباستا و الستيك والصراحة أزكى من هيك مافي! بيقدم أراجيل والخدمة ممتازة، موقعه حلو و مطل بالنسبة للاسعار فهي بتناسب مستوى الأكل والخدمة و المحل.
  • Review by فرح of Wild Jordan
    9 years ago
    من احلى المحلات في عمان خصوصا القعدة الخارجية رايقة كتير و مطلة على البلد وجبل القلعة بحب أروح عليه بليل عشان استمتع بالمنظر.. بيقدم أكل و عصائر طبيعية وكتير زاكية.. خدمته ممتازة وسريعة والموظفين ودودين.. موقعه حلو و بتلاقي صفات و بتتوفر خدمة valet ، بالنسبة للأسعار معقولة كتير..
  • Review by فرح of Casereccio
    9 years ago
    زرت هدا الفرع مرة وحدة، القعد حلوة بس مطلة على الشارع الرئيسي، يعني كتير ازعاج وكتير صعب تلاقي صفات.. المحل حلو، مرتب ونضيف، الخدمة منيحة وسريعة.. طلبت Fettucini وكانت كتير طيبة والكمية كتير كبيرة بتكفي لشخصين مستحيل شخص واحد يكملها!
  • Review by فرح of Ren Chai
    9 years ago
    An outstanding Chinese restaurant, it’s one of the best here in Jordan... Great atmosphere and decorations, the outdoor area is amazing... Food is perfectly cooked; it’s not as oily as other Chinese restaurants. Waiters are extremely polite and helpful. Prices are high.
    Valet parking service is provided as it’s very hard to find a parking space for your car!
  • Review by فرح of Amman Al Kubra Restaurant
    9 years ago
    مطاعم عمان الكبرى من أزكى محلات المشاوي في عمان وانضفها، من زمان بنتعامل مع فرع الدوار الخامس لطلب التواصي وأكيد لو بعمل ديليفري بكون ممتاز..جربت فرع الدوار السابع كان المحل معجوء كتير.. طلبنا عرايس كانت زاكية كتير بس المشكلة بالخدمة مو فظيعة، بطيئة و الموظفين مو ودودين وما بهتموا بالزبائن..
  • Review by فرح of Faroujna
    9 years ago
    جربت عند فروجنا دجاج مشوي بالزعتر البري و ساندويش دجاج الصراحة مستوى الاكل ممتاز، المحل صغير ونضيف بس الموقع مو كتير مناسب والصفات كتير صعبة..الخدمة سريعة والموظفين متعاونين..
  • Review by فرح of Luigi's Pizza
    9 years ago
    ،Went there yesterday and its absolutely one of the best pizza places in Jordan! It’s very cozy, clean with a small outdoor section that faces the street. It has a small menu with some traditional Italian dishes. We ordered (Today’s Special) Spinach pizza and it was so good!
    Service was the best! Waiters were very friendly, helpful and courteous. One thing that has caught my attention was that the owner was serving our table and acted just like other employees. Prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend Luigis to all pizza lovers!
  • Review by فرح of Music House
    9 years ago
    من الأماكن الجديدة لتعليم الموسيقى، وبعملو كل أسبوع عرض موسيقي..حضرت واحد من العروض، كان عبارة عن موسيقى على العود وبكل فقرة بكون في أداة مع العود مثل البيانو وغيرها.. بس أحلى اشي الجاز!! خلط بين العربي والغربي.. بالنسبة للقاعة الي فيها العرض حلوة وكبيرة بس مو مهيئة لعروض كبيرة يعني كأنك بتحضر حفلة مدرسة.. الغرف الخاصة في التعليم صغيرة بس مرتبة ونضيفة ومناسب حجمها لشخص مع المعلم..
  • Review by فرح of Cafeteria Al Quds
    9 years ago
    من أزكى محلات الفلافل..بس بيقدم سندويشات، يعني ما بتقدر تشتري حبات فلافل ولا حمص أو فول.. المحل صغير ومافي عقدة، نضيف وتعامل الموظفين منيح كتير.. وأهم اشي انو الخدمة سريعة كتير وأسعاره منيحة كتير.. و زي أي محل بشارع الرينبو ما في صفات قريبة.

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