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Amani Abureyal

Amman . Since April 2017
I was born in California, USA and currently live in Amman, Jordan. I love trying new restaurants, cafes, bakeries... Since moving back in the Summer of 2016, I have enjoyed discovering new unique places here in Amman so let me know if there are any places you recommend!
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  • Review by Amani of Cloud
    3 years ago
    I highly recommend this place. Yes, the prices are more expensive than your average cafe/restaurant but its not as terrible as the other reviews state. You pay for what you get and at Cloud you get a wonderful experience, great atmosphere, customer service is fast and they are super friendly, the manager is very attentive to the guests and checks in to make sure all your needs are met and the food is delicious. My husband and I ordered the salmon and it was cooked to perfection. I highly recommend Cloud. Yes, it is pricier but then again, if you are going to a place like Cloud, you should expect the prices to be a little higher. Definitely going back.
  • Review by Amani of Mexicani
    3 years ago
    As a person who loves Mexican food and who has spent years eating authentic Mexican food in the US, this place does not come close to real Mexican cuisine. Yes, they wrap things up in a tortilla and call it a burrito but it does not contain anything or taste like a burrito. The prices are average but yet again, you are paying for something you assume is Mexican food. I would recommend they either change the name of the restaurant and produce whatever food they want or change the food to real Mexican food to match the name of the restaurant. Plus, they also put mayo and BBQ sauce on fries as a side with a burrito. Real Mexican dishes usually come with a side of beans, refried beans and cheese, Mexican rice, guacamole/sour cream/salsa and chips.... never fries as that is more western fast food cuisine. Unfortunately, I do not recommend.
  • Review by Amani of Café Hanin
    3 years ago
    Overall I would say this cafe is pretty nice and pleasant to go to. The food is great and always delicious which is why I gave it four stars but I think they need to add a little more of a variety to their menu. Drinks are pretty standard (coffees and juices). Service and staff are more attentive in the Taj Mall branch in comparison to the City Mall branch. Usually clean yet there are some cigarette burns in the cushions of some chairs. Prices are very reasonable. All in all, I would go back but at the spur of the moment if I am in the mall anyway.
  • Review by Amani of Pearla Spa
    3 years ago
    Pearla Spa is your average spa, nothing too great yet not bad. Prices are average in comparison to other spas. I got a gel manicure, the manicurist didn't really file my nail straight and I had to point out a lot of mistakes. Overall, I probably won't go back because I know of a much better nail salon for the same price, but it is a decent spa.
  • Review by Amani of AD24 Burgers
    3 years ago
    أكل طيب محل نظيف والديكور مميز لحم طازج خدمه سريعة وموظفين محترمين
  • Review by Amani of Best Friend Vetrinary Clinic
    3 years ago
    الدكتور نسيم شخص متعاون وخلوق العيادة نظيفة جدا ويتوفر فيها جميع مستلزمات القطط والكلاب ، أسعار وخدمه رائعة مواعيد منظمه جدا
  • Review by Amani of Pizza Lover
    3 years ago
    أسعار معقوله ، محل نظيف ، أكل طيب وخدمة سريعة ، انصح بتجربة جنحان البربكيو والسوبر بيتزا
  • Review by Amani of Hala's Treats
    3 years ago
    As a person who lived most of her life in America, Hala's Treats wins when it comes to western baked goods by far! I probably go there more than I should too be fully honest. Their cheesecakes are delicious, my go to usually. I also recommend their salted caramel chocolate cake! Although the place is a little pricier than other bakeries such as Sugar Daddy's or Rawan Cake, it is worth it ! Their staff are super friendly, the shop is always clean, decorated beautifully and the staff always make sure to wear gloves when deals with the baked goods. Nothing bad to say about Hala's Treats!
  • Review by Amani of Pet Lodge
    3 years ago
    Pet Lodge is a great option for those who travel or need to place their pets somewhere for a short amount of time. Their prices are per day and also depending on whether the pet is a cat or dog, what type of food you would like your pet to have,..... yet still very reasonable. For dogs they have a beautiful spacious piece of land for dogs to run and have fun and get exercise. The kennels are also quite large so be well assured that your dog will not be squeezed into a tight cage. The cats are also very well taken care of and have they have cubbies to play in and toys. Both areas for cats and dogs are kept very clean. I very nervously took my cat to stay there when I had to leave the country as I was left with no other option but I was so pleased and happy when I was able to stay in contact with the staff and they would send me pictures and keep me informed on how my kitten was doing. I highly recommend this place as your pet(s) will be left in good hands.
