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  • Review by Hani of Tikka Chicken Plus
    two years ago
    It is a new restaurant in Abdulla Ghoshe St close to Music Box. This is the second branch in Jordan, first one in Aqaba. I ordered two chicken breasts charcoal grilled with special tandoori spicy sauce with cucumber yogurt salad. I paid JD 6.90 Chicken was delicious and spicy, on spot! They have Tikka Special meal which is 1/2 chicken with fries, puri bread and garlic dip and pickles for JD 6.40. The prices are higher than Aqaba branch. One side down, I asked to add small garlic dip they said we cannot as it is not in the system. However the cashier said he will add a complementary one but it was not in the order when i received it.
  • Review by Hani of Secrets Cakes
    two years ago
    One of my favorite places for desserts. I like their Arabic Ice cream jar with Sha3r El Banat.
  • Review by Hani of Mariam Cafe and more by Zerofour
    two years ago
    I have reviewed this place 3 years ago when it was 04 Cafe and it was average experience (you can read my review for more details). I have tried it last week, it is still under the same group (04) but changed the name and concept of the cafe to Mariam. Menu is rich and varied including healthy section. I tried many dishes, the presentation and taste are excellent. I liked their breaded fried Hallomi Cheese with Pesto sauce. Detox shakes are must to try especially the green detox. Desserts are wicked! they use Mana2eesh dough with diffrenet toppings as Halaweh Al Joben with Honey and Cheese cake. Its nice if you like sweet savour taste. Service was very good. I did not understand the decoration and the theme of the interior. Its a collection of old decoration with few alteration which is uncomfortable to look at. I will come back again for the food.
  • Review by Hani of Pipes Cafe
    two years ago
    New cafe in Rabyeh with many seatings options i.e outdoors, indoors, bean bags and couches. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I went for breakfast, had labaneh, homus, galayeh, omelette, eggs in clay pot, chicken livers and sojok Taste of food is ok Presentation is nice Reasonably prices Adequate ventilation system There are two entrances main street and back with parking Great for groups They serve shisha I will go back again.
  • Review by Hani of The Hook
    two years ago
    I found this place by coincidence and decided to try it out. I have ordered paella and shrimps pot. Both were very tasty however i did not like the paella rice that much. The staff are very nice and friendly, prices are reasonable. They have other interesting recipes, worth to try.
  • Review by Hani of Thalati
    3 years ago
    مطعم طحالاتي ... يا اخوان نصيحة لازم تروحوا تجربوه ... المطعم بقدم اطيب و الذ طحالات فيكي يا عمان بوصفة تحضير خاصة زي شغل البيت و بالاضافة لاصناف اخرى مثل الكبدة واللسانات و النخاعات ... طبعا كلها بتنطبخ بالفخارة ... نعم بالفخارة !! في مقبلات اشكال والوان ومع خبز التنور ياعيني ياعيني ! المكان ما بتوه موجود بجبل عمان فوق مطعم جفرا بجانب مسرح البلد ... وفيه قعدة واسعة ومرتبة .
  • Review by Hani of Najla Kitchen
    3 years ago
    Its like dining at home! Located in old Weibdeh area, Cozy and friendly atmosphere, excellent dishes served with passion and love. I liked the zaafaran rice with slow cooked meat! Highly recommended !
  • Review by Hani of Technology City
    5 years ago
    Great mobile shop, I bought two mobiles with best prices in the market. After sale service is what counts in mobile industry, and they are providing one of the best services in town. You can find many mobile accessories in addition to electronics with reasonable prices. Also, you can get customized mobile covers, T-Shirts, mugs and much more.
  • Review by Hani of The NutriBox
    5 years ago
    Finally a decent healthy food restaurant is opened in Amman. Lovely decorations and welcoming staff, they have stools if you want to dine in, or you can choose your meal and take it to go. I loved the concept, if you want to eat healthy, loose or maintain your weight, this is your destination ... they customize balanced meal plan specially for you that fits your taste, health and lifestyle. All will be done by experts, all meal plans executed and supervised by the well-known nutritionist Majd Al-Khatib and prepared by internationally-trained chefs. They have simple solutions (offers): Full meals box which contains breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks with appetizer. Lunch Box, they deliver lunch + salad to you office or home (myself took this offer for one month and they deliver the lunch box to my office 5 days a week) Or basically you can pass by the place or call them to order your meal from the menu. They open from 11 am to 9 pm except Fridays CHEAT DAY :) I have tried almost everything so far, The NutriBox Salad is highly recommended, Quinoa salad, Apple walnut salad, Mixed green, fettuccine alfredo, Chicken tandoori cinnamon skewers, pepper steak, Mustard steak, lemon with herbs chicken, Kofta balls with tehenyeh or arrabiata sauce, Salmon skewers, chicken wraps, taboleh beef wraps and different delicious soups. Everyday they have fixed menu for take-away orders(check their fb page for daily menu) Worth to mention they use high quality ingredients and all meals are calories counted (you will see a label on each meal showing how much calories in the dish.) Prices in the mid range.
