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  • Review by Mira of The Body Shop
    5 years ago
    I love The Body Shop, you instantly feel happy walking into the store because of all the nice smells and colors of products. They're probably most famous for their lotions and body sprays, they a really huge collection of smells for everything so whatever ur taste is ur guaranteed to find it there. It's great for gifts because they have packages of different products of the same collection. For instance, u can get a package of lavender lotion, body spray, soap, body wash ... They have some nice little products there if u look closely, for instance they have these tiny like tiny papers of the tea tree collection in small packs where if u put in on ur face it'll absorb all the oil and keep ur face fresh without blotting or ruining ur makeup, those are a life savers!
  • Review by Mira of Sharmiran Beauty Center Supplies
    5 years ago
    Sharmiran is every girls dream, you can literally find almost anything concerning beauty products of any type, even those brands that are hard to find anywhere else. I think that Sharmiran retails to a lot of hair salons, so u can find all those fancy products they sell at salons for a much cheaper price. Sometimes they even make u special mixtures for specific hair problems. And they always have people there to help u in every section. They renewed this place about 1-2 years ago and now its much bigger and have a wider collection, it's much bigger than their other branch in the eighth circle.
  • Review by Mira of Feel Burgers
    5 years ago
    Feel burger is one of the most known burger places in Amman but strange enough I tried it for the first time about a week ago and I was amazed. It was one of the best burgers I have eaten ever. I tried the New York burger or something like that and it had mushroom, cheese, lettuce, and like a mayochup sauce in it. It was out of this world. I've also tried the steak sandwich and it wasn't as great as the burger but it was good. Although my friends didn't like their burgers at all, they told me they usually love it but at that time it wasn't good. All I know is I loved it. Plus it isn't expensive, it's in the normal range that all the other burgers places are in (about 6 jds/meal). There are seats outside where u can sit if ur a smoker because there's no smoking inside. A cool thing about this place also is there collection of beverages, they have a lot of different types of sodas and juices, different than the typical collection that all the other places have.
  • Review by Mira of Qahwet Abu Omar
    5 years ago
    I went to Macho Picho the other day and I was stunned by the view. it's amazing looking over Amman. I ordersthe Bahamas cocktail which i think has bananas, pineapples, strawberry, vanilla ice cream and grenadine (can't remember if I missed anything). It was great and refreshing. The special thing was the Jamaica sheesha that I ordered which was really really good considering I don't even like sheesha. It's made after the drink which has orange juice, lime juice and grenadine. It's got almost the same taste and it's delicious
  • Review by Mira of Orange Telecom
    5 years ago
    We had the Internet installed now for a year maybe, it's the best one we've had so far because we tried a couple of companies before but the internet was bad. Sometimes it's not as fast as it should be but all in all it's good and never goes off because it's installed through the landline and not wireless.
  • Review by Mira of Pyro
    5 years ago
    I went to Pyro on a Wednesday night and surprisingly there were a lot of people there just like the weekends. The seating outside is really nice and chill, the service was good and the waiters were helpful. I didn't have any food but my friends ordered the burgers and the mushroom chicken and both said they were good. What's special about this place is that it's a restaurant and it has drinks and got that western vibe but it also has sheesha. So if you ever have this dilemma of either going to a cafe (for the sheesha) or a kind of lounge, you've got both at Pyro!
  • Review by Mira of Heroes Burgers & Wings
    5 years ago
    Heroes has a really nice different concept, the whole place is decorated with pics and graffiti of super heroes, even the burgers are named after super heroes for example the classic burger is called Captain America, the mushroom Swiss is called The Grendizer. As for the burgers, they are really juicy and delicious. I Iiked the mushroom Swiss one but they are all really good, u can choose to get the curly fries instead of the regular ones. The wings are also really good, both with bones and boneless. And it's not the expensive, the meal is about 6 jds so comparing to other places that's not much. Try it, it's good!
  • Review by Mira of The Royal Automobile Club of Jordan
    5 years ago
    I've been a member of the royal autmobile club since I was a kid and I consider it my second home. The facilities are great in every way. Really safe for kids and teenagers, and great atmosphere for family outing especially in the summer time when they open the terrace. There are courts for all sports like football, basketball, and tennis. The tennis courts are great and new for the tennis lovers, especially that there aren't really a lot of places in Jordan where you can play tennis. They have an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor one, but it's in the gym and you have to be a member of the gym to enter it. They have specialized days for women. Also you cannot enter it as a guest unless you were with one of the members, and you have to pay like 3-5 jds. I love this club in every way but I have one problem and it's the food! WHY can't they serve good food I have no idea!
