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  • Review by Najwan of Home Made Food
    8 years ago
    One of the best places for "Home Made Food Delivery Places". I order from them when we have gatherings and parties and the food is amazing. It is really Home Made Food cooked by the ladies and the lady owner of the shop. Yes quite pricey, but it is worth it. Also everyone there is so nice from the lady owner to the son to the daughter. They are all so sweet. The shop is very basic and it only has a small waiting area for you to order... The odour of the food is dreamyyyyyyyy.... The FOOOOD is a must try.... Especially Fattet Makdous, Shush Barak, & Yalangi and Kubbeh... I also tell them about my Egg Allergy and they take it totally into their consideration...
  • Review by Najwan of Crumz Bakery Cafe
    8 years ago
    I love the food at Crumz and I love the bread too. I love their Mana'eesh, "create your sandwich", Pizzas, Sausages, Cheese... etc and the fact that the Mana'eesh and Pizza are done without Eggs, makes me feel very comfortable eating there. But the service is just tooooooooooooo slow. And sometimes the waiter even forgets you are there. I think it might be an idea to increase the staff in the kitchen and in the restaurant itself. Does it really have to take 40 minutes to bring a sandwich and a Pizza??? In Ramadan, during IFTAR, it is chaotic. I went once and it took them 1.5 hours to bring ONE of our orders and then we cancelled everything and went somewhere else. It is a big shame, because the food is great but the services needs to sharpen up....
  • Review by Najwan of Grand Cinemas Zara
    8 years ago
    I like the place and the fact that it is far away from the hustle of the other cinemas especially during weekdays. But I realized the maintenance of the cinema went down a bit. The last time I went, the hall was really cold and I couldn't concentrate on the movie as much as on concentrating on warming myself. Also I felt the sound of the movie was not exactly right. It is like the surround sound is focused in the middle and then the further you are back, it feels like an a slight echo.
  • Review by Najwan of Dale Carnegie Training
    8 years ago
    I took there the Stress and Attitude Management Course and I will be taking the Leadership Training For Managers. What do you I say? It is fantastic. It is not a lecture and slides and talk..... NOT the boring stuff where you nod off in the middle of class... NO NO. It is all drills, and you learn as you do the exercises. They also give you home works (Some is reading and others are actual applications in real life on what you have learned. The next session you have to report what you did and you are held accountable for actually applying it). It is all business related and the encouraging thing is that every session you get to share your thoughts, your experiences & of course your home works (applications). You get to talk, and not just sit in silence and listen... The specialized trainers are very enthusiastic & very sincere & they reach your heart and mind, and they are just like you and me: Hard working people in the field. You totally relate to them. You learn how to approach people, you learn how to present your ideas... It is not technical... It is working on YOU and your approach towards everyone and it is also an eye opener to see other people and build bridges between you and them & be sincere about it. We always think of earning a Masters degree, or taking a computer course, or a budgeting course, or an HR course... etc. But we never seek a course to work on ourselves mentally, or on our personality, and to adjust our minds... We think we are faultless :-) You can have all the education in the world, but not the pleasant personality or an actual inspiring leader... Something to think about....
  • Review by Najwan of Sho Hal Ayyam
    8 years ago
    There was no intention to go to this place at all. We were going to another place in front of it. When we found out that the intended place did not have a proper food menu, we left, and we saw Shu Hal Ayyam in front of us. We just said let's check out the menu first and then we will decide. To our surprise, it turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. In a nutshell, it is your mother's cooking (and I mean it). I tried a lot of "home-made food" restaurants, but this beats everyone by far... It is in a different criteria.... We tried various things: Karkadeh (cold drink) which they do and because of the fact it is not that sweet, it was exquisitely refreshing. For food we tried Fattet 3adas, Da'a Salad that contains 3ein jaradeh (a kind of herb), fattet makdoos, Allayet bandoora, Fattet Khalto (which was superbly delicious). Then we finished it with their special tea which is very unique (the name escapes me). The service was amazing. The owner is so sweet, you feel she is one of your relatives... She even takes the orders and serves some of the food herself. She also gives the time to come and talk to you. The place is so small, but so authentic and is decorated from our history and culture: Very welcoming... When you sit down, they serve you zeit and za3tar and olives and bread. It felt like sitting in our kitchen at home, eating mom's food. It is a must try...
  • Review by Najwan of Aqel Restaurant
    8 years ago
    Love the food, love the staff. It is an excellent substitute to home-made food. Everything is really tasty and their portions are quite generous. I tried a lot of things: Rice, meat, Barbecue Meat, 3araayes, Freekeh, Chicken, Ma'loobeh, IDREH rice, La7meh bi t7eeneh... It is all so good and my favourite is the Mlookhiyyeh. You can distinctively taste it and there are no additions to ruin the taste like overwhelming beef or chicken stock... Also, we always order from them whenever we have big gatherings or parties. They never let us down. Very reasonably priced. Seating and decoration is very basic, but keep in mind you are only there to eat traditional Arabic food and you go there because you are hungry :-)
  • Review by Najwan of Ottimo Pizza & Pasta
    8 years ago
    Wonderful wonderful pizzas... No matter what I order (regular or nutella), it is consistently goooood. Their staff are also very polite and are super nice. A small area to sit, but then again the intention is to order the pizza to go or have it delivered. It is really worth experiencing. They recently added the breakfast menu, but I did not try it yet.... Also it is so reasonably priced compared to the sizes they offer the customers. The pizza is also rich with ingredients and they are very generous...
