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  • Review by Ghaith of Retro
    7 years ago
    very nice place , waiters are good , i personally liked the food and drinks , slightly older crowd and more quiet than other places which actually allows for a conversation without screaming ,,definitely a place to have a good time
  • Review by Ghaith of Fatburger
    7 years ago
    compared to the other 1000 burger places in amman this one is almost at the bottom , too expensive for a tiny burger ,, plus it was so greasy , i know the name is fatburger but that doesn;t mean i have to eat a bucket of oil with it... never again
  • Review by Ghaith of P. F. Chang's
    7 years ago
    well let me start by saying , it is better than a lot places i've tried. food was good i enjoyed it especially the hot shrimp dish and the Mongolian beef the rice wasn't as good though .Friendly staff that seemed to know what they are doing . A little bit pricey but my issue is the location since it is in the mall it was too noisy for my liking.
  • Review by Ghaith of Las Tapas Bar
    7 years ago
    First of all i have to say i like this place , i go there every now and then for several reasons , the outside area is nice , good place to hang out with your mates and friends especially on a week night and i have to say i'm a sucker for small , divey like pubs and bars (and for some reason has that charm) Because the place is small it ca be very uncomfortable when it's packed due to lack of proper ventilation and i have to say the food is kinda okay , not the best. but nevertheless i still recommend.
  • Review by Ghaith of O Six Gastro Lounge
    7 years ago
    I have to say i like this place , the view is wonderful and better than a lot of other similar lounges , and probably has the best chips dip I've had and good drinks. Elegant crowd ( too elegant for my taste i have to admit). But i thought the waiters were a bit lost and i had to ask them to lower the music a few times before they responded (bearing in mind that during that night we were the only table there).
  • Review by Ghaith of Chesters Steak and Cigar House
    7 years ago
    This is a must !! , on the 10th floor of the royal , the view is exceptional , food is really good ,, has argeleh and alcoholic drinks ( some for everyone ).
  • Review by Ghaith of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
    7 years ago
    Tried this place the other day , quiet , good for catching up with a friend or finishing up work , upstairs has tables that are high enough which allows comfort while working on the laptop. one downfall is that the AC wasn't on so you will melt if it wasn't breezy day ;).
  • Review by Ghaith of Ouzo Garden
    7 years ago
    outdoor place , fun ambiance , nice music.. prices were okay even the drinks ( alcoholic ones i mean )...didn't enjoy the food that much i'm afraid but worth a visit
  • Review by Ghaith of Fann wa Chai
    7 years ago
    A friend recommended this place so i tried it out ,,nice atmosphere , good tea , friendly staff and great terrace/porch. good for studying or finishing up work ( wi-fi available ) will definitely visit again

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