Nezar Abdel Hadi

Nezar Abdel Hadi

Amman . Since August 2018
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  • Review by Nezar Abdel Hadi of Exxab
    two years ago
    Great.. Reasonable, professional and on time! availability of items exceeded expectations.. i think there is everything you could ever need. design and interface is user friendly and the whole journey or process from browsing to physically have what i ordered was as smooth as can be!
  • Review by Nezar Abdel Hadi of Wahbeh Shawerma
    two years ago
    This is by far the best shawarma you can ever have.. they really do it differently.. all ingredients and especially the meat is Grade A. You can tell from the way the meat/chicken looks, tastes and surely the price. but its actually worth it. Like a steak shawarma, if there is such a thing.. MUST HAVE!!

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nice atmosphere