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  • Review by Nama of Sizzling Wox
    two years ago
    Tried this place recently as I heard that the Chef there is Chinese and I really wanted to try authentic Chinese food in Amman. We tried beef broccoli, sizzling chicken cashewnut, sweet and sour chicken vegetable noodles and spring rolls. And food was amaaazing as you really should try them all but I recommend starting with beef broccoli and the amazing sweet and sour with their special sauce and pineapples. Although I generally don't like going to lunch in malls but this restaurant deserves the visit! Especially that the service and food presentation they offer makes you forget that you are in a mall.
  • Review by Nama of Bonita Inn
    two years ago
    Haven't been to this place for a long while, but went there recently and it's just as amazing as it used to be. I love the cozy atmosphere, the people, the music. Have only tried their nachos from food and they are great! The staff there are just amazing they let us play our own music which perfected the outing. Would love to go there again and again.
  • Review by Nama of Fernando Coffee Room
    two years ago
    رحت على هاد المكان وجد مع اني ما بحب ال Coffee places لانه اكتر الوقت بكون جوها دراسة وشغل وانا بكون بس بدي مكان مريح نفسيا الشي اللي ما لقيته غير في Fernando جو المكان بجنن بالشتا بالاخص بالصبح. جد الواحد بحس حاله مسافر. غير عن الاشياء اللي منزلينها مخصوص لجو الشتا، انا جربت Turtle Mocha وEspresso Bonbon والتنين ازكى من بعض، عندهم كمان كتير اشياء زاكية بدي الحق اجربهم قبل ما يخلص الشتا. بنصح كل حدا يعمل متلي ويجرب كل شي عندهم.
  • Review by Nama of Ajeen Wraps
    two years ago
    Made a delivery order, I really loved their packaging and even the menu they sent. They take care of every single detail! They have so many good options to order. I tried Sfeeha, mini bites and fattoush.. All tasted great, their dough is just delicious and the fattoush portion is huge, it came in two bowls.
  • Review by Nama of Dr. Abdul Salam Abu Al Felat
    two years ago
    دكتور رائع الصراحة، لما رحت للدكتور مع إنه الدكتور طمني بس أنا من النوع اللي بقلق فضليت أقرأ عن ايش ممكن يصير أعراض جانبية للشي اللي بدي أعمله وكم وقت بتاخد النتيجة وقرأت في كتير مواقع طب عالمية والدكتور فعلا تفوق على كل المكتوب، أخد كل الإحتياطات والمتابعة وما صار ولا أي شي من الأعراض اللي كتير مواقع عالمية كتبوا إنها جدا شائعة. فعلا دكتور خبرته كتير عالية وبيستحق كل الثقة والإحترام.
  • Review by Nama of Ned's Pizza
    two years ago
    Tried this place recently and it is just perfect if you're up for a different type of pizza than the usual served in other places. They have 7 great items to choose from, We tried the classic pepperoni pizza and the creamy mushroom truffle and both were great, the mushroom truffle had a very rich yummy taste. The place is small and cozy. Highly recommended :)
  • Review by Nama of Al Salheen Car Rental
    two years ago
    مكتب تأجير سيارات رائع استأجرت من عندهم سيارة بشهر ٦ ومع انه كانت فترة صيف وموسم لكن فعلا سعرهم اقل سعر قدرت الاقيه مع اني كتير دورت كوني ما بعرف كتير مكاتب، ولما رحت عندهم كنت خايفة لإنه السعر قليل ما يكون في اهتمام او ما يكون المكان مرتب لكن العكس تماما تعامل الموظفين من أفضل ما يكون واللي عجبني اكتر شي انه ما بدون تأمين الشي اللي كتير صعب تلاقيه بالمكاتب التانية بس يفضل الواحد يتصل فيهم يتأكد لانه ممكن يكون هاد الشي لإنه سيارة صغيرة. وحتى تعاملهم عند التسليم كانوا قمة في الاخلاق ومش من النوع اللي بدور على نقطة في السيارة وعندهم امانه عالية لما رجعت السيارة كان فيها شوي بنزين ازيد مما اخدتها كانوا بدهم يوصلوني فيهم. من اكتر مكاتب تأجير السيارات المحترمين وعندهم مرونة بالتأمين والتسليم.
  • Review by Nama of Al Hamawi Roastery
    two years ago
    اللي بحبه فيهم انه بلاقي عندهم الأشياء اللي بحبها، امبارح جبت من عندهم فواكه مجففة مانجا وباشن فروت كتير زاكيين وطريين ومو ناشفين وبحب من عندهم كمان المكسرات اليابانية ممكن يكون المحل عجقة مرات بالأخص انه صغير شوي لكن الموظفين كتير لطيفين وما بنعجقوا مع العجقة
  • Review by Nama of Doganza
    two years ago
    Tried their beef burger at home, it is delicious. They only have one choice of beef burger which I found great since I usually take ages to decide what to get. I found the price a bit high compared to other good places especially for the size since the sandwich is medium size for 5jds +tax. 6.5+ with fries and soft drink.
