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  • Review by Hani of Beverly's
    6 years ago
    I have been to Beverly's many times since opening, went for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the beginning it was a good place to have a meal with shisha, service was good as well. I used to recommend it to my friends In the last couple visits, I had bad experiences and did not enjoy my time there, why? the services is very slow, took them long time to get your order and at a stage i went to the bar to get my drinks !! Even when i requested the bill, it took them like 20 minutes to bring it ! The place is very crowded and the tables in the outdoor area is very close to each others, the music is very load and you barely can hear the person next to you. I no longer recommend this place and hope they will enhance the quality of service.
  • Review by Hani of Oliva Jordan
    6 years ago
    I love the concept of such restaurants ... small, few tables and fresh food. Location is good, it's not hard to find. Also you can find a nearby parking spot. I have ordered Pepperoni Pizza since they highly recommended it and Penne Pesto with Garlic bread topped with pesto sauce and cheese. i didn't like the penne it was dry and over cooked and the sauce missing something ... Pizza was okay crusty dough and i liked the basil touch on top. Garlic bread was good. They have a good selection of Pizza, three kinds of pasta and one salad. I sat outside under to enjoy the sun ... my only problem is i am a big guy and the chairs are too small for me ... but I enjoyed my time there remind me of boutique restaurants in Europe.
  • Review by Hani of Anas Chicken
    7 years ago
    It doesn't worth to wait for more than an hour to eat their Shawerma ... also it is oily .. they pour a lot of oil when they put in on the grill. The chicken Shawerma is okay but nothing special about it ... beef shawerma is normal and didn't like the taste of the meat ... one positive thing that they add "Debes Rumman" which gives a little bit of sweetness to the sandwich. Also, they have a new product that i like which is Kubbeh stuffed with Shawerma ... it was good to try a new invention in shawerma world. Now the question is ... would i go again to Anas? My answer will be ... No !
  • Review by Hani of Zaitona
    7 years ago
    This restaurant opened recently in Samarah Mall - with dead sea shore view (not that great view because the terrace located nearby the parking area). The menu is mutual between Pastiche cafe you can order from both outlets which is very convenient if you want to mix between eastern and western food. This restaurants serve Eastern food such as Mazzah (hot and cold), Sawani, (Mana'esh), breakfast, Fakharat ... etc. Try the grill there, the presentation is brilliant (please see my uploaded pics) . We have ordered Mazzat (Humos, Fatoush, Grilled white cheese, Kubeh, Sambousek) all were good, Also we had Galayet Bandoora (good), Kufta Taheneye (good), Assorted grill (Shish Tawouq, Kabab and Shogaf) all were good as well. The waiter was confused a little bit and not used to the menu since its newly opened but this is not an excuse. Nevertheless, service was overall just fine. Shisha from Pastiche is fantastic ... like the new hook concept ... charcoal is away from the tobacco head which keeps the Shisha last longer. Prices are reasonable (average), we were 4 persons and ordered 2 shisha with 4 soft drinks inaddtion to what i have mentioned above and paid 72 JDs. So, next time when you plan to hit dead sea give it a try ....
  • Review by Hani of Man2ousheh Oriental Bakery & Cafe
    7 years ago
    I have invited with Jeeran team to try this place, honestly I never heard about it before, so It was a good chance to try a new outlet and over all it was good. It is a cozy place with few tables and couches, their menu based on have several options of food that cooked by oven. like pizza, mana'esh, ka'ek (round ones), fakharat, sawani in addition to soft drinks and deserts (they have Um Ali and honey cake but was not available) I have tried Kufta Taheneye (dry), Galayet bandoura (good), Chicken with veges topped with melted cheddar cheese fukhara (good), Alfredo pizza (okay), Ka'ek turkey (okay), Lahme b ajeen (good). Also they bake their own bread in house which is very good and fresh. Since they deliver orders, I will try to order different things next time and let you know of my experience.
  • Review by Hani of The Samarah Mall
    7 years ago
    Finally some investors opened such mall in dead sea... now you have good options for dinning other than the regular outlets .... There are restaurants, cafe's, savouries shop, super market and hoping they will open a cinema there ! Will go there more often
  • Review by Hani of Patisserie Fayrouz
    7 years ago
    When you are graving for a delicious mouthwatering Eclairs, Fairouz is your destination. Just love it !
