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  • Review by Salim Salim of Ahwtna
    3 years ago
    nice place with good service and very tasty food
  • Review by Salim Salim of Shami Eye Center
    4 years ago
    Always satisfied when going there thorough inspection and diagnostic of eye case every time with effective prescription very organised
  • Review by Salim Salim of Damascene Hall
    4 years ago
    Great Hot and cold Salads Excellent Lamb Chops Service is effected on weekends when the place gets over flooded with customers... My suggestion...go on week days and enjoy all its services and view
  • Review by Salim Salim of Al Sarawat Restaurant
    4 years ago
    Fine delicious food cost worthy nearly always crowded yet good service
  • Review by Salim Salim of Doner Kebab
    4 years ago
    Excellent food and menue though a few items still not avaliable. Very tasty and value worth dish size. It wouldn't be fair to state out one dish as each dish is a signature ... It would be best to go into the restaurant spend some time looking at the presented display then go upstairs and enjoy your sekection... You would for sure need to go a couple of times just to be able to go through the menue and still would not be able to outmark you favourite dish... The service is good yet they might need some improvement ... Valet parking is an extra plus....
  • Review by Salim Salim of Dr. Wisam Khirfan
    4 years ago
    My family and I are regular patients ever since 1997 when the clinic was initially in Umm Summaq ... perfection in the work, in outcome follow up, timing and hospitality besides reasonable price...with best results
  • Review by Salim Salim of Alia Central Restaurant
    4 years ago
    Excellent taste and totally cost worthy
  • Review by Salim Salim of Pancake and Waffle House
    5 years ago
    great food very good service a must to have family breakfast there...
  • Review by Salim Salim of La Saison
    5 years ago
    very tasty food, chef has a great touch very good service great atmosphere can't stop going there

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sooo bean salad and a burger