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Amman . Since October 2010
half Syrian half Jordanian, IT student, interested in fashion & an internet addict
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  • Review by Asmaa of Islamic Hospital
    5 years ago
    المستشفى حالياً سيئة جداً المشافي الحكومية احسن منها القصة طويلة واخدت اسبوعين وطلعو بالآخر حتى فحص بول مو عاملين
  • Review by Asmaa of Al Dayaa
    5 years ago
    رحت عندهم ١٢:٣٠ بالليل يا دوب في كم زبون بالمحل قعدو ٣٠ دقيقة عشان يجهزو صحن شاورما واحد!!!!! مش معقولين شو بطئيين لو بعملو منسف ما بدهم هالقد وقت
  • Review by Asmaa of The Face Shop
    5 years ago
    Some products are pricey other are affordable but without a doubt the quality is worth it, whether it's cosmetics or skin care
  • Review by Asmaa of Pull and Bear
    5 years ago
    Unique designs, great quality at an affordable price :)
  • Review by Asmaa of Dr. Firas Al Saleh
    5 years ago
    One of the best doctors in neurology he did great efforts in helping my dad with his migraine
  • Review by Asmaa of Kingdom Pharmacy
    7 years ago
    24/7 open very clean and organised helpful pharmacists
  • Review by Asmaa of Nafeesah Sweets
    7 years ago
    جربنا اكتر من شغلة من عندو كلو طيب بس اطيب شي المدلوقة الموظفين دايما متبسمين والخدمة سريعة
  • Review by Asmaa of Juicebangbang
    7 years ago
    the place is very well known i went for the first time on Thursday the employees were nice but they were not organised maybe because it was the weekend, i tried their cranberry watermelon smoothie it was good i'll probably visit them again what i liked is it is very clean and nice
  • Review by Asmaa of Orange Telecom
    7 years ago
    Good internet service, horrible customer service
  • Review by Asmaa of Ice Cream Ghaith
    7 years ago
    I was never disappointed with anything i buy from them all tastes really good and great prices!
  • Review by Asmaa of Pizza Hut
    7 years ago
    I was with my sister at city mall we ordered the 2 person meal today which includes salad, 2 drinks, garlic bread and one medium pizza about 10 JD, we ordered pepperoni all was ok but the pizza was absolutely disgusting it looked so greasy it smelled like feet i'm sorry to say that but it did, we tried a bite the worst pizza i have ever tasted it was a complete waste of money
  • Review by Asmaa of Semiramis Sweets
    7 years ago
    الشوكولا والحلو كتير طيبين والأسعار ممتازة مقارنة بالجودة
  • Review by Asmaa of Al Razi Optics
    7 years ago
    I've been wearing glasses and contact lenses for a long time I've went to many other optics but no one is as good as they are the doctor is very nice the place is simple and organized you have to call and get an appointment It's located near Waha circle so it's almost impossible to find a parking space
  • Review by Asmaa of Abu Jbara
    7 years ago
    اطيب محل فلافل نضيف والسندويشات كتير طيبة الصفة شوي صعبة ويوم الجمعة ما بيفتح
  • Review by Asmaa of Ribbontex Nazzal
    7 years ago
    If you're looking for ribbons, rhinestones, favors for any occasion, they have it all. New and creative ideas too. One note if you like something don't hesitate and buy it right away because next time you'll go, it will be probably out of stock.
  • Review by Asmaa of Mundo Blanco for Trading
    7 years ago
    me and my mom usually go there if she needs anything for home, we also bought my niece bed from there the place is nice and clean, it's big so if you're looking for something particular just ask the employees they are helpful, oh and the prices are really good you can have great deals.
  • Review by Asmaa of Qahmoosheh
    7 years ago
    It's new place, i tried their pizza and it was really good better than i expected also the prices are really great!
  • Review by Asmaa of Oil and Vinegar
    7 years ago
    Yummy and really clean, great staff too!
  • Review by Asmaa of Via Moda Shoes & Bags
    7 years ago
    One of my favorite places for shoes and bags, great designs, comfy shoes and really good deals, some sizes run out of stock on a short time so if you see something you like no time for hesitation!
  • Review by Asmaa of Miles Supermarket
    7 years ago
    What i like most about it that it's clean and organized, it's a bit small so you can't find anything you're looking for but it's really good oh and the meat section smells a bit weird.
  • Review by Asmaa of Rimini Pizza
    7 years ago
    Best place in town for pizza it's that simple!
  • Review by Asmaa of Jingo's Jungle
    8 years ago
    This place is very lovely, i loved the tiny pink house for little girls, their prices are average in winter it is too hot, some of the employees are nice others are not.
  • Review by Asmaa of Donuts Factory
    8 years ago
    The store is clean and nice, the doughnuts tastes amazing, the employees are very helpful and the store always have great offers!
  • Review by Asmaa of Forever 21
    10 years ago
    فيو اشياء حلوة كتير ، السعر متوسط ، وبعض الاشياء رخيصة ، عالسيل سعرو ممتاز ، خدمة الزبائن بس مو كتير منيحة

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