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  • Review by Ayah of IlForno
    3 years ago
    Typical Italian, fresh, clean and delicious. Pink sauce Penne Pasta with chicken is great and the lasagna is delicious as well.
  • Review by Ayah of Olive Garden
    3 years ago
    The complimentary soup is delicious, they bring buttered bread that is very tasty and the main courses are delicious as well specifically chicken alfredo and fettucini.
  • Review by Ayah of Baskin Robbins
    3 years ago
    All ice creams are delicious but Rainbow with sprinkles is outstanding. They even have cold drinks that are very refreshing in Summer recommended.
  • Review by Ayah of Cold Stone creamery
    3 years ago
    The place is very nice, on the beach directly, they have very tasty oreo ice cream and brownies.
  • Review by Ayah of Kitsch cup cakes
    3 years ago
    My favourite cupcake shop. The smell when you enter is so sweet and refreshing, double chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are amazing. Recomended
  • Review by Ayah of Sea Shell Refreshment
    3 years ago
    Bad hygiene but the best food ever, the sandwiches are very tasty and the cocktails are the best. Try "Hasan Matar" sandwich and al emlaq when you drop by.
  • Review by Ayah of One to One Hotel
    3 years ago
    Nice hotel, many good restaurants and a very nice pool as well as big gym. one to one cafe is different as well and has the best food.
  • Review by Ayah of Grand Millennium Al Wahda
    3 years ago
    Great Hotel, in the heart of the city, very organized and clean. The mall is right beside the hotel and the cafes and restaurants in the hotel are amazing they overview Abu Dhabi Skyline.
  • Review by Ayah of Emirates Palace Hotel
    3 years ago
    Beautiful inside out, Gold plated interior and beautiful rooms. Window overviews the gulf and the restaurants are amazing specially BBQ AL Qasr. More like a tourist attraction, great for photos. Totally recommended
  • Review by Ayah of Zuwar Restaurant
    3 years ago
    مطعم رائع والاكل كتير زاكي و القعدة رايقة و حلوة ..بنصحكم تجربوا في اصناف كتير بالبوفيه
  • Review by Ayah of Kiwi Restaurant
    3 years ago
    The sandwiches are delicious and the cocktails are very tasty, Chicken zinger with turkey and Kiwi cocktail is a must try. Recommended.
  • Review by Ayah of Buffalo Wings & Rings
    3 years ago
    قعدة حلوة كتير وجو حلو و الاكل زاكي و نظيف والموظفين لطيفين جدا
  • Review by Ayah of Feel Burgers
    3 years ago
    Good food, clean and filling. The family meal is huge and is enough for 5 people at a very reasonable price.
  • Review by Ayah of karaz Box
    3 years ago
    الاكل مش زاكي بالمرة والقعدة مش حلوة والتعامل سيئ
  • Review by Ayah of Action Zone
    3 years ago
    I always take my neices there. They have lots of games and entertainment. The place is clean and safe and the staff are helpful. Recommended
  • Review by Ayah of American Veterinary Clinic
    3 years ago
    Took my cats for grooming and a quick check up, the results were very nice and the staff is very friendly and helpful. They even take in emergency calls on weekends. Recommended.
  • Review by Ayah of British Veterinary Centre
    3 years ago
    The clinic is great, very professional staff and everything is documented. I took my cats for vaccines and check up as well microchips, the dr was very nice and took good care of the
  • Review by Ayah of French Dental Aesthetic Centre
    3 years ago
    Very clean, and organized center. All Staff are friendly and welcoming. The center offers both dental and Dermatology, Dr. Carine is amazing she extracts teeth without pain and for dermatology dr. hanaa and the staff are great at dealing with customers and knowing what each customer wants. Recommended
  • Review by Ayah of The Noodle House
    3 years ago
    Best noodles in town. Authentic chinese food and very friendly and welcoming staff. Recommended
  • Review by Ayah of Shakespeare and co.
    3 years ago
    قعدتو حلوة والفطور عندو زاكي والمكان رايق جدا ومرتب جدا
  • Review by Ayah of Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel
    3 years ago
    نادي رائع متكامل فيو جم ومسبح و قاعات كبيرة للاعراس والمؤتمرات المكان جدا نظيف ومطعم النادي اكلو بشهي
  • Review by Ayah of Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital
    3 years ago
    Very professional staff and doctors. The receptionist is very friendly and the center is very clean and big.
  • Review by Ayah of Al Liwan
    3 years ago
    اكلو زاكي ونظيف والخدمة ممتازة بس المكان شوي صغير
  • Review by Ayah of Castello Restaurant and Cafe
    3 years ago
    اكلو زاكي كتير والقعدة كتير حلوة والخدمة ممتازة و مكانو حلو بعيد عن ضجة الشوارع
  • Review by Ayah of Rawaq Cafe
    3 years ago
    قعدة مش حلوة ارجيلة مش زاكية وعجئة واسعارو غالية

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