  • Review by Hani of Noodasia
    7 years ago
    Best place that offer (all you can eat sushi) in Amman ... They do it every Sunday starting from 6:30 pm. 25 JD/ person (inclusive of one soft drink) If you are into sushi Noodasia is your destination.
  • Review by Hani of Qahwet Abu Omar
    7 years ago
    I have been there twice ... food is normal nothing special about it (cafe quality food) ... service is good especially french fries. I have tried Cream cheese with honey manakish ... nice combination. Mini burgers was below normal... meat was chewy a little bit. Honestly the only reason to go there is the AMAZING view !
  • Review by Hani of I Burger Cuisine
    7 years ago
    My experience was not that good ... I ordered I burger 250 g with cheesy fries ... The fries was cold and soft ... i told the guy to cook the patty medium well but surved extra well done! Also, the bun was not good at all ... took them long time to prepare the meal ... The owner asked me how my meal and was happy to hear my comments ... expected much more from this place ... might go there to give it another chance or not
  • Review by Hani of Da Esmat Italian Kitchen
    7 years ago
    Dalla Mani Da Esmat ... means from Esmat hands .. Italian restaurant opened recently in rainbow st., small place, cozy, the kitchen is open and can see the chef preparing your meal. The chef Esamt used to work at Romero, so he knows how to cook authentic Italian food ! We were three and was my first visit, so we asked the chef for his recommendations. As a starter he recommended Insalata Di Mango which is green salad with Mango, very refreshing and delicious. Then we had Bresaola which is a dry meat with olive oil (like carpaccio but dried) was good too. Then we had Risotto Ai Funghi was excellent. For main dishes he recommended to share our dishes to taste everything, started with Spagetti Frutti Di Mare (sea food) the sauce was tasty and rich with flavors, then we had Ravioli Alla Panna (stuffed with spinach) excellent, then we pampered our selvs with a perfect piece of Filetto Alla Parmigiana which was cooked to perfection, and ended it with the great Polo Alla Modenes (chicken with mustard and pepper sauce) just amazing. After we got our bellies full, they surprised us with a piece of Tiramisu (home made) OMG! we all could not resist to finish it to the last crumb. Staff are nice and friendly, you feel like eating in Italian house with their nice hospitality and great food. They do not serve Alcohol. The prices are very good, all what we have ordered for JD 47 ! If you are a fan of Italian food, you have to try Da Esmat ! Good luck guys and always keep the spirit high !
  • Review by Hani of The Lodge
    7 years ago
    I know i had posted a review few months ago, however I have to re-confirm how this place is amazing !! I always says service is very important ingredient in a successful business, The Lodge provides excellent service in terms of welcoming, helping, attitude and response on customers comments. Try to go there while the weather is still warm and enjoy sitting in the open garden, and if you are a shisha lover you will enjoy it more ! The FOOD !!! again amazing dishes cooked to perfection, it is a really fine dinning restaurant. You have to try the pots, chicken curry coconut and meat balls. Ordered grilled salmon, ribeye steak, entrecote, pesto chicken, octopus, carpaccio, pastas (oil garlic, pesto, seafood) all were delicious and amazing ... no one single bad comment from my friends. everyone was enjoying the food. Hope they will maintain to serve the same quality of food and service My favorite place so far in Jordan .... Two thumps up !!
  • Review by Hani of Tiberias Lounge
    7 years ago
    I was Invited by Jeeran to try this Cafe, Location is tricky a liittle bit, you have to know the area well in order to find it, so check the map on the album before going there. You don't expect to find such place in Daheyet Al Rasheed for families especially most cafes their are for males. Cafe is nice and calm. They serve almost all kinds of drinks (hot, cold, milkshakes, juices ... ) Did not try the food, but seems my Jeerans had enjoyed it. On the down side, service a little bit slow and not easy to park.
  • Review by Hani of Dunia Rooftop
    7 years ago
    Really of of the best rooftops in Amman !! been there twice, lovely ambiance, excellent service, well designed with nice view. My only comment is to consider adding hot beverages to the menu at least coffee and tea.
  • Review by Hani of Ghoroub
    7 years ago
    Great rooftop lounge, breath taking view of Amman, longest bar i ever seen, good service, nice atmosphere, average food and good shisha. They serve small portions of food in clay plates, the waiters come to your table and offer you appetizers (Mazza) and hot dishes like fatoush, taboule, shanglesh wraps, kufta, sausage, kubeh and Mansaf :) Over all it is one of the best rooftop lounges in Amman.
