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  • Review by Mai Dar of Zayonah Restaurant
    3 years ago
    Good. but a bit overpriced and they charge Up to 6 jds for delivery ( less than 5 km)
  • Review by Mai Dar of Birds Land
    3 years ago
    اسعارة معقولة ( بالنسبة للاكل عالي الجوده مش التجاري) و الرائع انه بيعملو عروض بين كل فتره و فترة.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Dr. Suzan Al Anati
    4 years ago
    اسوأ تجربة بمر فيها، وديت القط اللي عندي ياخد مطعوم، و بعد ما رجعلي تبين انه بالعيادة ( سواء الدكتورة او اللي بيشتغلو عندها) مو عاطينو مطعوم نهائيا و على دفتر المطاعيم حاطين اللاصق اللي خاص بالعلبة vail مو اسم ال vaccine دون اي تفاصيل شو الدوا اللي اخدو. سالت عدة اطباء بيطريين عن اللاصق اللي المفروض يضل بدفتر المطعوم، و الكل جاوب انه لازم يدل على نوع الدوا و اسمه مش لاصق العلبة. تحايل و ضحك على الناس و عدم اكتراث لصحة الحيوانات الاليفه و المشكلة اللي بربو الحيوانات بيركنو انه اللي عندهم ماخد كل مطاعيمه. خدو بدل ال ٢٥ دينار ٥٠ بدل مطعوم بس ارحمو الحيوانات و اشتغلو بضمير.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Dr. Alex Abu Ghazaleh
    4 years ago
    one of the best vets I met. he was very kind and answered all my questions. very supportive and cooperative.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Vetzone Pet Health Center
    4 years ago
    I only talked to the receptionist and she was very nice and helpful. I went to get supplies for my new kitten. She was kind enough to give me useful information (as I am a new parent to cats) regarding bathing and cleaning.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Homemade NY Bagels
    4 years ago
    I'm a freak when it comes to bagels. I keep looking for the best. and finally found a Baker who provides homemade bagels that are just outta this world. the only problem is that you need to pre-order. but fantastic.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Kiwi Restaurant
    4 years ago
    great taste, tried the Italian meal. loved it. a bit overpriced compared to similar restaurants.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Nasser Al Sersawi Restaurant
    4 years ago
    amazing sandwiches. very generous on ingredients.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Badia Spices
    4 years ago
    location changed to wadi sir. great staff and amazing levels of cooperation.
  • Review by Mai Dar of Fettuccine House
    4 years ago
    The food is amazing, big portions. but the setting was not good for dinning in. we had to get it as take-out.
  • Review by Mai Dar of The Bagel Factory
    4 years ago
    Best bagels in Jordan. the Baker is very nice and cooperative. prices are very affordable. Simply perfect

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