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  • Review by Alexx of Ebuy jo
    4 years ago
    Paypal and Google play vouchers are available here. What I like about this shop is that all the prices of the phones are listed on their site. One of the few mobile shops in Jordan that have a website
  • Review by Alexx of CrossFit Crescent
    4 years ago
    I once joined Crossfit crescent for one month training program, basically it is just like any other crossfit center, you will learn in the first month the basics such squats ,pull ups and bench press. The coaches are highly qualified , they will try their best to help all the members reach their fitness goals. Honestly I prefer to have a membership at a regular gym , but if you insist to join a crossfit gym, then crossfit crescent could be the best choice in Amman.
  • Review by Alexx of Al Kalha
    4 years ago
    One of the most expensive falafel restaurants and it is not even tasty,for the same price you can buy a shawerma , sandwich,the only reason some people still eat there because they think that it is more hygienic than the other .restuarants
  • Review by Alexx of Hardee's
    4 years ago
    I think it is one of the best chain restaurants,unlike the others,they will bring food to your table ,refill for the soda is free.They use fresh vegetables and high quality meat. Might be somehow expensive but they always have offers at lunch time. I would recommend everyone to try the angus and the star buger.
  • Review by Alexx of Burger Joint
    4 years ago
    they have tasty burgers but it is so overpriced. parking is not available.
  • Review by Alexx of Supplements Mall & Gym
    4 years ago
    This shop has variety of supplements of high quality brands, such as infinite nutrition and Goliath lab. Their products are always on sale, and they have a good customer service,

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