  • Review by Hani of Food Box Co
    5 years ago
    I had a bad food experience yesterday. I ordered dynamite shrimps, kani salad egg noodles, pineapple rice, mongolian beef and sweet chili crispy chicken. They changes the dynamite shrimps to fried shrimps with side hot sauce. not good .... 5 pieces for 7 JD After we ordered, the guy came to our table to inform us kani salad is not available and advised us to try their new Thai salad instead and we said ok knowing that the price of kani salad is higher (5 JD) , salad was ok but not as expected. Pine apple rice was decorated with 3 small pieces of pineapple, no pineapple in the rice itself. Sweet chili chicken was good. I was surprised when the Mongolian beef served, it was mixed with the egg noodles ! this is as start ... the taste of the noodles was really bad and weird. Total invoice was JD 30 ... honestly doesn't worth it at all, with such prices you can go to better quality restaurants. After I finished i took chocolate shot from treats n beans to change the mangolian beef and egg noodle taste (chocolate shot was great and mood lifting as usual :) Finally, high prices ... below medium taste ... not recommended.
  • Review by Hani of Lorka Restaurant & Café
    5 years ago
    I have tried this new Italian restaurant locate in Al-Weibdeh near by Rakwet Arab Cafe, the decorations got my attention it is simple yet sophisticated. They have rich menu comparing to the size of the place. As a starter, they bring fresh olive italian bread, like cookies, very delicious along with olive oil, balsamic vinegar. I order Pumpkin soup and Potato soup, both were ok but will not order it next time. Salad was recommended by the waiter, it was good. I had Risotto frutti de mare, was ok as well, did not like the smell of the dish and needed a lot of salt and pepper. Pizza Diavolo, was spicy and good (recommended). You have to try orange and rocca smoothie (nice combination) Service is great. The prices are on the mid level, all the above is for JD 38
  • Review by Hani of Majd Lifestyle Clinic - Dr. Majd Al Khateeb
    5 years ago
    The best nutrition clinic in town ! I have tried many clinics previously, but the results i got with Majd Lifestyle Clinic was just fantastic ! I lost 35 Kg in less than 6 months and since last November i am maintaining the same weight which is the most difficult thing to do after dieting. They are located in Ibn Al Haitham clinics building 1st floor. If you want to lose weight, gain weight or have healthy balanced food plan this is your destination!
  • Review by Hani of Vivid The Boulevard
    5 years ago
    New branch for Vivid in The Boulevard. Still under soft opening. Attractive location on the 7th floor with terrace that will be opened in summer season. Huge space, good distribution of tables, summery decorations and colorful atmosphere. I went twice last week, you need to reserve to get a good table, the place was almost full. Service is too slow and waiters needs a lot of training they are fresh lack of experience, however they are polite and always wears a smile. Some items in menu are not available (soft opening). Shisha was good, coal service is great as well. Tip: Don't think to light the candles on the tables, it is only for decoration and the other reason is it smells !!! (as advise by our waiter). Drinks are not much, especially fresh ones, almost tasteless. I tries Ginger Hopper was bad and mixed berries with mint (need more flavor). Crocan Milkshake was ok. They have selfie booth, don't miss it, nice touch. They do not accept credit card so far, keep some cash with you.