  • Review by Hani of The Qyard
    7 years ago
    I went there two days ago for a Ramadan night .. the theme this year called (Tamer Henna) ... Atmosphere is good, there is a band playing classic Arabic songs ( I didn't like the singer's voice though) ... not crowded ... different seating areas. If you are welling to go there during Ramadan, reserve at least two days before. cover charge for the night event JD 8 ++ in weekend and JD 6.25 ++ in weekdays. Don't order cinnamon or sahlab ... it's tasteless and would be waste of your money ... when i complained about the taste i ordered something else and yet they charged me on the one i returned ! You have to ask the waiter about the Ramadan desserts that included in the cover charge, otherwise they won't offer to serve it !! Chicken Shawerma there is fantastic and tasty You can play cards Over all its a nice place to spend a Ramadan night in but it's pricy
  • Review by Hani of Gala Cafe
    7 years ago
    If you like places with great terrace view you should go and visit Gala Cafe Colorful decorations, nice old arabic music and good service. The selection of food and beverage in the menu is good. I have ordered Fatoush it was fresh and delicious, Chicken casadia was good as well, Fukharet Lahme was avarage. Shisha is good there and they have Zaghloul.
  • Review by Hani of P. F. Chang's
    7 years ago
    I was awaiting P.F. Chang's to open in Amman since last summer, and always was observing the terrace when i go to Taj Mall. I have tried P.F Chang's in Dubai and Kuwait, it is my first option to dine when i travel there. My obsession is The Dynamite Shrimp and the high quality of service you get. I called them the night before to reserve a table for 7 but they said we don't reserve tables over phone you are welcome to come and will give you a table if available if not you have to wait. So i went there with my friends and high expectations. First of all, the decorations is lovely but not as in other countries, usually they use dim lights and you feel every table is privet but not in here. It was crowded and noisy with high lights. Anyways, The waiter came and introduced himself, after discussions with the waiter we have ordered 4 Dynamite Shrimps (Crispy shrimp tossed in a spicy sauce), 2 orders Spring Rolls (8 pcs) (filled with vegetables and served with a sweet & sour dipping sauce), 1 Sweet & Sour Chicken (Stir-fried with pineapple, peppers, onions and ginger in a sweet & sour sauce), 1 Sesame Chicken (Spicy sesame sauce with broccoli, red peppers and onions), I Mongolian Beef (Sweet, soy-glazed flank steak wok-seared with scallions and garlic), Wok- Charred Beef (A flavorful dish with mushrooms and sweet peppers), 1 Veg, Noodles and 1 Singapore Street Noodles (curry sauce with thin rice noodles, sliced chicken breast, shrimp and fresh vegetables). For drinks I ordered Auntie Chang's Frappe and my friends ordered Soda drinks (Soda is refillable). My chopstick was dirty and there was a short hair on it so i requested them to change it but they didn't get me a new one !! So i used my friend's chopsticks. I recommend to use disposable ones. They served the drinks immediately, the food start coming after 20 minutes, dynamite shrimp was as expected ... mouthwatering !! Spring Rolls was very hot from inside it burned my mouth. Main dishes come with small cup of normal white rice (nothing special about it). The portions was smaller than what i used to have before, Mongolian beef was dry and lack of sauce, Sesame chicken was warm although the plate was hot ! i don't know how? Sweet and sour chicken was fine and i liked taste of the pineapple in it. Wok-Charred was tasty and full of flavors but they forgot to bring it with the other dishes until i asked about it. There is a table sauces on from of you the waiter should come and explain the various condiments on the table but he did not until i asked him to make their special sauce for us, it contains soy sauce, chili oil, chili paste, rice vinegar, hot mustard. With those, you could alter the spiciness of any dish on the menu to your liking. "That's P.F. Chang's 'thing,' he said as he mixed a concoction of soy sauce, chili paste and hot mustard in a little bowl. The manager came to our table to ask how was the food I told him about my experience and pointed some issues, he just apologized. A friend asked if she can smoke the waiter said "Mesh farga ma3i" but you can't as this is a non-smoking area. We paid JD 140 with tips, it is pricey and don't worth it to be honest, i prefer to have Chinese food in a fine dining restaurant and will be much lighter on my pocket. If i will go again I will go for the sake of my obsession with the Dynamite Shrimp ...I believe if the services was better the food might taste better as well !
