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Amman . Since September 2015
21 years old Blogger & Photographer from Jordan.
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  • Review by Ghadeer of Tche Tche
    5 years ago
    The WIFI doesn't connect at all! The cheese cake is so small! The juice isn't natural. BAD BAD BAD BAD!
  • Review by Ghadeer of Ajeenitna
    5 years ago
    This places makes me remember my days in University of Jordan, I was always there for having pizza and cocktail.
  • Review by Ghadeer of Ghaith Restaurant
    5 years ago
    المطعم كتير حلو من جوا، والاكل زاكي ونضيف
  • Review by Ghadeer of Lebnani Snack
    5 years ago
    Good place and prices for university's students.
  • Review by Ghadeer of Mijana
    5 years ago
    One of the worst places I have been to! Not healthy place at all.
  • Review by Ghadeer of Rawan Cake
    5 years ago
    اتمنى ان يكونو دقيقين في المواعيد، فعدم احترامهم لوعد التوصيل المحدد و تأخرهم 35 دقيقة تجعل من تجربتي سيئة ولن اعيدها على الرغم من الطعم الذيذ للكيك
  • Review by Ghadeer of Q Restaurant
    5 years ago
    One of my favorite restaurants so far, I like the design itself, the staff are so friendly, and the prices are so cheap comparing to others in same area.

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Fresh Orange Juice for 1.45 JD
Snickers cake for two - 7 JD