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  • Review by Sara of Da Esmat Italian Kitchen
    two years ago
    Every time I visit this place, I am even more impressed with it. The food here is to die for. You can close your eyes and choose anything off the menu and it will come out amazing! I personally love their lasgna and their pasta with pesto sauce, chicken and pine nuts. Oh, and their mango salad is just delicious! However, the thing that keeps me coming is how hospitable they are. From the moment you step in the place till you say good bye, everyone is super nice and helpful!
  • Review by Sara of Dr. Alex Abu Ghazaleh
    two years ago
    Dr. Alex is great but only if you're looking for a vet to make sure your pet has vaccines on time and for regular check ups. However, if your pet has a bigger problem that is harder to find or diagnose, the equipment he has at the clinic are not so advanced. Our cat was super sick and when we took him to Dr. Alex he said it was only a flu or something. Only when another doctor checked him with newer and more advanced equipment did we find that he had a very bad case of ear infection along with some other problems!
  • Review by Sara of Mia Cara
    4 years ago
    Mia Cara is an amazingly cute place that is hidden Jabal Lweibdeh. I was looking for a quite place to go and read and by chance I saw this place tucked in one of rights from Al Sharia st. and I thought I'd give it a try. The place is very cute and has a great outside seating area. Their coffee and tea options aren't something to write home about, but its their cakes and baked stuff selection that is amazing. Entering the place is pretty similar to entering the perfect bake shop; the cakes, cookies and even rolls are delicious. Its one of the places that are an undiscovered treasure! If you're looking for a quite, cool place, trust me, Mia Cara is the place to go!
  • Review by Sara of Little Italy
    4 years ago
    The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best italian food in Amman. You have to put a budget of around 15-20JDs/person to enjoy a main dish and something to drink. The place is nicely decorated, the waiters are really nice. Food came maybe 10 minutes after we ordered which is good! we ordered 2 types of pasta, one was with mushroom sauce which was the best among the dishes. We also ordered the four cheese pizza and normal spaghetti, they weren't that delicious. We paid 45 JDs for the mentioned dishes, 2 soft drinks, one orange juice and one lemon juice. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone; there are much better Italian restaurants you can go to!
  • Review by Sara of P. F. Chang's
    4 years ago
    I loved this place.. From its atmosphere to the smallest details. The waiters are really helpful and food comes excpetionally fast. We had the dumplings; it wasn't as delicious as I was expecting it, but it was good enough. We ordered their signature dish "shrimp dynamite" it was out of the world. we also tried one of their chicken dishes, one of their meat dishes and a salmon dish; they were SO good! We paid a lot, but were expecting this considering its P.F Chang's ! if you are in the mood for amazing chinese food this is your place!
  • Review by Sara of Hajo Restaurant
    4 years ago
    This is a small "hole in the wall" kind of restaurants. It is nothing to write home about, but if you are in a hurry and want something on the go Hajo is the place to go. I tried the Zinger, msakhan and chicken snadwich and they were all delicious considering their price! I recommend this place to those working in Gardens St. as its a good and cheap choice!
  • Review by Sara of Hala's Treats
    4 years ago
    This is a small, cute and cosy place in Abdoun. They have the nicest staff, and Hala herself is so nice and welcoming. We tried the Almond cake, Blueberry and lemon cake, oreo brownies and peanut butter brownies. They were all out of this world. I recommend that you try the almond cake it is moist and delicious!! We paid 23 JDs for what we ordered but it was totally worth the price. They do offer a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads freshly made each day as well. I recommend this place to all the sweets lovers out there or to people looking for a nice place to work or study!
  • Review by Sara of shawerma wok
    4 years ago
    I love their chicken barbecue sandwich. Their fries could possibly be one of the most delicious fries I have ever tried! They started doing the (normal) shawerma sandwiches lately while giving them a little bit of (wok personality); they are okay.. not great though! Their new weekly offers are great ! I recommend this place to people who want a special kind of shawerma sandwiches!
  • Review by Sara of Banan Cooking
    4 years ago
    Home cooked food heaven! You want some tasty home made food you should try this place. We were invited for a celebratory lunch from there. We tried their Broccoli and chicken, Steak and mushroom, Lasagna, Mashed potatoes, Casadia and for dessert we tried something delicious that I do not know what it is called. Everything we tried was great. I recommend this place to everyone who wants catering or wants to order a delicious home cooked meal!
  • Review by Sara of Mr. Kushari
    4 years ago
    This is probably the only place in Amman you can order real and delicious Kushari. It is so much like the ones you could get in Cairo. If you are ever in the mood for Kushari just go there and order it for a reasonable price. Oh .. They also offer one of the most delicious Macaroni with Bechamel ever!! And for a really good price!
  • Review by Sara of Farm Kitchen restaurant
    4 years ago
    Giving this place a three stars review would be considered generous! For starters they have the "unfriendliest" waiters ever, they weren't rude but they were seriously unfriendly. The food.. We ordered chicken parmesan, steak and fried seafood dish. The food was less than average and for the price paid you can get tastier food! Yesterday was my first, and most probably, my last visit! I do not recommend it to anyone.. Pay the same or a bit more and get tastier food elsewhere!!