  • Review by Hani of Overdoze Burger
    5 years ago
    What if a passionate engineer and pharmacist meet over a creative food idea? Overdoze Burger will be the outcome ! Eng. Hamdan and Dr. Abu Lawi the cheif/owners of this new burger joint in Rainbow st. .... Hats off ! I was invited to try this place with Jeeran's Elite users and I thought it will be another typical burger joint in our town but i was fault. Small, cozy and funky place with small tables but adequate enough to enjoy you meal. They serve 8 sandwiches, 6 beef and 2 chicken, Also they serve appetizers like wings, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, french fries. All there sauces are in house made. Try the milkshakes they do especially jelly peanut butter, highly recommended. I tried Juicy Lucy, which is 300g of beef stuffed with 3 kinds of cheeses and rosemary sauce ... it is a must to try. Over smoked burger with woody flavor, better to order it 1 hour before to enjoy the full woody smoked flavor. Burn N Love for spicy lovers ... very good! Over chicken is a big sandwich filled with two grilled chicken breast served topped with Edam cheese and special sauce. They have another one with Blue Cheese sauce. I kept the best for the last, SKIRT CHEESE BURGER (check out my uploaded photo) ... what a presentation and creative idea .... make a skirt of cheddar cheese on the grill to be a layer between the bun and meat ... crunchy, cheesy and just tasty. Worth to mention that they have a challenge .... a food challenge guys ... simply you have to eat either 1.25g or 1.50g or 2.00g ! in limited time to won the challenge ....so if you up to it just go their and ask for it :) Great job guys keep it like this and wish you the best of luck !
  • Review by Hani of Taco Express
    6 years ago
    As I mentioned before ... I like such type of restaurants who are specialised in one type of food ... Taco express offering Tacos both hard and soft, beef and meat. Also they do serve salad and nachos being a Mexican rest. I was expecting much more to be honest ... it tastes normal nothing special about it. Though my friend likes it. Its a matter if taste :) I tried beef and chicken (hard shell). Price for 2 meals is 9 JD ... Which is over priced.
  • Review by Hani of Mariam Cafe and more by Zerofour
    6 years ago
    Invited by Jeeran team to check out this place, I have been their more than twice last year. The furniture and interior are very used and need some maintenance, Wash room is bad in terms of cleanness and used sanitary ware. We did not have any food their, however from my vast experience food is good like any slimier cafe. I noticed they were promoting for a new Indian food menu. Argele is good, service is good as well. I did not like the style of music. Wish them the best of luck !
  • Review by Hani of Foodsmith
    6 years ago
    Great design and interior, creative menu with good varieties. The concept is oven backed food using fresh ingredients. I have ordered with my friends different dishes from the menu to try as much as i can, waiter was helpful and recommended few dishes for us. We started with foodsmith ceasar salad, It is one of a few time i realy enjoy eating salads, when the waiter came to take the plate we asked to keep it we want to have more of it, the special about it is the lettuce was grilled a little bit and the sacuse has smoked taste. I love it. Then lamb shawerma came, surprisingly a very small portion each one took a bite, not special. Beef empanadas was described in different way when we ordered, basically its Burak beef ! BBQ chicken sandwich was good, again small portion. Angus Bearnaise was bad, dry and Bearnaise sauce almost has no taste. Not recommended and skip burgers there. Angus skirt steak presented well on black warm stone, however the portion is too small and the steak is thin, the sauce was tasty (garlic oily sauce) Mac & Cheese was tasty, comes in a pot, gone in few seconds. Potato Dauphinoise was okay, not special thing to be recommended by the waiter. like eating Kufta Theneye with potato but without the beef. Creamed Spinach was good. Since everything is backed there, the french fries is baked as well, tasty, crispy and healthy. Not time for sweets !! S'MORES Skillet !!! a must to try ... melted chocolate topped with marshmallows and backed in the oven, served with ginger briskets, heavenly good ! Then we tried the bread & butter pudding it was good but taste like bread and hot milk with cinnamon. We payed JD 85, we were 3 persons, it is overpriced bearing in mind the small small portions they serve. The important question, ... Will I go there again? Hmmmmm I dont know but will lean on the no side!
  • Review by Hani of Hawana
    6 years ago
    Nice location, outdoor and indoor seating are available. I went for a breakfast, service was very very slow. there was only one waiter serving the whole place. We ordered food and took them more than one hour bring it. However, the quality of food served was good enough to forget that delay. Shisha service is good as well. Parking lots are available.
