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bookworm, photography hobbyist, Cisco dude.
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  • Review by Mohammad of Grand Joud
    6 years ago
    Mansard is the major dish and it was really well made. I will sure come back again and again, over and over. Staff is amazing
  • Review by Mohammad of Bel Mondo Cafe
    7 years ago
    3 stars for the place on how clean and pretty organized. One star lost for the shisha, another star lost for the tiny screens. Overall, I recommend it but if you are going to watch a football match then forget it. Also, nice with family.
  • Review by Mohammad of Dr. Asem Al Omari
    7 years ago
    دكتور مريح جداً ويستمع للمريض، الموظفة أيضاً لطيفة. عمل فحص تنفس للوالدة وفحص الدم الذي يبين نوعية المواد التي تؤثر. المبلغ المطلوب ٨٠ دينار وانا شايفه شوي غالي. بس الحمد لله، اول مرة ارتحت معاه وان شاء النتائج تكون كما هو متوقع.
  • Review by Mohammad of Zayonah Restaurant
    7 years ago
    Tried Iraqi falafel, 'ambah (عمبة), and bread. I can say it's average if not beyond *in that specific type of food". Probably will not try Falafel anymore but I may pass by to try their Shamwerma.
  • Review by Mohammad of Eye Specialty Hospital
    7 years ago
    Honestly it is the first medical place I find myself comfortable with. kind staff, clean waiting areas, and quick process. I heard of Dr. Esam Al-Rawi here from someone's tip on Jeeran. I believe that he is the second kindest doctor I've ever met in my entire life. So calm that magically gives that feeling to you. I am mega comfortable and will never ever look around when it comes to eyes checkup and general health. I can't talk about the price (although I gave it "average") as my work insurance covered all the expenses.
  • Review by Mohammad of Bargo's
    7 years ago
    I change my mind, this café is the greatest of all time. Regarding all aspects that you may consider, I find it the best in town. Mohammad Al-Bargouti is a really nice guy.
  • Review by Mohammad of Royal Cup
    7 years ago
    The two lost stars aren't for something bad. 2 stars were taken off because the place in terms of a cafe is so humble. Cheap prices compared to others, male-only (which is sometimes better), amazing guy on counter.
  • Review by Mohammad of Pizza Hut
    7 years ago
    Great place, nice design, pizza taste is normal. Still not able to beat Papa John's
  • Review by Mohammad of Chili Ways
    7 years ago
    I tried it yesterday for the first time and got their Ramadan box #3. I can say that they make the yummiest mushroom burger and yet the "heaviest"one. Compared to Burger King and a couple of other restaurants in Thaqafa St. I think it's the best solution for fast food.
  • Review by Mohammad of Lebnani Snack
    7 years ago
    I was late at work yesterday and I needed to get something for Eftar. Well, after what I saw I can say easily it's the most disgusting place I've ever seen in my life. I don't want to mention details as to save your mood. Basically, If I am to chose whether to die or eat from LS, I'd rather pick to die. Horrible.
  • Review by Mohammad of Starbucks
    7 years ago
    My favorite Starbucks branch with the really most welcoming staff you can ever deal with. So helpful. I got 2 packs of Three Regions Blend for my coffee maker. Quick service and reasonable prices.
  • Review by Mohammad of SmartBuy
    7 years ago
    My first time here. I got a new coffee maker "Black and Decker". Buying was quick and the guy even advised me to get a cheaper one but the brand and reputation was filled enough in my mind. Payment and check out are quick. Anyway, hard to explain from the first visit.
  • Review by Mohammad of Jamalon
    7 years ago
    Forget bookstores, fire your browser on Jamalon, add items to your cart then place an order when you're done. And they have "Cash on Delivery" option if you still don't trust Arab websites for payments in terms of security and encryption. Top source.
  • Review by Mohammad of Bargo's
    7 years ago
    One of my favorite places of all time. For some reason. A MEGA nice dude serving there with a few choices.
  • Review by Mohammad of Qasem Abu Alquss
    7 years ago
    I tried the Iraqi food almost thrice then I really liked it. I tried Iraqi Kabab double sandwich and it was great.
  • Review by Mohammad of Rami Plumber
    7 years ago
    الزلمة مش كتير فهمان ومش متل ما حكولي عنه. كل شوي بيحكي انا رح أحل المشكلة بس لازم أعمل فحص بالجهاز واللي بكلف ٣٠ دينار. نصيحتي، اللي بتعرفه أحسن من يللي بتتعرف عليه.
  • Review by Mohammad of Jordan Post
    7 years ago
    I stopped paying bills with online banking just to force myself go half a walk in that calm oldish area. A nice guy is serving there.
  • Review by Mohammad of Wingers
    7 years ago
    the only place I trust for burgers and fast food. I recommended this restaurant to my friends and they all liked it. Try mushroom burger.
  • Review by Mohammad of Coffee Republic
    7 years ago
    Quiet place, kind staff, amazing service. I think I can say bye bye Starbucks easily with no regret.
  • Review by Mohammad of Shtoura Supermarket
    7 years ago
    It's my neighborhood place. They are really kind especially Khalid the shop owner, and Sayed. You can also call and you will get your stuff delivered.
  • Review by Mohammad of La Saison
    7 years ago
    Beautiful place. You gotta try their outstanding cheese cake.
  • Review by Mohammad of Dina
    7 years ago
    The yummiest fatteh in Amman, service is great and quick, comfortable place. For a middle eastern/falafel restaurant it's the best out there.
  • Review by Mohammad of Burger One
    7 years ago
    Don't try it at all. It was amazing in the beginning but now it sucks!
  • Review by Mohammad of La Ville Cafe
    7 years ago
    They have the best Alfredo mushroom steak in town.
  • Review by Mohammad of Aphamia Gas
    7 years ago
    Called the shop and provided my address! he said the guys will ring the tone when they are on your door. 10 minutes and it's delivered. If you live in Shmeisani, just call them :)

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