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  • Review by Mais of Skin Accessories
    6 years ago
    excellent designs, creative , innovative and fresh! highly recommended
  • Review by Mais of Furun Sabaho
    6 years ago
    love this place , delicious pastries very fresh dough , good prices
  • Review by Mais of Kababji Jordan
    6 years ago
    Delicious food, excellent quality. We order quite a lot from this place and I haven't been disappointed so far. I usually go for the mixed grills meal, served with salad, Hommos and fries. However, you can also try the grilled Halloum and the shawerma, both are great.
  • Review by Mais of Las Tapas Bar
    6 years ago
    I tried their ""Three kinds of Pasta" dish; Fettuccine, Penne Arrabiata and Spaghetti with Pomodoro sauce, all were excellent. Very clean, fantastic taste. Highly recommended.
  • Review by Mais of OZ Boutique Restaurant
    6 years ago
    Tried their mini sliders yesterday, I have to say, they are really excellent! and I am not a burger fan usually. Very highly recommended.
  • Review by Mais of Rovers Return
    6 years ago
    I was not expecting much from this branch given it was in a mall in Dead Sea, I am happy to report that it was an excellent visit! What I admired most about it, was the consistency of the service and food quality you find in Amman's branch, something I don't come across often in restaurants in Jordan in general. The seating area outside is great, not a direct sea view, a bit far but you get a see the water :) Food was great, service was efficient, waiters are friendly as always. Go for it, this place is highly recommended from my end.
  • Review by Mais of Red supermarket
    6 years ago
    Nice place , great staff. A great variety of products
  • Review by Mais of Wox and Company
    7 years ago
    I have to be honest, I didn't like this place much in the past and I still don't know much about the place itself, my review is only based on their delivery service and food. Food was very good, beef with oyster sauce was the best dish I tried. Their sweet and sour chicken was good as well, but their chicken with cashew nuts was a bit disappointing. Vegetables noodles, corn soup and spring rolls were all great. They have combos and offers that are very reasonably priced.
  • Review by Mais of Brick Lane
    7 years ago
    Tried their seafood salad the other day, very good. Portion was good and I would say it is reasonably priced.
  • Review by Mais of Chocolette
    7 years ago
    Seriously, I am not exaggerating, it is amazing! Their chocolates are seriously to die for. Very yummy, very neatly presented and prepared. They come with different fillings, Nutella, Peanut butter, Caramel, Mint and many other variations and flavors. There is also the simple milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Prices are very reasonable and you definitely get your money's worth. Very suitable as a gift as the packaging is very nice and classy. Forget other chocolate shops, try this I guarantee you will love it.
  • Review by Mais of Bellariva
    7 years ago
    Nice place in Fuhies, good food, good service and nice indoor setting. The place is relatively cheap. Their pizza is exceptionally good.
  • Review by Mais of The Bar
    7 years ago
    Great cozy bar at the Sheraton Hotel. Excellent calm vibe, almost no one smokes there even though smoking is allowed, crowd is mostly foreigners and business people. Service is excellent, staff are very efficient and friendly. Good for a business meeting, or a cozy chat with a few friends. Daily happy hour from 6 - 7 PM, buy one get one free.
  • Review by Mais of The Meat Master
    7 years ago
    We decided to order a cooked turkey for Christmas Eve this year instead of home cooking it, after going through many options and many many offers , we finally agreed on this place after hearing many great reviews about it. I am happy to say we were not disappointed at all! The turkey was amazing and so were the condiments that came with it. The staff were very friendly and I got a professional service, what makes this even greater is their prices, very reasonably priced relative to other similar places.
  • Review by Mais of Faroujna
    7 years ago
    Even though I love this place, I have been disappointed with it the last two times I ordered from it. I usually order the tikka chicken and ask for it to be spicy, last two times it was very salty and dry, given their relatively higher prices as well , I wasn't happy with the quality.
  • Review by Mais of Pancake and Waffle House
    7 years ago
    Very convenient for a chill morning breakfast. I would specifically recommend the spanish omelette. Excellent portion and very fairly priced. Gets a bit crowded during weekends so make sure you go relatively early :)
  • Review by Mais of La Calle Shisha Bar
    7 years ago
    Nice place, very chill. The combination of alcohol and Argeeleh in the same place can be tricky but it is implemented well enough in this place. Some drinks and dishes are reasonably priced, but others are not convenient. They have a daily happy hour from 6-8 and their Amstel draft beer is for 3 JDs all day.
  • Review by Mais of Joodee Food
    7 years ago
    great place for grilled food. very clean, very nice staff. I ordered half a chicken, grilled on coal, it was great! comes with spicy bread and french fries. very reasonably priced, I highly recommend it.
  • Review by Mais of OOBE
    7 years ago
    This review is specific to complement their Kani salad. definitely my favourite dish at oobe. While I am at it, I would not recommend the Sangria, it was closer to mulled wine that it was to Sangria.
  • Review by Mais of OZ Boutique Restaurant
    7 years ago
    Nice place and great atmosphere. The decorations and seating area are very nice. The service was excellent , our waiter was very friendly, honest about his food recommendations and very attentive. Food is good, portions are fair as well.
  • Review by Mais of Al Baraka Dates
    7 years ago
    Bought a gift basket the other day from here. It was a mix of chocolate and dates balls, they were very delicious. The working woman is very helpful and friendly, and the prices are reasonable.
  • Review by Mais of H&M
    7 years ago
    They have nice designs. Very fashionable most of the times. Their accessories and shoes are specially nice
  • Review by Mais of B Lebanese Pastries
    7 years ago
    I like this place, consistently fresh dough , try the meat with cheese or the turkey. Location is a bit tricky as parking is difficult, but they have the delivery option available which is cool.
  • Review by Mais of Stickhouse
    7 years ago
    I wasn't impressed with this place in terms of the taste but the service and the staff are very friendly , nice as well as helpful. I tried the watermelon flavor , it is fresh and I can't say it's not good I just thought it's a bit too sweet. To be fair to the place, I will try a different flavor then decide.
  • Review by Mais of The Rainbow Art House Theater
    7 years ago
    II went to watch a classic recorded pink Floyd concert last week. To my surprise, the theatre was much better equipped than what I had in mind . Technically speaking , sound effects are screen were good but the chairs were not very comfortable. One negative note, the toilets were not clean and smelled bad.
  • Review by Mais of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
    7 years ago
    Definitely my favorite coffee place in Amman , excellent service, super helpful and friendly staff, cozy setting and ambiance and excellent food and beverage quality ! What's not to love ? Great seating outdoor area , usually packed I wonder how it will be in winter though... Go for the ice blended coffee latte

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