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Jad Al Shmaisani

Amman . Since August 2015
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  • Review by Jad of Mark Down
    5 years ago
    All i can say i can find everything i want there . Stuff are very helpful . And there are very good.
  • Review by Jad of Gloria Jeans
    5 years ago
    My favorite cafe .. I like to visit it .. Self service cafe .. Its not expensive, normal price . And its not annoyed .. You can study, meet your friend .whatever i like drink american milk with irish cream
  • Review by Jad of The Dome
    5 years ago
    The place is normal ... I didnt like there food .. DJ is good . I liked the outside lobby .
  • Review by Jad of Wazzup Dog
    5 years ago
    Perfect place .. They are very good with one kind of food (hotdog) . I like it and i always eat that special food .

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Inside the cafe perfect place