  • Review by Sara of Double S
    4 years ago
    This place opened next to where I work, so I was really excited that a new place near us opened ! The first time we tried it we got their "Turkish Potato" .. The only word coming to my mind is "Uneatable" !! The potato is prepared before hand and is heated in a microwave, the ingredients looked really old and unclean.. Let's say the 2.5 JDs I paid for it were wasted. I then "and YES I blame myself too" decided to give them another chance.. I got their hot chocolate, I mean what could go wrong with a machine made hot chocolate ?? Everything !!!! The milk was lumpy, it tasted like water with a bit of milk and a tiny bit of cacao! It smelled and again lets say that the 1JD I paid for it was also a waste! They are considered expensive given the quality of food they offer! I will not be going there ever again nor would I ever recommend it to anyone ! Pay a little more and get MUCH BETTER quality!!
  • Review by Sara of Waterslager pet shop
    4 years ago
    I have a Scottish Fold cat and have been looking for his "Royal Canin" dry food everywhere but were not able to find it anywhere other than at Waterslager. The owner was really helpful over the phone and really nice when I got there. It is a small place but had lots of stuff in stock. I think it will be my usual place to get my cat's food and toys in the future!
  • Review by Sara of Turtle Green Tea Bar
    4 years ago
    I think I fell inlove with this place. The minute you walk in you feel welcomed and you notice how cozy the place is. The staff are really nice and patient , maybe not the friendliest staff ever but they are nice. I ordered a tead called "شتوة ربيع" which was really good. And the name gits it really well lol .. I ordered their chocolate cake which was out of this world. I would totally go back there to try another type of tea or maybe a coffee .. If you want a warm and cute place to go to .. Turtle Green is the place for you !!
  • Review by Sara of Oliva Jordan
    4 years ago
    Went there last week with a friend. It is a small place with no more than 5 tables. We ordered a pizza and Garlic break with Pesto sauce. The pizza was good but the garlic break was out of this world. They have the nicest staff. They serve the food quickly.. I do not think it is worth going to Lweibdeh especially for it, but if you happen to be there and in the mood for some pizza or pasta it is worth the visit!
  • Review by Sara of Naser Ashour Tailorshop
    4 years ago
    This a tiny place in the 2nd floor of Majdi Mall.. This has been my family's to go to place for all our tailoring since forever. They know what they are doing and can probably do whatever you ask to do, not matter how complicated. Even when hiring new employees they are always experienced and know what they are doing as well.. The cool thing is that whatever you ask them to do they would probably finish it within 30 mins, so you would not have to go to the mall twice!! I will probably still be going there come 10 years from now!! I recommend it to everyone I know.
  • Review by Sara of Da Esmat Italian Kitchen
    4 years ago
    I have decided that whenever I am in the mood for Italian food Da Esmat would be the go to place! The place was packed with people but the nicest guy ever "Zaid" who works there took us to a place right across the street from them and seated us and got us plates and menus.. And kept on checking on us every 10 minutes. The food was out of this world we got their mango salad which was to too delicious. We ordered the lasgna and their chiclen rolls and one of their seafood dishes.. They were to die for. And we ordered something to drink our check was 32 JDs. They also gave us coffee and tea on the house!! How nice is that ??
  • Review by Sara of Furun Sabaho
    4 years ago
    The manakeesh from this place are really good. The place is clean and that is clear from their food! I recommend this place if you want a fast and delicious breakfast ..
  • Review by Sara of Atay Café And Restaurant
    4 years ago
    I have been to this place a few times. I like it when it is not crowded. If is is crowded the place will be too loud and the service will take forever. Their food if average, I do not recommend their Nachos though. It is Doritos with melted cheddar cheese on top, so you will be paying 6.5++ for Doritos !!! Their hot drinks and fresh juices are good!
  • Review by Sara of Baboonej
    4 years ago
    We were invited with Jeeran to their new dishes tasting.. The place is really cosy and homie. We ordered tea which they serve in homie and cute mugs. The new menu has 6 new فخارة options. They served us 4 of them; Chicken, meat, fish and kofta and tahini. I personally loved the chicken and the kofta, but all of them were delicious and reasonably priced. The owner and workers kept on checking on us and if were happy and if we liked everything. This was my first time here but would totally be going there again and taking my family and friends with me. Awesome place and amazing food.
  • Review by Sara of Juicebangbang
    4 years ago
    After a long day I love treating myself somethjng to drink from Juice bangbang .. I love their mango and strawberry smoothie.. I tried their winter warmers.. Was not too bad but I still like their cold drinks more.. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to try something delicious.
  • Review by Sara of Cafe Social
    4 years ago
    I loved this place.. The decore is really nice and their drinks are delicious .. I ordered a hot chocolate which is served in a cool pot which serves you 3 cups .. We also ordered the apple cinnamon rolls and the crab salad.. both were delicious.. The only downside is that we were sitting in a small corner so we were not noticed and had to make huge efforts for our orders to be taken.. But other than that it was really cool ..
  • Review by Sara of Shawerma Al Karam
    4 years ago
    Really good shawerma .. I ordered Chicken Arabi Meal.. Which was so good.. Their fries are also delicious.. Will definitley order from there again :D
  • Review by Sara of Joz Hind
    4 years ago
    This place is one of the places that I call "Small treasures of Amman" .. The place has no menu, only the chef's "Luca" daily specials. The staff are so friendly.. Luca and his wife "Hind" are both really nice as well. I had the daily chicken dish and some chocolate cake and both were out of this world. If you are in the mood of having something delicious for good prices in a nice and welcoming place then this is the go to place.. Will definitely be going back there to try other dishes cooked by Luca!!!
  • Review by Sara of Al Mousalli Shawerma & Chicken
    4 years ago
    Their chicken meals and sandwiches are so much better than the meat ones. A bit pricey but tastes good.

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