  • Review by Hani of Melon Cafe
    7 years ago
    One of the best places in terms of service ... I love this place. Usually when i go there I request weird orders not in the menu and the staff always get me what i request even they do not have the full ingredients to make it. The other day i requested a salad contains Tomato, onion, cucumber, yogurt and chickpeas. They made it for me and served with huge smile :) (See the uploaded photo) even the waiter told me that he liked the salad and will ask the owner to add it to the menu. When you go there ask for Esmail one of the funniest and kind waiters in Amman. Great customer services ... fantastic shisha ... Two Thumps Up !
  • Review by Hani of Talet Al Jabal
    7 years ago
    I go there frequently, they have great Shisha especially zaghlool, prices are reasonable, service is good and you can order food from close restaurants and they charge you 1 JD only.
  • Review by Hani of Sangria Restaurant & Lounge
    7 years ago
    Sangria used to be one of my favorite lounges in Amman during the last summer, but not any more !! Yesterday I faced an issue when I requested my bill, the Shisha price was more than what stated in the menu by JD 1.5 ! we ordered 4 Shishas and the difference with tax and service is almost JD 8, and when I asked to check the bill the manager advised that they changed the prices on the system since 1st of June and can't change the bill !! however when i told him this is not acceptable and you should charge me with what in the menu he took the bill and disappeared for 15 minuets and came back with JD 2 discount !! WOW I paid the original bill amount and left. It is not about the money, it all about the concept ... when you change your menu prices change the menu or at least notify your customers before ordering that some items prices have been changed to avoid such cases. What a mess !!
  • Review by Hani of Cobonzy
    7 years ago
    I had a bad experience yesterday with this "website", I claimed coupons for one of their promotions and when i went to the place the manager told me that we ordered cobonzy.com to stop promoting this offer since 1st of June and we can't use the coupons !! I checked the website before writing this review and up to this moment the coupon still printable !! What a mess !!
  • Review by Hani of Scholl
    7 years ago
    Either you have feet problems or just want to do your nails, Scholl is you destination. I believe this is the only place in Amman who accept males. This branch is one of the best branches, I go their on monthly basis, staff are professional, they use clean equipment, calm atmosphere. I wish they do facial treatment to males but unfortunately they don't but they have it for females only ...
  • Review by Hani of Eatitude
    7 years ago
    Eatitude "its all about the attitude"... food is worth it, so eat it with attitude! This is the slogan of this new restaurant in Rainbow st. which i really like :) A small place opened recently, you can reach it from Rotana cafe, they serve breakfast, brunch, diners, burgers and sandwiches as well as coffee and drinks ... needless to say all that served with attitude :) I went today to have breakfast there, I have ordered Meat Lovers Omelette and my friends ordered Garden Omelette and one Strawberry waffle with whipped cream and Nutella. The Meat Lovers Omelette was good, it has turkey bacon, beef bacon,turkey,hot dogs,salami, butter and topped with mix cheeses. Its really good for meat lovers ... i give it 7/10. The Garden Omelette has more flavors, i liked this one more than meat lovers, it has butter, onion,mushrooms,green pepper,tomatoes,broccoli, spinach, black olives and topped with mix cheeses .... i give it 9/10. The omelettes served with 3 pieces of hash browns, toast and butter. The strawberry Cream Waffle was great, the waffle is thick and crispy from outside but soft from inside, the strawberries they use are really delicious and you can smell the strawberries scent strongly ... i give it 8/10 The prices are good, three omelettes with one waffle and three hot drinks for JD 23. It is worth to mention that the Chef there is Ahmad Hassan !! the cool guy who used to run Dark Rider Burgers. The service was really good, i like our waitress Faten she really fits in this place with her edgy funny attitude ... One of the reasons to go back there is to be served by this girl :) Worth to try ...
  • Review by Hani of Mediterranean & Gulf for Insurance
    7 years ago
    One of the best Insurance companies in Jordan and in the region. They offer insurance services and solutions at reasonable prices with solid security coupled with user-friendly products and the quality of service that you deserve. They write all lines of insurance and have their in-house medical network (Midi Visa) which gives more flexiblity than other companies All their employees concentrate on adequate and friendly customer service and they have a highly qualified team of insurance specialists.

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