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  • Review by Eng Hisham of Doodg Restaurant
    two years ago
    Best burger experience ever, perfect taste with affordable-prices. I recommend the Swiss Mushroom burger
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Dahab Restaurant and Cafe
    two years ago
    مكان مرتب كتير، و الخدمة كانت جيدة و الشباب ما قصروا باي شي. الاكل جدا زاكي و الكمية ما شاء الله. الاراكيل ممتازة و الگعدة بالشرفة عالشارع كتير لطيفة.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Naranj Amman
    two years ago
    مطعم راقي و خدمة رائعة جدا، الفطور اوبن بوفيه مرتب و زاكي جدا، المقبلات و العصاير و السوب انواع عديدة و الاوبشنات متنوعة، و الاجواء راقية، و ما في ازمة.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Divan Cake
    3 years ago
    One of the best pastry and bakery shops in Amman, in terms of price and quality. Good to visit and enjoy both sweets and ice cream.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Badiyat Al Falloujah
    3 years ago
    Badiat Al Faloja is one of the best restaurants in Amman that serves Iraqi food, recommended cuisines are Delemia, Hebeet, Tashreeb, Quzi and Kabab. The prices are normal specially when considering the lamb meat is local.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Al Zuwwadeh Restaurant
    3 years ago
    This is one of the best restaurants that makes tasty meat dishes, i recommend its visitors to try their delicious RIPs, Kabab is also a different amazing story. The food menu is so clear and obvious, all prices are shown on it, but i advice you to pay attention to what you are ordering, since the prices are not cheap!!
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Swatch
    3 years ago
    The swatch booth in Mecca Mall is in my opinion the best destination for Swatch fans!! In fact i bought my first Swatch from it in 2004, this Saturday I’ve had a visit to it and they changed the battery and polished the glass of some of my Swatches
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Al Tazaj
    3 years ago
    Today we had lunch in it, in fact the place wasn’t pretty good and the WC wasn’t clean too, the food isn’t much more better, unfortunately it was a disappointment!!!!
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Crowne Plaza Amman
    3 years ago
    Crowne plaza Amman is one of the most wonderful hotels which i stayed in, although the prices might look some how high, but you get many things back in return such as staying in a very luxurious and clean rooms, enjoying a nice breakfast, and for sure grabbing a great time to enjoy Hookah in Vienna cafe, the service is perfect and the hotel employees are so kind and polite. I recommend all the Crowne Plaza Hotel guests (Specially burger fans) to try their beef burger meal for an unforgettable experience....
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Hashim
    3 years ago
    Today me and my friend went to downtown and while we were walking in this beautiful Autumn weather we entered Hashem Restaurant which was almost full but not crowded with mainly foreign tourists, we asked for a plate full of Falafel 4 stuffed Falafel Taboola Salads and later 2 cups of tea, the food was amazingly tasty and it was a first time to try stuffed falafel; yummy. Finally we paid the bill which was only 3 JOD!!! I advice you all to visit it as am going to do it again soon....
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Mario Bakery
    3 years ago
    A very delicious pizza makers but unfortunately they miss a lot of things when it comes to customer satisfaction. They are usually out of forks and knives and sometimes even the tissues, all these are missing in a pizzeria!!!!
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Applebee's
    3 years ago
    A real great taste burger sandwiches, I recommend the cowboy burger and the smokie burger.... Take the chance to visit it now while they have the JD 3.5 offer including tax....
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Hamada Restaurant
    3 years ago
    The Hamada restaurants are well known in Jordan, but this branch (Gardens branch) is in my opinion is the best one due to being a bit luxurious and has dinning tables and free available parking area. Worthy to mention that it is not crowded most of the time and the guys working there are so gentle and helpful and make you feel that you are in a real 5 stars restaurant. Prices are normal.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Al Sarawat Restaurant
    3 years ago
    The food is very delicious specially their shawerma meals, the prices are fair, i recommend to take away the food since they add service fees if you eat in the restaurant knowing that also you should wait for the same loop, i think that the restaurant owners should focus more on some tiny but important issues such as spoons and forks status. My best meal there is Shawerma Arabi Meat Super....
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Faroujna
    3 years ago
    Recommend it, good service..
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Nafeesah Sweets
    3 years ago
    Nafeesah in my opinion is the best Kunafa maker in Amman, they provide taste with acceptable prices and good portion, i picked this branch to add my review since I consider it their best one because of being big and has a huge free parking area always available and you can enjoy the tasty Kunafa without any harassment.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Gerard
    3 years ago
    Amazing ice cream flavors are served there, all are tasty, but my favorite is the double chocolate cake.... One ice cream roller ball is quite enough.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of FireFly Burger
    3 years ago
    One of the best burger restaurants in Jordan, the taste of burger is so obvious, their menu consist of many kinds of sandwiches and I recommend to choose firefly sandwich, although the french fries might be so spicy due to adding pepper. I went twice this week, and am aiming to go again soon.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Alharthiya Restaurant
    3 years ago
    Al Harthiah is one of the best restaurants that i ate in in Jordan, i liked the beef burger, chicken scallop, and shawerma Arabi meat. Acceptable prices and have a fast delivery services, wishing them best of luck.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Al Mahar Fish
    3 years ago
    A good restaurant which makes delicious fish with sauce, only one problem that the place is tight and sometimes it is really crowded, i advice to take away the food to your home.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Shawerma Reem
    3 years ago
    One of the best shawerma restaurants in Amman.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Burger Makers
    3 years ago
    Perfect burger taste with affordable prices, I recommend it to all burger lovers.
  • Review by Eng Hisham of Wazzup Dog
    4 years ago
    What a tasty food, for sure will visit again and again...

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