  • Review by Amani of Ilona Garnatkina Beauty Center
    3 years ago
    I always come out of this salon very pleased with their work and service. Their prices are about the same, if not a tad bit cheaper, than other salons for the same services. I always get a gel manicure done. They are very creative with their designs and use the best quality when it comes to the nail polish and other products they use. I personally have yet to get my hair and makeup done at Ilona Garnatkina Beauty Center myself yet the women who I see getting their hair and makeup done look beautiful and seem very happy with the results. At other salons I have tried here in Amman, the gel nail polish tends to peel offer rather fast and soon yet when I get my nails done at Ilona's, my manicure remains perfectly put together till it is time to go back. Very happy client and highly I recommend Ilona Garnatkina Beauty Center.
  • Review by Amani of The Sushi Den
    3 years ago
    I love sushi and in comparison to other sushi places, Sushi Den has the best prices for great quality and service. Although they do not have a dine in restaurant and only provide delivery, I believe it helps them perfect and focus on the food and it is also the reason why they are able to provide such great tasting food at much better prices since they do not have much overhead or labor costs. Sushi orders always arrives on time and very delicious. They provide vegetarian sushi roles as well. On Tuesdays they have special/discounted prices on their rolls or set up plates that have a variety of different sushi rolls which they advertise on Facebook and Instagram. For their raw sea food, they provide a tray of ice in the delivery bag to ensure the best quality and freshness as raw sea food needs to stay chilled. Nothing bad to say about Sushi Den! I love it!
  • Review by Amani of Villa Clara
    3 years ago
    Service is great and very fast and attentive. Very clean environment with beautiful decor. Waiters presented the food and served it very nicely with no mess. Prices are somewhat expensive although not bad when taken into consideration that it is an elegant restaurant and not a cafe so you are paying not just for the delicious food but the overall experience and atmosphere as well. They give you a shot of some sort to drink before and after to clear your palette which is a nice gesture. The only negative thing I have to say and is the reason why Villa Clara did not receive 5 stars was that there was a beautiful pianist playing in the background which was relaxing and soothing to listen to creating a wonderful atmosphere yet there were young children of customers who decided to play on the piano as well. Instead of the host/steward/manager politely escorting the children back to their seats and respectfully ask their parents to keep them at their table, they actually encouraged them to bang and play on the piano which soured my experience. Although children are the responsibility of their parents, the staff shouldn't have been encouraging the children to play the piano and ruin the experience of other paying customers. I went in the winter and I am looking forward to visiting the outdoor terrace sitting area this Spring/Summer.
  • Review by Amani of First Nutrition
    3 years ago
    Although their products are very expensive in comparison to how much they cost abroad which isn't necessarily their fault do to the taxes applied to the products once imported into Jordan, I highly recommend First Nutrition for those in need of supplements for their overall health and fitness needs. Unlike other places, they don't sell you or advise you on things you do not need just so they can make a buck. They recommend what they think would be the best option for you depending on your fitness goals and different options. They are very informative as well about the different products. The shop is always very well organized, clean, prices are clearly posted, and they always have bundle deals that aren't only cheaper but they also customize the bundle according to what you want/need. They are very friendly, my husband and I always leave with a gift such as a free shaker or protein bar as they highly cherish their loyal customers and appreciate their business. Highly recommended.
  • Review by Amani of Cafe Social
    3 years ago
    I have been going to Cafe Social since it first opened. In the beginning it was always full, the staff was great and attentive, management was friendly and would personally greet us at the door but unfortunately this has changed. The food is still good usually yet at times it can be quite bland such as the Chicken Fajita Burger. There has been a change in staff, (servers and waiters) who should be more attentive to their tables and customers as they spend too much time clustered together talking. On the other hand, their deserts have always been delicious especially their Oreo Fondant and Nutella Funnel Cake. The argileh is also very good and doesn't burn out quickly like many other cafe's. The environment is clean and friendly yet during the day it is a bit dead and not very lively. Overall, its a nice place to go but it is slowly going downhill if concerns aren't dealt with.

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