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  • Review by Amal of Gypsy
    3 months ago
    They have asbarlo cafe made with from barley and chicory and rye , without coffee but really has amazing coffee aroma !
  • Review by Amal of TGI Fridays
    3 months ago
    Good burgers and nice collection of drinks .. cozy atmosphere and good service ....
  • Review by Amal of Kitab Coffee House
    4 months ago
    They have good atmosphere and nice escape from crowded amman, decorations are so warm .. cappuccino is my favorite drink there !
  • Review by Amal of Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken
    4 months ago
    I went 3 times to this place and never failed me from flfluffy light hawain burger to the famous espetada .. the barcelos shawerma is good tooo... very warm place and friendly staff.. my only comment is they need to work on the rice .. although it looks nice and colorful .. but it lacks the spice taste and it is kinda dry ... but all in all i would eat there again for thr chicken
  • Review by Amal of Kitab Coffee House
    4 months ago
    Great atmosphere , quiet , perfect for working or studying.. great coffee
  • Review by Amal of Bait Halimeh
    9 months ago
    We had a breakfast there! This place has large variety of dishes , from eggs to hotdogs, labneh, cheese , jams , olives , desserts , fruits and much much more.. including tea and coffee all for 8 JDs , a plus: enjoy the great view of the Abdali Boulevard area from the 7th floor!!
  • Review by Amal of Gourmet Garden
    10 months ago
    It is a very nice place, quiet and classy. Staff is very friendly and caring, fresh juices are so yummy and can be made customized according to your taste. Great coffee..they offer cards to play .. I went there twice in Ramdan and I would go again ..
  • Review by Amal of Dabouq cottage Restaurant
    11 months ago
    Unfortunately, I was disappointed with my experinece at this restaurant. It is located in a classy area in Amman and has these fancy decorations so I expected a lot. Starting with pomelo salad , it has this bitter taste of the lettuce ( not the pomelo) and my friend found small hair in her salad. Shawerma was nicely presented but the meat is not spiced well very blunt and they hardly have few onions and pickles on the side , the only acceptable dish was the spicy potatoe balls but it was boiling hot, not really spicy and no dip on the side, I got diarrhea for two to three days after eating there !!!! the waiters were nice and friendly though
  • Review by Amal of Ward Restaurant
    12 months ago
    مكان حله كتير، قعدته بتجنن ومعاملة لطيفة جدا ، المقبلات زاكيه عنده كتير خاصه المشروم المحشي موزوريلا واعشاب، وسلطة الباتنجان بالرمان خرافيه. المشاوي متقنه كتير يعني تبهيرها مزبوط ومستويه منيح ، بس بنفس الوقت كتير juicy وطرية .. عصير الليمون بالريحان خرافي ، موقعه لطيف وفيه مصفات
  • Review by Amal of Espressolab Jordan
    12 months ago
    Very nice atmosphere for work especially in the morning! Creative decorations and offcourse coffee is amazing and what brought my attention they are the first cafe to have all milk options: (soy, lactose free, almond, etc). Their breakfast sandwiches are amazing!! My favorite is mozerella pesto with dried tomatoes and rosemary bread! I wish they had wheat bread option though :)
  • Review by Amal of Bikers Corner
    12 months ago
    Very nice breakfast
  • Review by Amal of Mighty Burgers
    12 months ago
    I had the mighty burger and it was great , juicy sauce , rich dressing, good meat and potatoes , bun is so light! Parking is available And nice location , very friendly staff
  • Review by Amal of Palma Restaurant & Lounge
    one year ago
    Good crab salad but the crab content is very little, good fresh juices. Good service and nice atmosphere , friendly staff
  • Review by Amal of Al Sarawat Restaurant
    one year ago
    اكله كتير طيب وفي خيارات متنوعه، الجاج المشوي زاكي وخفيف وصحيح، شاورما اللحمه ممتازه وبتشبع كبير ، السلطه التركيه عجبتني من المقبلات لانها حاره وfresh
  • Review by Amal of Cafe' Vienna
    one year ago
    Very qiute and classy , good salads and fresh juices, located inside crown plaza
  • Review by Amal of Dr. Ammar Momani
    one year ago
    Very professional, competent and has very well maintained equipped clinic. He is so friendly and knowledgeable , he clinic is located in Arab Medical Center
  • Review by Amal of Burger Makers
    one year ago
    محله حلو كتير وفيه قعده والطلب بجهز بسرعه ودقت البرغر اللحمه زاكيه كتير لحمته والصوص بس الخبزه فيها زيت ، البطاطا زاكيه كمان واسعاره معقوله
  • Review by Amal of Pepper & Pine Co.
    one year ago
    This place is great in offering many healthy food options to dine in or take away, you can make your own dish from a wide variety of greeny leaves and vegetables, proteins, nuts and tasty dressings, all healthy and and up to your tastes. They provide healthy desserts, snacks and drinks as well!!
  • Review by Amal of Fernando Coffee Room
    one year ago
    Very special coffee and high quality ingredients, they have multiple rich flavors and they can customize coffee with various ingredients. They have soy milk, lactose free milk and sugar free syrup to make your favorite flavor guilt free, and their decorations are very cozy and nice.
  • Review by Amal of Shi Shawerma
    one year ago
    Very tasty shawerma especially the lamb one , and the tahini sauce with spices have very special flavor . They have nice presentation in wooden tray and they put plenty of meat and pickles , fries and vegetables . Becoming my favorite shawerma place especially the one located in Rainbow street
  • Review by Amal of Crumz Bakery Cafe
    one year ago
    They have good food choices and you can make healthy alternatives of every food item like replacing white bread with wheat or full cream milk with soy millk or fat free, their sandwiches are very delicious and light, pancakes are just ok! Coffee is amazing! Highly recommended place for socializing and having great food !
  • Review by Amal of Zaatar w Zeit
    one year ago
    I tried their lahmeh be ajein, labaneh sandwich and mozorella sticks, all food was yummy and tasted so fresh and hot ! They have wide variety of good tea which is perfect for cold weather! Their falafel is just ok, I would rather get it from a falafel place though! Prices are so reasonable for the amount of food you get! Staff are very nice and friendly!
  • Review by Amal of Al Mousalli Shawerma & Chicken
    one year ago
    الشاورما كتير زاكيه وخاصه اللحمه بس مرات بكون في زيت عل سندويشات، عشان هيك بفضل اجيب منه اللحمه بالكيلو خاصه الجاج بكون صافي وما في دهن كتير وكتير زاكي وبحطو معي مخللات كتير زاكيه ومتومه عل مزبوط ، وملتزمين بالمواعيد لما توصيهم واسعارهم معقولهزومعاملتهم حلو كتير
  • Review by Amal of OGGI Cafe
    one year ago
    I tried this place for the second time but had quinoa salad . It was ok but they have vinegar and I wished it has more lemon instead to give it some sour taste. They have a dessert called oggiroti with nutella and nuts on the top and it was so good, fluffy light and not too sweet ..
  • Review by Amal of Da Esmat Italian Kitchen
    one year ago
    Every time I visit Da Esmat , I am more amazed by the amazing atmosphere and the authentic italian food. Today I have Mango Insalata, which is amazing and tangy! Fettuccine is awesome and the dijon mustard chicken is great ! They also got cheesecake from the well-known American chain “Cheesecake Factory” which amazing with your choice of coffee or tea. Their staff is very friendly and welcoming!!! Prices are very affordable and parking is available street or valet.

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Mouth watering guilt-free Angus Burger
If you love meat then this is the place for you! Mouthwatering grilled meat and affordable prices ! Waiters are very friendly! You can have as much bread and tea you want for free