  • Review by Nama of Ghazal Restaurant
    two years ago
    Ordered the Turkish chicken pieces for delivery as I used to like them a long time ago and was actually shocked of how different they tasted, had a weird taste and smell and just too much tomato sauce. Also the fries were super cold although they were delivered fast. I didn't enjoy the chicken at all and couldn't finish the fries. Seriously they have to do something about their quality standards.
  • Review by Nama of The Good Pub
    two years ago
    This place has an amazing atmosphere with all the decorations that has a jungle like theme and just the perfect lighting, not too dark and not too bright. Their music is lovely as well and the staff are just amazing and would listen to your requests no matter how weird they are. Went there on a Wednesday and the place was kinda full not sure how it would be on a weekend. I think it would be better to book a table on a weekend. Would love to go there again.
  • Review by Nama of Mr's. Spoon Sandwiches
    two years ago
    Tried their Armenian Sausage sandwich and their onion rings, I liked the sandwich the sausage a nice mix of spices. I liked the onion rings but they are the usual probably frozen onion rings. Would definitely try more items soon. The place itself is a nice cozy small place in the area near RJ building seventh circle right next to Wahbeh Shawerma. Perfect for a quick meal break but wouldn't wanna stay there for long would prefer to order delivery.
  • Review by Nama of Share Burger
    two years ago
    Tried their mushroom burger and their hotdog. Portions are huge for both. The burger tasted just great I really liked their beef they use Angus beef and in this sandwich they used 180gm which is pretty big and juicy. I liked the hotdog as well but not as much as I liked the burger. But in both you can tell they only use fresh ingredients. Their prices are good in comparison to the portion. Haven't seen the place from inside as I ordered delivery.
  • Review by Nama of Copacabana
    two years ago
    Tried them last week and I have to say everything was perfect. Starting from the great salad buffet full of variety and amazing super fresh ingredients and delicious sauces, you don't wanna be full from salads though. Of course you must try their unique fresh passion fruit juice that tastes like no other passion fruit juice I tried. They asked us about our preferred doneness of the steak, and they served it perfectly as ordered, depending on the steak type some pieces were more tender than others but overall, all tasted amazing. We finished with some Muhalabiyeh for desserts and their signature grilled pineapple with cinnamon. The atmosphere of the place is just super cozy, especially with the live music, the singer had amazing voice and played a great collection of oldies and classics for legends like Frank Sinatra and some lovely new tunes like "Let her go". On a lovely rainy day this was spectacular. Can't wait to go there again!
  • Review by Nama of Mariam Cafe and more by Zerofour
    two years ago
    Tried them yesterday and honestly it is a place that's worth trying! Everything there was outstanding the food, the service, the atmosphere all was just amazing. Tried many options including Halloumi caprese which is Halloumi cheese breaded and covered with pesto and comes to you deliciously sizzling! Also tried different types of pastas including the amazing Chicken Pesto pasta, the pasta is just perfectly soft with the right amount of sauce. I must say food was super delicious and it will be the main reason I will be coming back to this place. They have unique desserts and detox juices as well, and their presentation is just art! The staff are super friendly and they make sure that they get your feedback with small feedback cards that they provide. A must try place if you want to enjoy delicious food and drinks with great service.
  • Review by Nama of Khashouka
    two years ago
    جربت من عندهم صاجية كتير كتير زاكية وكمان السلطة عنده بتشهي وأسعاره ممتازة، حلو في المكان انه كتير بسيط وهيد ديكوراته من أبسط ما يكون بتاخدك للزمن القديم، موجود في عبدون بمجمع منى لازم تنزل له من الدخلة اللي قبل المجمع هيد في درج صغير بنزلك عليه. مكان لطيف يستحق التجربة
  • Review by Nama of Abu Hoseh Shawerma
    two years ago
    Tried them today for the first time at the office, we tried many different shawerma options and all tasted just amazing! Never saw such amount of food go this fast! from the traditional Arabic shawerma to the Mexican to the Turkish! all tasted great but I gotta say the one I liked the most is the Turkish which had cheddar cheese and was light at the same time. Even their sauce is unique in taste and their pickles are delicious. Highly recommended! I will will be trying their snack options next time.
