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Mohmmad Jw

Amman . Since June 2014
Do NOT add me: -If I don't know you. -If we just so happen to have A FEW "mutual friends" and therefore think I know you. -If we just met once and you think therefore I should know you. -If you just want to increase your "to-stalk" list. -if am in your bb list and u think wow we r good friends no we are not :@ NOTE: Do NOT poke me if i do NOT know you,it is irritating and rude
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@ Ahwet Panorma
Join us at #AhwetPanorama and enjoy IFTAR Offers 
Beautiful pre-set menu to experience with your close ones!
Iftar offers for just 12 or 16 Jod inclusive. 
Reservations are a must
Info and Res on 079 8899 444
Check out full details on our fb page: