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  • Review by Zeena of Da Esmat Italian Kitchen
    4 years ago
    Hands up for the best Italian restaurant in amman da esmat a place where it's cozy and nice with a great chef that serves the best Italian cuisine ever, my dinner for today was started by insa Lata di mango (fresh mango ,fresh mixed leaves with olive oil and mint dressing ) pasta penne alla rrabbiata , ravioli alla penne (stuffed cheese spinach & creamy mushroom sauce )And a full of seafood pizza, reasonable prices given by this restaurant, I enjoyed the experience added to my favorite places in Jordan thank you da esmat thank you for the delicious dinner and for the great service well done guys you amused me.
  • Review by Zeena of 7 Waragat
    4 years ago
    one of the greatest cafe's in amman ,great atmosphere,amazing service , very polite staff EXCELLENT food and shisha .the prices are really reasonable i highly recommend for groups .. keep up the good work guys
  • Review by Zeena of Jubran Restaurant and Cafe
    4 years ago
    we tried the chicken dijon chicken fukhara the mouthwatering sauce was customized for us .. that we forget to take a picture before we ate . the finishing and the service was amazing we had the best view from terrace and a nice soft arabic playlist reflecting the meaning of joubran in addition to the designs and the picture of the famous poet joubran khalil joubran Ps added to my favorite's restaurants
  • Review by Zeena of Primal Restaurant
    4 years ago
    Listening to a delightful music in an elegant environment added with unique antiques I had the best experience with a chicken salad full of healthy and fresh ingredients and the best Angus burger healthy with a sweat potato siders and fresh sauces If you are a healthy person then you are missing a wonderful experience. Reserve your table and enjoy it to the max
  • Review by Zeena of Jammu Kashmir Restaurant
    5 years ago
    “I have only two words for you guys: AMAZING FOOD. Every time I order a different dish to try and trust me, it is always worth it. I highly recommend this restaurant, especially the chicken butter. Pick any of them and believe me: once you try it, you’ll stick to it (as I have)!”
  • Review by Zeena of Lebnani Snack
    5 years ago
    if you wont to order from libnani snack you should go to mecca mall because the stuff very gentle and your order don't take that much to be done. i recommend his fresh cocktails and his food if you wont to eat while you are working i recommend this place
  • Review by Zeena of Apple Mango Restaurant
    5 years ago
    i went there and i ordered classic cocktail and it was the worst experience ever i couldn't even take more than tow sips because it really taste bad i don't know what is the problem i didn't order a space ship cocktail
  • Review by Zeena of Salute
    5 years ago
    “It just gets better and better!” – Salute a“romantic” twenty three-old restaurant in the heart of jabalamman is one of Amman most deeply impressive all-rounders – service is “impeccable”, and the “exciting” cuisine provides “a beautiful blend of dishes”.
  • Review by Zeena of Feel Burgers
    5 years ago
    I have been here a few times over the years but forgot how good their burgers are. Their feel burger sandwich is the best. Very flavorful, cooked perfectly. Awesome! They also have tasty fries! It's a little pricey but worth it!
  • Review by Zeena of Cafe Social
    5 years ago
    If you want the perfect burger and an amazing dessert, you must come here. I splurged and had the mega mashroom burger , all done perfectly. My friend had the smokey beef bakon burger , also very good.For dessert, we had a funnel cake, which we never have and was worth the calories. We highly recommend this place.
  • Review by Zeena of Steakanji
    5 years ago
    the worst food ever the noodles isn't that good as they wrote on there Facebook page it's not well done cooked and it doesn't have any noodle taste at all guys it's spaghetti noodles hhhhhhhh

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