  • Review by Hani of Funjan Cafe and Restaurant
    6 years ago
    I was invited by Jeeran team to try this new spot in Amman, when i arrived a welcoming face was at the door took me to our table which was a nice first impression of the place. The place theme is black and white with funky decorations on walls and ceiling reflecting the brand (Funjan). I have tried lentil soup which was very tasty like the one made by my mam. also I had some maza such as homos, mutabal, fatoush, tabouleh, and falafel, all were good and tasty. Then I had poutine pottery which is fries with gravy sauce and topped with cheddar cheese. Main dish was a piece of steak with black pepper sauce and chicken with white mushroom and sauté vegetables, steak served medium and was juicythe ... just perfect ! Shisha two apples was great as well. Menu is very rich , they serve international cuisine beside to Mexican, italian and Chinese. They have arabic breakfast as well. Service is very important for me and a lot of places in Jordan hires mature waiters but this place is not! I was impressed with the level of service their, hope they will maintain the same spirit of serving the customers. Prices are reasonable. All in all, nice atmosphere, good food with great service. Worth to give it a try !
  • Review by Hani of Brisket
    6 years ago
    this place on my list since long time, however I am on diet for the last couple o f months and today couldn't try their famous brisket meals or burgers. So I ordered rib eye steak which was recommended by the chef him self and he tried to trim the fat as much as possible. Steak was juicy as ordered, well seasoned and just great ! I paied 14 Jds for this meal and it is worth it. Definitely I will back again on my free day and try other things.
  • Review by Hani of Sara Sea Food
    6 years ago
    Honestly I was expecting much better from the new branch of Sarah Seafood, my dining experience was a huge disappointment, first from the restaurant hygiene and second from the service. I ordered jumbo shrimps, grilled with lemon and garlic sauce with no butter since i am on diet, and grilled fish with Tahene sauce, Rocca salad and Turkey spicy salad. The Food served after 30 minutes which is expected but took them 20 minutes to bring the salad and forgot to bring the Rocca salad. I wish i did not remind them to bring the Rocca salad as i found a long human hair in it, I show it to the waiter and cancelled the order. The shrimps came but not as ordered, they removed the shell cleaned it and the sauce was very thick and with butter, I told them this is not how i order it they offered to change the dish but i said no i will not await for another 30 minutes. The Grilled fish was okay, did not like it that much, i prefer the version in their main branch in down town. Over all, I do not recommend this branch, However I will keep going to down town.
  • Review by Hani of Kunafa Al Fahim
    6 years ago
    I have tried it with two other friends and one of them is an original Nabulsi, we did not find anything special about it but being served fresh, white cheese portion was not enough to fill the edges, Kunafeh dough was okay bit not special, nuts portion was very poor. My friend took some to his house and he said this Kunafeh is not eatable if left for a while. They do not serve kunafeh kheshneh and any other type of arabic sweets. 1 Kilo price is 8 JD ... does not worth it !
  • Review by Hani of Zuwar Restaurant
    6 years ago
    This is my first time at Zuwar, nice outdoor terrace, family friendly atmosphere with kids play area. We sat nearby the waterfall, food is good but need more flavours. I have tried fatoush, tabouleh, kubeh, borak, spicy potato, homus, mtabal, yalanji, grilled haloum, arayes, mashawi, grilled Turkish chicken. Service is good. In general it is a nice place for family or group of friends gatherings.
  • Review by Hani of I Burger Cuisine
    6 years ago
    This is my second review on this burger joint, if you read my first review, based on my first visit my experience was not that good. When a new management took over the place I decided to give them a second chance so I ordered twice to my office and both orders were very good in terms of taste and quality, Also my colleagues were satisfied with the burgers and liked the taste as well. I have tried Chubby Cheese burger and turkey beef burger, I liked the first one more it was full of gooey cheese and fresh mushrooms. Prices are really reasonable, average price for meal is 5JDs. Also, size of the bun and meat is very big and will fulfill your stomach. One side down, they charged me 3 JDS on my last order, the delivery charges is high for a location 100 m away from their location. Good job and hope they will maintain same quality. Definitely will order again and again :)
  • Review by Hani of Bikers Corner
    6 years ago
    It is a nice Restaurant & Cafe where you can have a good food , great music, nice atmosphere and lots of bikers around you:) They have two floors, and showroom for bikes accessories and pre-owned bikes as well, also the have a specialized bike wash station beside the cafe. The food is very good with wide variety of original recipes that I did not taste in other cafes. The prices are really reasonable comparing to the quality of food and service. They have nice outdoor terrace. Nice location outside Amman, easy parking lots. If you are a biker you will love this place !

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