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  • Review by Sara of Pinkberry
    one year ago
    The flavors are sooooo good, and the service is so nice. The staff are so nice and kind and always respectful.
  • Review by Sara of The Face Shop
    one year ago
    This place is my number one for makeup and skin care products. None of the products irritated my skin, the quality is out of this world. But I wish they trained their staff more because they are not that helpful TBH. I usually take my time there reading the products before buying them.
  • Review by Sara of French Fries Love Food Truck
    one year ago
    the menu is nice and they have different options for different tastes. you won't regret trying this place. Plus they have delivery and sometimes they make offers on their delivery to be free to some area.
  • Review by Sara of Bej Cafe
    one year ago
    The dessert are great there especially the choco banana french toast and the snow desserts. but the serving size is big, you can't finish it by yourself.
  • Review by Sara of Almond Coffee House
    one year ago
    One of the best cafe's in Amman. I tried so many drinks and desserts there. Yesterday I tried the strawberry Mojito, it's a must try.

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Strawberry Mojito and Lotus cheesecake from Almond Coffee House
frozen yogurt (Pomegranate and the original).
Berry smothies and frozen yogurt