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  • Review by Sekrab of Orange Telecom
    7 months ago
    Not impressed, they do not have enough technical knowledge to fix issues, they run a telecom like a grocery store.
  • Review by Sekrab of VBC Business Center
    4 years ago
    The internet is great but limited to 400MB, which is a lot, until one day I ran out of it! I have no idea how that happened though. The type of school kids that study there are the noisy blabbering type, especially the girls! They never stop chatting! It used to have open area desks then they closed it, now they have glass tables, that won't work as working tables, too high, and you need a mouse pad, and couches that are not good for working either. The meeting rooms sometimes open when there is no more space left, which is great. Internet is quite fast, coffee is delicious, they also serve some sandwiches. Bottom line, I do not go there as often because they do not have good tables, and because they ran out of space for prayer, we pray in an empty meeting room, but if rooms were taken, it becomes a challenge. The parking outside is hard most of the time, not impossible, but I wish drivers learnt some manners of leaving space for others.
  • Review by Sekrab of Orange Telecom
    4 years ago
    Their technical team is so lame, the understood nothing about the problem and offered the most rediculous and childish solutions, one of their "fantastic" solutions to the continious failure of their 4G network was to let me off the hook of the one year bond! just like that! i am now supposed to figure out another internet provider because they failed to "listen" and understand. Mediocrity, is a fatal disease
  • Review by Sekrab of Indoor Cafe
    4 years ago
    مقهى في منطقة غريبة (شارع الجامعة المليء بأوكار الصياعة والارجيلة والجنك فود) خالي من التدخين وواسع جدا، قهوة مثل المقاهي، انترت اما بطيء او معدوم لزخم الطلب، انصح بإحضار انترنت خاص بك اذا اردت العمل... اكثر ما يعجني فيه الصوت، حين يزدحم بالطلاب تصبح درجة الضوضاء البيضاء (white noise) خيالية... انا احب العمل في وسط الضوضاء البيضاء. سيئته الاصطفاف، عليك بالبحث عن مكان اصطفاف داخل الشوارع الضيقة، فرصة افضل من محاولة الاصطفاف امام المحل. الموسيقى عالية بشكل كافي لتحجب ضوضاء الشارع (وما ادراك ما ضوضاء شارع الجامعة) لكن يوم الجمعة للأسف يذيعون قرآنا في الخلفية واجده جدا مسيء للقرآن. طلبت منهم مرات عدة ان يتوقفوا عن ذلك لكنهم يتحججون في كل مرة بحجة غريبة، الان اتفادى المحل يوم الجمعة
  • Review by Sekrab of Miami Business Center
    5 years ago
    It's all good, the working desks available are cramped inside with somehow cold temperature, but the fact that there are many of them is great. The chairs could be a bit better, maybe armless chairs are better The main area with the view over Madeena street is great, but the tables are not set for work, rather for meeting, or studying. There is a dedicated place for prayer. One downer is the opening hours, they open at 10 AM, which is kind of late. The one seriously bad thing about this place is their dedicated smoking area, it's very large, and the glass door barely holds the smoke inside. At one point, it was unbearable to be in the office, I had to leave because my eyes were starting to itch.

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