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  • Review by Tala of Brisket
    3 years ago
    For a small corner restaurant, they sure do serve up one the most delicious burgers I've ever had in Amman! From its name, they offer the 'Brisket Burger', which is a meat lovers delight. Served in fantastic buns, it melts your mouth and worth its expensive price. The menu is small, but offers all you could possibly need as all their menu items are mouth watering. Food comes out quite fast compared to other 'fancy' burger places; so that was a major positive point! Parking is relatively easy since it's located in a small neighborhood, and seating is unique by being situated on the side of the road. Lovely food, lovelier experience.
  • Review by Tala of Vivid The Boulevard
    3 years ago
    Sitting on the rooftop is a view to die for. It naturally looks over the entire Boulevard and the lovely cityscape of Amman. (Plus there's valet service!) Service was great, the waiters were very attentive. The food and drinks are delicious despite being a bit pricey. Great place for big groups and families.
  • Review by Tala of Ammon Msakhan
    3 years ago
    I've heard a lot of people speak of this restaurant. It being old, and being one of the classics in Amman that prepares solely Msakhan. So I had to try it. Long story short, the chicken was dry, bread half dry as well, and overall not very flavorful. I must admit, the smell was to die for but the taste was underwhelming. Price was fine, I've just had Msakhan at better places.
  • Review by Tala of Setti W Settak
    3 years ago
    Best tasting msakhan that you can get that isn't homemade - but it sure does feel homemade! There's not much to say. The prices are fair, food is delicious and clean, and the staff are understanding and patient.
  • Review by Tala of Wazzup Dog
    3 years ago
    Fantastic somewhat cheap food for when you're on a budget, and looking for something else besides shawerma. At 2JD per Hot Dog (with a huge number of toppings), it's a fantastic deal. One hotdog is good enough to make you feel stuffed. Located in Rainbow Street, it is slightly hard to find parking, but they often have reserved place for their customers. The seating arrangement is basically 2/3 tiny tables outside with a counter holding around 5 people inside. So it's not really a restaurant to sit for hours and eat. It's a quick, grab, eat, or just grab and go kind of place. Overall delicious!!
  • Review by Tala of Najla Kitchen
    3 years ago
    When you're craving home cooked food, this is definitely the place to come. The menu is fixed, meaning each day offers a selection of home cooked dishes; which I find a wonderful idea if you're having lunch in a large group. It saves the trouble of having to pick from a large menu,and the hassle of paying at the end. Might I add, the food is to die for! Tender cooked meat, fragrant rice, and overall mouth-watering. As for the place itself, it's small and cosy and offers few places. Meaning it's best to reserve before hand. But the decoration and seating leave the impression of being right at home. Parking is relatively easy as it is located at the far end of Weibdeh; and the location might actually be a downside. I did not know of this restaurant beforehand, it's kind of lost in the many streets of the area. But once you know it, getting there and parking is relatively easy. Wonderful place if you miss home cooked food, or are looking to impress your foreign friends!
  • Review by Tala of Cafe Social
    3 years ago
    For a place in the bustling Mecca street, it's not that overcrowded. There's not much to say as it doesn't really stand out compared to other cafes in the city. Quite loved how spacious it is though. Went with a group of about 20 people, and we all sat comfortably! And all our orders arrived in reasonable time. Definitely a great place to book for a huge group.
  • Review by Tala of Lumberjack House of Sliders & Sloppyjoes
    3 years ago
    Craving for burgers, so I wanted to check out a new place that has been popping up on my Facebook. The meal size and price seemed very reasonable, so why not try it? Grabbed a group of friends and set out to eat. Since the restaurant is at the end of Rainbow street, finding parking was relatively easy. And it's not crowded at all. The restaurant seems very clean and tidy, their decor stays true to their name too! As mentioned, the menu seems very promising and has a delicious variety. A downside is that it took 40mins for 4 burgers. I guess I can understand that it's cook to serve fresh, so I'll let it pass. I'll also let it pass because finally I found a place in Jordan which cooks the meat to a medium-well, leaving it absolutely JUICY on the inside! Everything tastes fresh, so I think it's worth the wait. Prices are what you would expect from a dedicated burger place (not fast-food), so there's no issue there. Would I come back? Sure, but only after ordering on phone and get there to minimize my wait from 40mins to at least 20.
  • Review by Tala of Dr. Taroub Khoury
    3 years ago
    Dr. Taroub is just and gives you the time you need. The only major problem is that appointments are just a formality here. You call for an appointment and don't get it for an hour after it. And that is a major setback and forced me to give her an average rating. But as a Doctor in general, she listens and makes you feel completely comfortable with her.
  • Review by Tala of Chinese Village Restaurant
    3 years ago
    What's nice about eating at a Chinese restaurant is the experience of sharing food with people. The Chinese Village offers the 'lazy Suzan' rotating glass wheel at each table, which allows for sharing the food with everyone and trying out a bit of everything! That on top of the wonderful environment (where they have a pond with actual Koi fish swimming around), just sets the mood for the whole outing; pleasant and all out fun. Grabbing a whole group of people is also very friendly on your wallet. Their prices are very cheap compared to the delicious food and fast service that they offer. The menu is huge, it all sounds amazing, and you simply can't choose from the chicken, meat, or seafood options. Getting there is convenient as well, and so is the parking. There is no valet, but you don't need one in a relatively quiet street with huge spaces for parking. All in all, it's a fast, friendly, and most importantly delicious restaurant that will always be on the top of my list for go-to Chinese places in Amman.
  • Review by Tala of 7 Waragat
    3 years ago
    While I do love this cafe, there's nothing particularly special about it. Service is somewhat fast, and the prices are cheap. The only real downfall is how overcrowded it is. You feel like you're sharing a table with everyone around you - it's that tight in there. And all the smoke in a tiny place gets unbearable. It's still a nice place though, I do keep on visiting.
  • Review by Tala of Dinar Rent A Car
    3 years ago
    Wide range of small to medium sized cars all reasonably priced.
  • Review by Tala of La Calle Italian Trattoria
    3 years ago
    What I look for in a restaurant besides the delicious food, is attentive staff. And I have found both here. Service is fast, food and drinks in great variety and delicious. They also offer valet parking which is a necessity in Rainbow Street. And you can't forget the 3rd floor bar onlooking Amman. Had great times there, definitely coming back again.
  • Review by Tala of Thai Room
    3 years ago
    The ambience is amazing; it's simple and elegant. And the music is just the cherry on top. Went there two weeks ago with 2 people. Needless to say, the service was fast and the waiters were very polite and attentive. There's a wide range of food, including vegetarian (which I find an amazing plus in Jordan). Overall, worth the slightly pricey menu. Definitely coming back again.
  • Review by Tala of Sami & Rami Abbas Co.
    3 years ago
    Compared to other bookstores, the prices here are unbelievable. The owner (often the one in charge of your requests) is very attentive and cooperative. I have printed 3 books at this location and can guarantee great quality, with speedy and good priced end results!
  • Review by Tala of Hash Tag Shisha
    3 years ago
    Started going to them well over 2 years ago. Service was fast and great. We were frequently asked how service was and generally never left unattended. Then it started going downhill recently for a year now. Kept coming back, in hopes of things changing and becoming better, but it just kept getting worse. Food is served cold, waiters hardly notice us even when we call out and scream, a simple order like milkshakes takes 45 minutes. It's so frustrating and terrible overall.

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