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Rakan Mehyar

Amman . Since September 2011
Adventure Tour Consultant in beautiful Jordan home of Petra - Co-founder of Terhaal Adventures @terhaal http://www.terhaal.com
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  • Review by Rakan of SmartBuy
    3 years ago
    Very helpful sales people at the show room. Just hope you do not run into an issue that requires you to try getting in touch with their customers service. One of my worst experiences in history. They either keep you waiting on the phone for ages until it disconnects, transfer you to the wrong department, or, to add insult to injury, promise to have a manager call you back (multiple times) and they never do. It's been 12 days and I am yet to receive my tv and fridge.
  • Review by Rakan of 18th Century Burger
    4 years ago
    The whole place, food, service and atmosphere is a trap. The type of restaurants that you'd never forget its name just so you do not make the mistake of going there again.
  • Review by Rakan of Nutmeg
    4 years ago
    We were around 7 persons. We ordered a bunch of burgers and wraps. The toasted burger break is the only good thing about the burger. The meat itself sucks and has a bad after taste, the type of meat you would eat if you're quite hungry provided you add a ton of salt, pepper and ketchup. However, the frozen strawberry juice was nice. The waiter who took the order was far from professional. He had no pen no paper to write down the order even and didn't care repeating it to assure he got it right even after one of us asked him if he is sure he memorized it. And of course, he got 2 dishes wrong! The other guy who served the food seemed nice but lacks service training. He did not come to check on us until we ordered the check... Conclusion, I wouldn't eat there again.
  • Review by Rakan of My Hotel 
    7 years ago
    Excellent central location in Aqaba town. Facility and rooms are quite simple but very clean. breakfast variety wasn't very appealing but the personalized omelete option made on spot for you was excellent. Everything worked fine in the room and bathroom. The reception, housekeeping and breakfast staff were extremely friendly! As for the price, I think it is a bit overpriced, especially that you also need to pay beach entrance when you go to one of the good beach facilities. All in all, i thought it is a very good three star hotel.
  • Review by Rakan of Berenice Beach
    7 years ago
    We bought entrance vouchers from our hotel for JOD7.5 per person and used the their free of charge shuttle bus to get there. It is located on the south beach and has an excellent coral reef spot accessible within few meters from it shore. We have done a lot of snorkeling there and wished I had planned for more time to scuba dive... There are 3 pools located close to each other but on different levels: the main and nicest one is for adults only, a second shallow pool for little children and a third one for families with kids... Besides snorkeling and diving we hired jet skies and that was great fun... we wished we had more time to try the parasailing which i imagine offers quite a fantastic view to the gulf... The restaurant's menu seemed alright... we had a rocca salad, a pizza and french fries and all were very tasty. So all in all it was a nice experience but here are some points where I felt they could pay more attention to: - The family pool got a bit too crowded, so unless families are not one of their main targets, a bigger pool would be much appreciated. - Having some sort of activities/ entertainment for the kids would be a great plus. - Music sound level at the adults pool was a bit too loud and of a consumed dancing party type... We did not spend time there, but if we did not have a child along, I think i would have an issue with it. I would rather something mellow or jazzy and for sure not that loud, but may be that is just me? Again, all in all, and given the limited proper beach clubs options in Aqaba, I though this one offers a very good experience and an excellent value for money.
  • Review by Rakan of Cafe Burger
    9 years ago
    It was awesome to learn of this place! A little cozy burger place and I adore good burgers and little specialty places!
    I have just had lunch there and this is my review: The burger quality itself was very good although the bread bun can be significantly improved. The meat patty is nicely spiced and tasty and you can choose between a small 110g patty and a medium 170g one. In my opinion, they should also introduce a bigger one: say 230g. For those who like it with cheese, you have 3 types to choose from: Swiss, Cheddar and American. The accompanying vegetables (tomato, onion, lettuce) were nice and fresh. They offer regular french fries and curly ones and they are both ok but nothing special at all. It would be great if they would make them thicker and prepare a good sharp garlic dip to go along... In general the place is neat and have an excellent potential but I have 2 major notes: 1. They do not get the temperature preference right. I know this is a common problem in Jordan or maybe in the Arab world where we prefer our meat well cooked, BUT I have literally asked 3 times to make sure it comes out medium done. THREE times with eye-contact to make sure the order-taker understands that I know exactly what I want, but the end result was a very well-done and almost dry burger! I mean come on, the place is called Cafe Burger and having a medium done moist burger should be a standard request. 2. I paid JD9 for a 170g burger with swiss cheese, regular fries and a soda. This is not a dining restaurant; the place is more of a nice little cafeteria. To me, 9 JD's was way too much for what I got - definitely overpriced and a poor value for money.
  • Review by Rakan of Casper and Gambini's
    9 years ago
    I love and appreciate great burgers and I was looking forward to try Gasper's burger. My preference is always medium done and that is what I ordered from our waiter and double checked with him to make sure he noted MEDIUM. When I got my order, the meat was grilled to a very well-done. When I complaint to the waiter he took my dish back to the kitchen then came back to me with the same dish two minutes later trying to convince me that it is better to eat it like this! Feeling it was useless to argue with the water I asked to speak with the manager who also came and tried to convince me with the same thing. When I insisted to know the real reason behind this, he explained that the beef patty itself is not of quality that can be grilled to only medium done! This was shocking to me and furiously I asked him "so if your burger quality is bad to be served in medium, how does it turn good to be served as well-done? why do you serve it in the first place???!!" Then the manager started coming up with all sort of nonsense excuses and insisted that the quality of the meat is surely excellent and has nothing to do with it! So I furiously asked him to go prepare for me what i originally asked for... 15 minutes later, my burger comes. It was medium done indeed by when i cut through it, the meat patty's color was greyish and not red or pink. It was really disgusting as if it was cooked in a microwave.... Conclusion, the burger patty meat quality is BAD and if it is not good to be served medium then it is NOT GOOD to be served in any form... To add insult to injury, they could not admit their mistake, they haven't tried to apologies in any way and I had to pay for the crappy burger!

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A creative shawerma presentation fine dining style... and it tastes even better that it looks!