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  • Review by Hussein of Sushi Crush
    3 years ago
    They do very good sushi and crab salad, but they oblige customers to have the delivery service which is paid , and they complain of the area you live in and asks for additional fees of delivery sometimes, I hope they reconsider the service
  • Review by Hussein of Strikers Entertainment Centre
    3 years ago
    I went to play ping pong in that place , I was asked to wait 30 mins , then I was told that it is booked and the waiter was very rude in discussing it
  • Review by Hussein of One Touch Dry Clean
    4 years ago
    I have used this place to do dry clean for a jacket that was used twice only for a front oil drop , I received it with a white spot on the back and they denied causing this , plus it is pricy
  • Review by Hussein of O Beach
    6 years ago
    It was a nice experience . Very big and relaxing pool ,clean and perfect view . The restaurant was below average and the music choices were annoying
  • Review by Hussein of Centro
    7 years ago
    I like the food , lovely place and good service . But I find it really expensive
  • Review by Hussein of Candels Hotel
    7 years ago
    I like the view from the terrace , comfortable room , nice breakfast , kind stuff but the water is always cold
  • Review by Hussein of Buffalo Wings & Rings
    7 years ago
    I was surprised that they put wine in the blue cheese ! We are in a country where most are Muslims ,, so I find it wired

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