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  • Review by Saad of Wahbeh Shawerma
    two years ago
    I’ll keep it short, if you have a guest from out of town and you want to have them try real Shawirma and not worry about flavor or how clean the meat is, Wahbeh has the cleanest good old flavor classic juicy best quality meat Shawirma. It is hands down my favorite place and my number one go-to destination when I have guests and it never failed to literally impress my guests, weather it’s the style of the place, flavor or cleanliness. I had Shawirma from another place the other day and I noticed the drastic difference, at Wahbeh you get real meat not a bunch of wrapped bread and some low quality god knows what meat. TRY IT! you will be glad that you did.
  • Review by Saad of P. F. Chang's
    4 years ago
    Given the price you pay relative to the food you get it's expensive. The service is good but most importantly, the two chicken based dishes I ordered: Sesame chicken Peanut salad (has chicken) Both tasted like the chicken is old, and that old chicken flavor was too strong and annoying I didn't finish neither plates, even with extra vinegar the chicken still tasted. It's as if the chicken was cooked in the morning and they reheated it. Bad. I will never order chick from here again, it's better if you stick to fish. The second star I gave was for the sake of the old times
  • Review by Saad of KFC
    4 years ago
    اعتذر عن المصطلح ولكن، نصابين. انا طلبت وجبت توفير و وجبة زنجر سوبريم طلعت فاتورتي عشر دنانير تقريباً. بوبايز ب١١ دينار سندويشتين و ٨ قطع الأهم من هيك، الزنجر فاضية، ضايفين بطاطا زيادة و علبتين صوص و بيبسي بدون ما اطلبهم. طريقة نصب لزيادة المبيعات. اخر مرة اتسمم كنتاكي. حسبي الله على هيك خدمة و نصب علني إدارة نائمة
  • Review by Saad of The Lettuce And The Fish
    5 years ago
    I'll keep it concise, The food is perfectly delicious. All flavors are just at the right amount, the food has just the right flavor. I never thought miso soup could be this good nor a grab salad, nor the dip. Some rolls are amazing! You just need to know what to order The appetizers are beyond perfect.. If you're going to the all you can eat sushi bar on Tuesdays and Fridays, make sure you still try the menu! The all you can eat sushi could use a little more variety though. Servers are SUPER nice.
  • Review by Saad of TGI Friday's
    6 years ago
    Great food and awesome restaurant The Cuban chicken is amazing; not oily and tastes delicious. Good size meal and with great variety of vegetables It's between pricy and average but it's an acceptable price The servers are very nice! They found out that we haven't had lunch yet and it was 10:15 pm, they served us hot bread sticks on the house. Strawberry lemonade was perfect, not too sweet and not to sour Overall, if you're in the area and in mood of good American food, I really recommend it.
  • Review by Saad of Chapatti
    6 years ago
    Great great Shawirma! This is one of the few places in Jordan that still makes awesome Shawirma Bare in mind it's a little Indian style , you should definitely try it
  • Review by Saad of Heef W Reef
    6 years ago
    أحسن بروستد و أزكى شاورما و الكوكتيل ممتاز و السعر رخيييييييص!! نضيف جداً المحل بنصح فيه بس التوصيل بطيء
  • Review by Saad of Shawerma 3a Saj
    6 years ago
    غالي جداً الشاورما ١.٥ بس صاج أنا قلت بتكون كبيرة طلعت عادية بس معبية، زاكية كانت ، حبيتها البطاطة العلبة الصغيرة بدنار و يا ليتها زاكية شكلها مقلية من زمان و بهاراتها بلا طعمة. الكتشب معاه زعتر - حركة قوية البطاطة عند جاره تتبيلة ب ١.٥ الصحن قد علبة الشاورما و البهارات ١٠٠٪ يعني خذ الشاورما من هون و البطاطة من تتبيلة أحسن لك
  • Review by Saad of Anas Chicken
    6 years ago
    اول مرة كان رهيب! ثاني مرة طلعلي جلدة جاجة طرية مقرفة، و يا ريتها كانت مقحمشة عشان تمشي علينا. ثالث مرة (الطيبة غلبتني) ما كان في جلد او أي شغلة، بس جداً كان سيئ ناشف، سندويش العربي صغيييير و السلطة شكلها بائتة ولا قديمة يا اخي مش رفعتوا سعر الشاورما؟ ليش صغرتوا السندويشة؟ ما هينا بندفع زيادة!
  • Review by Saad of AlDaya'a Shawerma
    6 years ago
    This place is bad. It's basically the McDonald of Shawirma only it's not as good as McDonald's in any way The Shawirma is empty, and I'm taking about the largest sandwich they have. It lacks flavor, it was cold although I had it there, and that's not the first time. Bottom line, it used to be waaaay better back in the day
  • Review by Saad of Tiberias Lounge
    7 years ago
    المحل هادي و جميل. قعدتو كبيرة و مش معجوق. هوه ممتاز لطلاب الجامعات المجاورة، خصوصياً للدراسة بتصور بنفع. أكلو عادي، و قهوه الفربتشينو جيده. يعني جو نافع لدراسة، القهوة و الأكل بمشو ليوم طويل و جلسة ممتعة. و برضو حلو للجمعات اعطيتو 3 عشان ما كان فيه هل اشي المميز جداً. يعني مافي اشي شدني اني أرجع غير إنو ممكن ادرس، و أنا خلصت دراسة أصلاً. مش أطيب قهوة، ولا أطيب سندويشات. بس الجلسة مريحة
  • Review by Saad of McDonald's
    7 years ago
    ليش ممنوع تعمل دبل بيج ماك؟؟ ليش عادي تعمل دبل كوارتر باوندر و تربل بيج تيستي بس مش بيج ماك؟؟؟ I really like Mcdonald's but its really stupid that you can't make a double meat bigmac!!! Why would you tell your customer, "sorry I can't"?! Its not like I'm asking for something out of this world, double meat should be a normal option on any meal in any restaurant. And it is, except for Mcdoland's Jordan (they make double big macs in other countries). In Jordan, why is it ok to get double meat on quarter pounders and triple meat big'n'tasty but not a double big Mac?! *I really hope the management would read this and take action.
