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  • Wrote a comment on Nermeen Sh Sh review on Burgerizz
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  • Wrote a comment on Mohammad Ismail review on Dr. Ahmed Al Ammouri
    Do you have any medical background or just because its expensive you got upset???i mean he's the Dr not you...maybe im wrong
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  • Wrote a review on Hawa Palestine Restaurant

    محل مناقيش فتح جديد بس مبين انو خبرة من زمان بسبب جودة شغلهم يوميا بنوصي معجنات ومناقيش الصبح من المحلات اللي حواليه بس لما فتح وجربناه بطلنا نطلب اللا من عنده المعجنات اساسها العجينة...وعجينتو ازكى… Read more

    Hawa Palestine Restaurant
    8 months ago in Amman.  
  • Found Dana's review on Peri Peri useful

    Tried Peri Peri last week at work. I ordered Peri Mushroom Sandwich, chicken was perfectly cooked ingredients were fresh and it was very delicious! I don't know what bread they use, but… Read more

    9 months ago in Amman.
  • Found Dana's review on Al Mosalli Shawerma useful

    This has become one of my top shawerma places in Amman, all because of their delicious fries! Their shawerma is really good and they have a lot of options to pick from. I like the Kubbeh addition in… Read more

    9 months ago in Amman.