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  • Found Anonymoususer's review on The American ESL center useful

    This place is a mess. Can totally relate with the previous commenter (Shadin). The workers in this company are abused and treated like slaves. If this was in the USA, the center would have been… Read more

    a month ago in Amman.
  • Found Shadin Belal's review on The American ESL center useful

    First of all, this place is packed with cameras so be very careful. Second of all, I was employed by two of the most disgusting con artists in Jordan. They strictly hire US citizens who are not… Read more

    a month ago in Amman.
  • Wrote a review on The American ESL center

    I worked there as a General English teacher from 2006 to 2007. I taught university student, professionals, and staff from the Saudi Embassy in Jordan. When I began at AESLC, part of my… Read more

    The American ESL center
    a month ago in Amman.