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  • Review by Sarah of Cafe Social
    7 years ago
    رحت عليه بعد الفطور المكان كتير مرتب ديكورات و الوان حلوه القعده مريحه بس اافاتوره طلعت غاليه بالنسبه انو كنا 3 اشخاص و ما طلبنا اكل بس مشروبات و ارجيله و الفاتوره اجت حوالي 43 دينار يمكن عشان رمضان و في cover charge و المحلات بدها تكسب بس اجمالا انا بنصح الناس تجربو
  • Review by Sarah of Orfali Art Gallery
    7 years ago
    took a drawing course there .. they are professional very nice , Dr. Ibraheem who gave me the course is amazing , very talented and he is a doctor at the Jordan university , there are three separate stages ( drawing , water painting , oil or acrylic painting )
  • Review by Sarah of Zorba
    7 years ago
    Great place , fresh & delicious food , friendly staff, very affordable prices.
  • Review by Sarah of Il Pizzaiolo
    7 years ago
    the most delicious Italian place ,, i tried the Fettuccine its really amazing and the fungi pizza
  • Review by Sarah of Cache
    7 years ago
    I went with my friend to see the dresses collection and i really liked what they have . very nice , elegant and good quality , prices are average. I recommend every bride to give it a visit
  • Review by Sarah of Feel Burgers
    7 years ago
    I love Feel Burger .. one of the best burgers in Amman , meat is well done the bread is fresh fries delicious and very good prices
  • Review by Sarah of The fishing club Beach Bar
    7 years ago
    I love this place .. very chilled out place you can enjoy your hookah on a nice view .. and they do a DJ , belly dancer nights
  • Review by Sarah of The Sanctuary lounge
    7 years ago
    amazing place very nice decoration classy and beautiful .. i liked the DJ , service is good very helpful and nice staff
  • Review by Sarah of Wox and Company
    7 years ago
    went with my friend two days ago .. we ordered biryani basmati rice , sweet and sour chicken ,teriyaki chicken and chicken tikka masala all of them were delicious the place is neat and clean loved the decorations , but their waitresses need to be more welcoming and smile while serving the food
  • Review by Sarah of Brighton Fish and Chips
    7 years ago
    i used to eat from it when am in the city mall , the food is fresh and delicious prices are good , but last time we ordered delivery it took some time so it was not that fresh .. but still tasted good ... love the shrimps and calamari
  • Review by Sarah of Triangle
    8 years ago
    i tried this new cafe on Thursday , very nice colors and decoration , its big and has a beautiful view , the hookah is good and their staff are nice and helpful
  • Review by Sarah of Tina's Kitchen
    8 years ago
    very delicious Chinese food i enjoyed it .. tried the dumplings , fried vegi rice and sweet and sour chicken .. the place is small but very nice .. totally going to visit it again
  • Review by Sarah of Samir & Ghassan Stationery
    8 years ago
    I like it you can find any thing you want .. i used to buy colors and all stuff i need for drawing and painting from there you can find all kinds .. its very neat and well organised and they are very helpful if you need any assistance
  • Review by Sarah of Jawharet Istanbul Restaurant
    8 years ago
    i tried this place last week .. they have delivery service food is delicious we tried shawerma and kamber its really amazing .. enjoyed it
  • Review by Sarah of Nasser Hair & Beauty
    8 years ago
    great salon .. the best actually .. very nice decoration all of them are great assi , nasser and milad are the best in hair styling , i recommend any bride to go their and she wont regret it , hamoudeh is the make up artist their and he is professional
  • Review by Sarah of Cushions Lounge
    8 years ago
    i went there on Thursday , the place is great .. the waiters are very nice .. its comfortable to sit there comparing to other cafes on a Thursday , the food is delicious , prices are good
  • Review by Sarah of Creama Creme
    8 years ago
    i like the ice cream there its very delicious .. the place is clean and they are nice .. my favorite is Ferrero Rocher .. and also they make a good sahlab
  • Review by Sarah of Burger Joint
    8 years ago
    veryy delicious burger , fries , onion rings small place but nice , comfortable and clean , although the prices are expensive comparing to other burger places i like to eat there from time to time
  • Review by Sarah of Azara Beauty Lounge
    8 years ago
    best beauty center , very clean , the decoration is nice , nice people working there , Sabah is amazing very professional , prices are good , but the only comment i have is that they close on Friday
  • Review by Sarah of la clinic - Dr. Oday Najdawi
    8 years ago
    دكتور كتير منيح و مريح, تعامله ممتاز مع المرضى خصوصا اللي بخافو عادة من دكاترة الاسنان , و العياده مرتبه و نظيفه ,و معتمد عند الشرق العربي للتأمين
  • Review by Sarah of Pets Corner
    8 years ago
    i have a Turkish angora cat , i always take it to pets corner and bring its stuff from their , what i like is that they have clinic upstairs so they can give it a bath trim its claws , and they provide needed vaccines , the vet is very nice
  • Review by Sarah of OOBE
    8 years ago
    i really loved this place , beautiful decorations and colors , great service , amazing promotions , and most important delicious food .. i recommend you to try the apple pie for desert its wonderful , good prices , and i liked how you open the door with a touch
  • Review by Sarah of Romero
    8 years ago
    fabulous place very cozy , best place to have a romantic dinner pasta is delicious , they take good care of their guests
  • Review by Sarah of Copacabana
    8 years ago
    best steak ever ,, i like the idea of it .. different tastes of steak each time and all of them are yummy .. the place is clean , nice decorations the staff are nice and they take care of the customers
  • Review by Sarah of Shanghai Restaurant
    8 years ago
    shanghai is amazing , very delicious Chinese food all kinds big menu lots of varieties , the place is cozy and clean , and the prices are good , i like the noodles , rice and everything there

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