  • Review by Najwan of Shekozal
    8 years ago
    I go there out of necessity. The ceilings are low, no view, and there is one waiter who seems to do everything and service everyone. You might even be subject to his mood. If his mood is good, he will be polite; if not he might snap at you. One time you might find an item, another time not. Once I asked this same waiter for a couple of items, he said they no longer serve them.. Then why do you have it on your menu??? The salads are good, white cheese is good. It gives you a sense of home-made food, but the meat is not that good nor is the chicken (which is very small --- like a baby chicken) It is a Turkish Project gone wrong :-)
  • Review by Najwan of KFC
    8 years ago
    When I was a child, I used to loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee KFC. As I grew older, it went down and down and even further down. It is inedible and in my opinion at the lowest of the junk chains... The chicken is oily all the time and sometimes it is not cooked: you can see the red meat! Their fries are never ever crispy. When you see the advertisements, you would imagine an amazing savoury chicken, but when you actually eat it, your imagination and taste goes down the drain!!! Such a shame....
  • Review by Najwan of Houston's Restaurant
    8 years ago
    I go a lot there. Super wonderful staff. I usually order appetizers and a burger and it is absolutely amazing. In my opinion their nachos and buffalo wings are one of the best in town. Yes it is quite pricey but to be honest, it is worth it.
  • Review by Najwan of Fouad
    8 years ago
    Wonderful Supermarket. 95 % of the time, I find exactly what I need and everyone seems ready to answer your question or help you. The nice thing also is that one can find an unusual product or an imported brand you are looking for.
  • Review by Najwan of Kebab Express
    8 years ago
    I visited Sweifiyyeh's Branch and I loved the food. Very reasonably priced compared to the excellent quality, and at least one can avoid junk and substitute it with a healthy meal from Kabab Express. I love that they grill in front of you (open Kitchen). One of the waiters was super nice and really gives you the feeling of going back to the place :-) Parking is a bit of an issue but manageable.
  • Review by Najwan of Mama Ghanouj Restaurant
    8 years ago
    I liked this place. Small, cozy, and really nice food. I like that it is of Arabic routes, but in a modern place and atmosphere. Prices are not bad compared to the quality. They also have fresh bread.
  • Review by Najwan of Bash Burger
    8 years ago
    Excellent Hot Dog, Tasty Burger, but I told the owner it had a "gas/charcoal" after taste. Fries are really good. Though quite pricey, but the food is quite good compared to other joints. I understand it is a small place, but I think the owner meant it to be this way (I may be wrong): A small Boutique burger shop that does high quality burgers. It is also very clean. They do help a lot in explaining the menu to you which is very nice. One downside is its location. No one would imagine this place would exist in such a narrow location. But then again, small places can offer huge impacts :-)
  • Review by Najwan of Dazzle Beauty Center
    8 years ago
    Wonderful place & atmosphere. Super clean. Very friendly ladies, polite, and very prompt and I am never delayed on an appointment. They are always ahead in new colours and what is in fashion now. Just love it...
  • Review by Najwan of Darabuka
    8 years ago
    Love the decorations. The decoration of the ceiling on the upper terrace is amazing. It reminds me of 1001 nights, vintage, rustic... very authentic. The view is stunning. Comfortable seating. Food not bad. While the SAJ and pizza were good, the noodles were super salty. Hubbly Bubbly (Argeeleh) very good. I loved it. Service: very slow. MY GOD.... It took them more than 40 minutes to bring in the order and when they did, we asked where are the drinks? The waiter re-appeared and said: Can you repeat the beverage order again?!!!!! If they work on their service and pay a little attention to their food, wonderful place.
  • Review by Najwan of Taj Lifestyle Center
    8 years ago
    One Comment that ruins the experience.... WHO designed their underground parking? I never seem to find my car.... I have reached to a point to take a picture for the number of the floor and section... I still do not find the car..... And the path leading up and down the entrance of the parking: So this, wiggly and is ill constructed... It feels like a tomb. There is a floor between the ground floor & the first floor (fashion floor) has ceilings so low.... If a person is 2 METERS, he would have to lower his head to pass through... WHO designed this?
  • Review by Najwan of Deir El Qamar
    8 years ago
    Every time I go, it proves to be an excellent place. Very friendly, very prompt, service oriented, wonderful food, very clean... I simply never get bored.
  • Review by Najwan of La Mirabelle
    8 years ago
    I always go there during lunch. It is very clean, but I am always disappointed with the service. They never smile, and they do not show appreciation or care for their customers. Menu could use a bit of an upgrade or to add more varieties. Also, they are not very flexible. For example, one time I ordered sausages and white cheese during lunch and after checking with the Chef, they accepted. Another time, I ordered the same thing and the waiter simply refused!!! Inconsistency.....

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