  • Review by Mira of Abu Jbara
    5 years ago
    My fav Hummos and Falfael place is def Abu Jbara. They have the best alafel in my opinion and I like their their tatbeeleh. Plus the place is nice and spacious if you would like to eat in it. It is more fancy than other falafel places and suitable for girls and families to sit in. It is more expensive than other places but worth it for me
  • Review by Mira of Lebnani Snack
    5 years ago
    Lebnani Snack is right across the street from my workplace so we eat often from there. What's good about it is that it has a lot of choices, from healthy sandwiches to non healthy food. Plus the fresh juices are good for a change. I like to eat the Philadelphia Sandwich, which tastes a lot like the Fajita one. I always prefer the Saj than the french bread because,their saj is tastier than other places.
  • Review by Mira of La Mirabelle
    5 years ago
    La Mirabelle is suitable for a lot of things, to go eat on a lunch break, dinner with the family or friends, business meetings... The atmosphere is really nice and comfy. It has a good variety of food. I ate the lemon chicken and the greek salad. I also had a food platter with different appetizers like shrimps, mozzarella sticks... The food in general is great, it's not out of this world but it's great.
  • Review by Mira of Platters
    5 years ago
    Platters is a great place to eat when ur staying in Tala Bay. If ur staying in one of the hotels, it'll take you some walking to reach it (5-10 mins). Its way cheaper than room service, and the food variety is good. Plus the seating area is great since the marina is right in front of you. I tried the Steak Standwich and it was delicious and filling. The penne arrabiata was also good.
  • Review by Mira of Revolution Ladies Gym
    5 years ago
    Revolution is right across the street from my house so whenever I wanna do my nails I go to it. I did manicures and pedicures there a few times there, they have a really nice comfy area for that. I haven't seen the other facilities or the equipment so I can't really say anything about it or the prices. But I have to warn you about something, if you wanna do your nails take an appointment like two days beforehand because if you call late or on the same day its almost impossible to find an appointment.
  • Review by Mira of Cantaloupe
    5 years ago
    Cantaloupe is a really nice upscale restaurant. It's suitable for a lot of things. You can do on a date, you can chill with friends, have a nice dinner with the family. I've heard that it has goof food but I haven't tried anything but the crab salad which was good. It's a chill place, not too loud and crowded at least not on the weekends. The view and the glass walls are a plus!
  • Review by Mira of Four Winters
    5 years ago
    The first time I tried Four Winters I wasn't crazy about it, I didn't try the already prepared fusions I made a combination with my choosing of toppings which was just fine. The second time though, I became OBSESSED! I tried the Banana Foster which was amaaaaziingg, it's not that banana-ish if you're not a big fan of bananas like me. Its got like a caramel banoffee pie taste thing going on. I also tried the Strawberry Yogurt Parfait, which was also amazing. It's more on the sour side not like the other sweet yogurts, it's really fruity and got that rich sorbet taste. I also ate the Knafeh ice cream.... Yes you read it right, it's the Knafeh Ice cream and it's delicious. It has the pistachio and the knafeh on top with delicious rich Ice cream. They also have different flavors that change with the seasons, and they are not the typical flavor of Ice Cream like Strawberry & Lavender, Sesame... I haven't tried any of them so I can't say if they're good or not. Four Winter is a really cool new concept and I recommend anyone to go and taste it.
  • Review by Mira of Gerard
    5 years ago
    I think Gerard is definitely one of the most known ice-cream places at Amman, and everyone can vouch for their delicious ice-creams. I really love their frozen yogurt which you cannot find daily and even if you did they change up the flavors. I would recommend the blueberry, its very delicious and I think it's fat free if you're on a diet which is a delicious alternative (don't take my word, ask the workers). Plus it way cheaper than the other frozen yogurt places like Pinkberry, but it doesn't have the toppings. I also sometimes like to order a cookie that they crumble and then put ice-cream over it, which is yummy. you can also add some hot chocolate syrup and it'll be superb.
