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Dina Hassouneh

Amman . Since June 2015
I Love hanging out and trying new and different places :D Interested in cars, basketball and Martial arts
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  • Review by Dina of Roasters Coffee Jo
    two years ago
    The best coffee house in Amman! The coffee is perfectly roasted
  • Review by Dina of Zajal Restaurant and Cafe
    3 years ago
    The food is good. The staff didn’t handle the orders well, they forgot some of our order. And were late in everytime. We enjoyed the view.. it’s so beautiful in the morning
  • Review by Dina of Burgers & Sliders Shop
    3 years ago
    At first I was very excited to try this place, but unfortunately my experience wasn’t that good! 1. Food took forver to be served, although the place wasn’t too crowded. We ordered 3 meals at 10:15, they were served at 10:50 pm! 2. The order wasn’t correct, I ordered one stuffed meat slider, and other crispy chicken slider, I received 2 crispy chicken sliders! 3. The chicken tasted very bad! It tasted like shawerma instead of a burger! And too much garlic ! 3. My relative order stuffed meat slider, and it wasn’t stuffed ! 4. No point of sale system, they calculated our bill using a phone calculator. we weren’t so pleased, but the cashier made some discount to make it up! And they made us other stuffed meat slider to correct the order. I respect that. But I am very sorry I’m never coming back again
  • Review by Dina of Dr. Hala Yahya Al Ghusain
    3 years ago
    Well educated; full of valuable information
  • Review by Dina of De Chef
    3 years ago
    This place is amazing! Amazing Italian food, cooked very well, and you can tell that the Chef is talented! Original ingredients
  • Review by Dina of Café Hanin
    3 years ago
    Very bad service! It took them a while to get me the menu! And then a while longer to come take my order, although the place wasn't full at all! Food took one hour to be ready!! Never going back again !
  • Review by Dina of Dr. Saeed Debes
    3 years ago
    دكتور سعيد الدبس دكتور جلدية ماهر، ومحترم.. العيادة مرتبة جدا وموقعها جميل وسهل الوصول. دقة جيدة جدا في المواعيد، الدكتور ذو خبرة واضحة بالتوفيق
  • Review by Dina of La Mirabelle
    3 years ago
    Very good service Very nice place; indoor and outdoor. Food is super good; The dough is amazing there; pizza, croissant, and pastries! Atmosphere is very nice, suitable for family/friends gatherings
  • Review by Dina of Salma Restaurant
    3 years ago
    prices: good food: very good, service: fair
  • Review by Dina of The Cafe Gourmand
    3 years ago
    Reasonable prices, good juices , but smoothies aren't fresh.
  • Review by Dina of Zambak Turkish Cuisine
    3 years ago
    Over priced, and very Small portions
  • Review by Dina of Polish Nail Salon
    3 years ago
    One of the best nail saloons in amman
  • Review by Dina of Joury-Rosa Damascena
    3 years ago
    Perfect place for family/friends gatherings! Amazing staff, very delicious dishes! Highly Recommended ❤️
  • Review by Dina of Shi Shawerma
    3 years ago
    Excellent service and staff, and yummy shawerma
  • Review by Dina of Yellow Cab Pizza
    3 years ago
    Overrated prices for ordinary pizza ! Service is not that much. Wouldn't go there for a second time, and wouldn't recommend it.
  • Review by Dina of Shams El Balad Cafe
    4 years ago
    Good service, food is good but not super though; Portions are somehow small ! I tried مفركة بطاطا and قلاية بندورة, my rate is 6/10 , I expected more actually !
  • Review by Dina of The Bake House
    5 years ago
    Again, I couldn't be more satisfied with breakfast ! The fresh omelette and vegetables ,the fresh coffee , and the waffles
  • Review by Dina of Jawaher Cafe
    5 years ago
    Went there on Friday, spent the afternoon there! Wonderful place, loved the decor and everything, the staff were amazing and friendly and they kept checking every 10 mins! Good variety of juices and smoothies for summer days, I also liked how they name the juices and smoothies on the menu
  • Review by Dina of La Mirabelle
    5 years ago
    Good place to spend the weekend with the family, nice atmosphere , good variety of desserts! But to be honest the service is a bit slow ! They need more staff to satisfy the huge number of customers !
  • Review by Dina of Steak & Potato
    5 years ago
    One of the best choices for a quick grab of a chicken/steak sandwich, the variety of grilled potato with different toppings is cool ! The staff are very friendly :)
  • Review by Dina of Luigi's Pizza
    5 years ago
    Great experience indeed ! delicious pizza , amazing atmosphere , friendly staff ! I ordered the Luigi's Pizza, it tasted heavenly good ! the outdoor atmosphere is breath-taking , i really enjoyed it! Recommended
  • Review by Dina of Seed
    5 years ago
    Loved the healthy variety of Juices and Smoothies ! And you can make your own combination of a smoothie based on your fruit choices. A little bit pricey , but they're clean and everything is fresh !
  • Review by Dina of Jamra Cafe
    5 years ago
    Cozy Atmosphere for a quick catch up! Reasonable prices. But too much smokey !
  • Review by Dina of Shakespeare and Co
    5 years ago
    Great Ramadan Atmospheres. The food was good but not wow. I was expecting a wider variety. The service was perfect , the staff is very friendly and always smiling. Well Organized. Loved the atmosphere outdoors :)
  • Review by Dina of Kobbeh & Bastouni Café
    5 years ago
    I went there yesterday for a casual Iftar with my cousins. They had improved the place in general. we tried Ramadan Offer, the food was average, salads were bad, the service was low; there are too many staff but they're not really helpful. The buffet was not well organized. I would rate it 5/10

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Yummiest Red velvet in town
Nutella waffles ! Awesome
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