  • Review by Nama of 6 Yard
    two years ago
    الصراحة انا ما كنت متخيلة المكان هلقد رائع، انه كنت افكره بس للصغار او انه بس للي بدهم يحجزوا ملعب كرة قدم وهيك، طلع شي جد فوق الخيال وفي اكتر من شي جد مسلي لكل حدا وكل الاعمار، جربنا اول شي laser tag كتير حلو المكان اللي مخصصينه الها جد بيتحمس الواحد انه في كتير اماكن يتخبى فيها، وطريقة اللعبة ما فيها مجال للغش هههه كل شي مسجل واخر اللعبة بفرجوا مين اكتر واحد طخ ومين اكتر واحد انقتل جد حلوة بس بنصح انه الواحد يلعبها بالليل بتكون احلى واحلى، جربنا كمان paintball طبعا كل شي كتير نضيف وفي غرف للواحد يغير وlockers لحتى الواحد يحط اغراضه، ويمكن اكتر مكان بيهتموا بانه اللاعبين ما يئذوا بعض وعندهم كرت اصفر واحمر للي ما بيلتزموا، تغدينا بعدها بمطعم WTF What the fun طبعا بالعادة بهيك اماكن بيكون الاكل سناك واقل من العادي انه بس عشان يكون اكل لكن عندهم كان جد زاكي وطريقة التقديم كتير حلوة جربنا سلايدرز وبيتزا وسلطات وكلهم كتير زاكيين واحلى شي انه حتى هون في شي الواحد يتسلى فيه في كتير board games اشياء بعرفهم واشياء ما بعرفهم وفي ورق شدة كمان. وختمنا اليوم بلعبة bubble ball هون ما قدرنا نوقف ضحك طول اللعبة قد ما احكي قديه مسلية وقديه الواحد بضحك وبطلع طاقة مستحيل توصل الفكرة غير للواحد يجرب. جد احلى مكان لاي حدا بدور على شي جد مسلي وغير ل group activity بنصح اي حدا ما جرب المكان انه يتصل ويحجز ويجرب لانه جد رايح عليه كتييير
  • Review by Nama of Print Corner Jordan
    two years ago
    اول مرة بتعامل معهم وجربتهم بشغلة كتير كنت مستعجلة عليها وخلصولي اياها قبل الوقت والكواليتي ممتازة والالوان بالزبط زي ما بدي، غير عن انه المسؤولين كتير متعاونين كان في شغلة طلبت يعدلوها باخر لحظة ولقولي طريقة وزبطوها بدون اي اعتراض ولا اي تكلفة زيادة ووصولي الاغراض مجانا، طبعا أسعارهم كمان جدا مناسبة كتير بنصح فيهم
  • Review by Nama of Jungle Fever Coffee and Tea House
    two years ago
    The place is amazing to get to it you have to pass by the amazing art gallery. Also everything about the place whether it is seating, cups or decorations is just unique, colorful and just positive. Another thing I really noticed and liked is how supportive they are for local products, they get some fresh home made foods like "حراق اصبعه" and stuffed vine leaves and serve Dimitri's coffee, they have a nice outdoor area as well and a small book area.. Sadly we didn't get to stay there long as we had to rush to another place but will definitely come there again.
  • Review by Nama of The Cake Shop
    two years ago
    Tried this new branch recently and it was great. The place theme and atmosphere are just amazing, very floral, colorful and relaxing which is the usual for The Cake Shop. They do not serve lunch and breakfast items available at the other branches as being in a mall makes it harder to serve some items but still it is a great place to grab a sweet bite after a long shopping trip. We tried some salty bites they had that were good in general but the most amazing and special thing they had was the Cheesecake, this is the only location you can find The Cheesecake Factory items and if you tried The Cheesecake Factory in any other country you would know what I mean. If not you should definitely try it at The Cake Shop City mall branch, it is out of this world. Would definitely go there again very soon.
  • Review by Nama of Indola Stores
    two years ago
    One of my favourite places when it comes to hair care products, the thing I like the most about them is that they have Crazy Color products although some colors are unavailable sometimes. Staff are nice in general.
  • Review by Nama of Shawerma Zarb
    two years ago
    Tried this place recently and really loved it! And what's not to love, the whole Zarb experience that gives taste and flavor to the usual Shawerma, the place atmosphere that takes you back to a simpler time, although small but so cozy and they have a cute outdoor seating right on the sidewalk, the owners are taking care of everyone as if you're a guest at their home and the staff are super friendly and the whole atmosphere is just so warm. They also have options for everyone when it comes to meals, different types of breads and the choice of Abu Arab meal which comes with rice and salad that tastes so homemade good.. I love their choice of spices and their Tahini sauce and the thing I usually miss in other shawerma places that the sandwich is filled generously you should be warned things might get messy! I fell in love with the place taste and atmosphere and would definitely come there again!
  • Review by Nama of Khobzeh W Shawerma
    two years ago
    جربت من عندهم شاورما لحمة بالخبز العربي، كتير كانت زاكية وكمان البطاطا زاكية
  • Review by Nama of The Pizza Maker
    two years ago
    من أطيب أماكن البيتزا اللي جربتهم، طلبت من عندهم ديلفري وطلبت العرض اللي فيه 3 بيتزا صغيرة ب 5 دنانير عشان أجرب أكتر من نوع، جربت الباربيكيو تشيكن مش طبيعي قديه زاكية بيحطوا عليها تشيدر وجربت السوبريم كمان بتشهي يعني مكوناتهم كتير نضيفة وفريش وجربت Hot peppers & Sausage وكمان مش طبيعية، جد بنصح كل حدا فيه وبحسه من الأماكن اللي جد لازم تنعرف أكتر قد ما هو زاكي ورخيص.

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