  • Review by Mira of Cafe Social
    5 years ago
    Cafe social isn't the typical sheesha cafe, it has a nice new concept in its decor. The colors of the place are really vibrant and relaxing, they even give girls pink sheesha hose haha. Anyways, we ordered a lot of different foods like the chicken tenders, the chicken burgers and the sushi. Everything was really good and prices were in the same range as other cafes. I would recommend going to it for a change.
  • Review by Mira of OZ Boutique Restaurant
    5 years ago
    We went to OZ last Thursday night. I ordered some food and it took a while until they got us the order, and one of the waiters was rude but the others were nice. Maybe because it was crowded that night I don't know if the service is always like that. The sushi was really good, but the burgers were fine nothing special. They took a cover charge of 25 jds per person, you would expect better service or nicer tables for that amount of money. All in all the place was nice. But there's one thing you need to be aware of if you go on a Thursday night, the valet will take about 20-30 mins to get your car. But again a lot of places are like that on Thursday nights.
  • Review by Mira of Vinaigrette Restaurant
    5 years ago
    I've heard about vinaigrette a lot but never really visited it until yesterday. The atmosphere of the place is really nice, it's got a nice classy vibe to it. You can dress anywhere from semi-casual to formal. But what makes this place special is the view. Vinaigrette is on the 7th floor, and all the walls are made of glass which gives you an amazing view of Amman. We ordered the Sushi Family Boat and some side orders of Sashimi. The food was delicious, and the service is also good. I have to say it's a bit expensive, we didn't order that much and the bill was huge. But it is is one of the nicest restaurants at Amman.
  • Review by Mira of Casper and Gambini's
    5 years ago
    Caspers is a nice place to go to at weekends if you just want to chill with friends. Plus it's suitable for business meetings at lunch time. I don't usually eat there, sometimes people say the food is really good and sometimes just okay. It all depends on the taste I guess. I recommend the place especially at summer nights, you can sit on the terrace and enjoy a nice breezy evening.
  • Review by Mira of Al Quds Restaurant
    5 years ago
    ازكى منسف بعمان بدون اي منافس
  • Review by Mira of Hardee's
    5 years ago
    Whenever I want to eat meat from a fast-food restaurant, Hardee's is the place to go. I like the Angus Mushroom Swiss, which is really yummy considering this is a fast-food restaurant. It melts in your mouth, and it has just the right amount of seasoning. I also love their curly fries, I like to eat them with the cheese cups that you can order on the side. The chicken tenders are also really good. I have to say hardee's is a bit more pricey than other fast-food restaurant, but all in all it's good.
  • Review by Mira of Miyabi Sushi & Bento
    5 years ago
    Miyabi is not an upscale fancy sushi restaurant like most of sushi restaurants are, it's more of a small cozy place. I'm not the biggest sushi fan, so for me to like Miyabi is a really good sign! I ate the Jumping California which were to die for.. and the regular California Rolls. We also ate the Jumbo Shrimp which were yummy and the Miso Soup was good too. There are a lot of offer for the sushi lovers. As I said I'm not the sushi expert but all I know is I loved what I ate!
  • Review by Mira of Baskin Robbins
    5 years ago
    YUM YUM YUM!! What I love about Baskin Robbins is that it doesn't have the typical boring flavors as every ice cream shop. It has this amazing mixture and variety of flavors. My fav personally is the love potion which is strawberry and vanilla and chocolate chips I think. I wish I could have a tiny Baskin Robbins at my house and I would just eat that ice cream every single day. I even dare u to walk by it in a mall and smell the freshly prepared biscuits and chocolate and not enter it!
  • Review by Mira of California Pizza Kitchen
    5 years ago
    I went to this place because some friends recommended it to me, and it didn't disappoint. I ate the thin crust which is really thin and reaaalllyyyy crispy, and really good :) I had the Jamaican jerk chicken pizza, which has that sweet spicy taste to it. It's was smokey with a strong flavor. For those who prefer milder flavors, I ate the seafood pizza which was also good. I also had fried macaroni and cheese balls, they're good but not as good as the pizza. All in all I give this place 5 stars, plus it has a lot of different varieties on the menu other than the pizza, so it will please any taste buds.

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