  • Review by Saad of Caribou Coffee
    7 years ago
    Sometimes the daily brew is great. Other times its nothing special But the special thing I like about it is the atmosphere. Pretty chilled, calm and not packed with people. I like that about it, I usually sit outside It's been my usual spit recently. I gave it 4 for its atmosphere.
  • Review by Saad of Tamreyat
    7 years ago
    تعريفي للتمرية غير عن هذا المحل (التمرية الشامية مختلفة)، لكن المحل عن جد مميز، لذيذ جداً و يقول لي الرجال التمرية بدون سكر. يعني صحيه. تنباع بالكلو، 105 ريال. و يجي معها مرقة للتغميس (dip). محل رهيب للهدايا، أنا عجبني جداً والله في نكهات مختلفة
  • Review by Saad of Karam Beirut
    7 years ago
    The food is actually very good, the whole thing, appetizers and main dish. I really enjoyed everything about this place, especially the bread, not a lot of places serves it that way. the atmosphere is very nice, its kind of more on the classy side. Definitely not cheap and the servies was great.
  • Review by Saad of Bait Al Mansaf
    7 years ago
    مقارنةً بالأردن، المنسف مش سيء، بصراحة طيب. يقارن مع بعض المطاعم في عمان. انا يعجبني المنسف عندهم، يعني يخمد حاجتي للمنسف :) الكمية جيدة، خصوصاً بشكل عام كمية اللحم ممتازة، في اغلب المرات. القعدة عندهم شعبية بعض الشيء. اغلب المرات أخذ سفري الكنافة. سيئة جداً جداً!! جداً. اللي يجرب الكنافة الصحيحة يعرف عن ايش بتكلم. القدرة عندهم يعني جيدة، مش كثير. اللحمة فيها اغلب المرات محروقة و ناشفة.
  • Review by Saad of Amo Hamza
    7 years ago
    إذا طلبت السمك الصح، الأكل رهيب. أكلت كليماري مقلي، كان طري جداً و مافي زيت كثير، و أكلت سمكة مشوية، نسيت شو نوعها لكن عن جد أكل صح! طرية، مش محروقة، البهارات صح، شوك السمكة قليل مثل ما نصح الرجال. لحمتها كثيرة. المقبلات جيدة. الحمص جيد، المتبل جيد، اللبن حار و طيب. و التبولة مقبولة\جيدة حتماً الأكل أطيب لما تاكل في المطعم، قبل هيك أخذت سفري و ما كان بهذا المستوى الخدمة كانت جيدة، السعر مقبول، الجلسة جيدة، مش مميزة لكن جيدة.
  • Review by Saad of Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC
    7 years ago
    You've got to love this place! It's much better than KFC Jordan and KFC U.S. The quality is actually much better, chicken is real, hot, spicy, and clean. I eat there often.
  • Review by Saad of Copper Chandni Restaurant
    7 years ago
    هذا المطعم أصله هندي و له فروع بالهند، هو مشهور بين ممثلين بوليوود. لأ ما رحت علهند بس قال لي صاحبي. المهم، أكله طيب جداً!!! جاج المسالا ممتاز، بتر تشكن (جاج الزبدة) ممتاز. مكني ممتاز. حقيقة كل شيء ممتاز من ناحية الطعم. الكباب والمشاوي ما حبيتها لأني ما أحب المشاوي الهندية أصلاً. بهاراتها كثيرة. الخدمة مش بزيادة. يعني لازم تظل تأكد عالطلب إذا أخده صح، و ممكن يجيبه ناقص. على الندفعه نستحق خدمة أفضل، لجودة أكله أعطيه 5/5 . خدمة 3/5. الجلسة جميلة (عادية)
  • Review by Saad of Subway
    7 years ago
    محل جيد، الأكل عنده نظيف. يعجبني الخبز عندهم خفيف وسريع. نوعاً ما صحي.
  • Review by Saad of Smash Burger
    7 years ago
    سيء. سيء جداً. Angus المفروض إنه لكن لأسف البرجر عبارة عن كفتة، والله الكفتة أطيب لا شيء مميز. مطعم لا يستحق الزيارة
  • Review by Saad of Applebee's
    7 years ago
    well I only had the desert, it was very good, my friends had steak and a fajita. They seemed very happy with the food. Its not my favorite restaurant, but the desert was very good. Service was a little annoying, the place was empty and they didn't take much care of us, which was annoying. The atmosphere was bad, the restaurant is under renovation/construction, the chair in the booth we sat in was broken, and the table was far, hat to sit at the tip of the bench. Food was good, but overall, I would say average, given the service and atmosphere. Check out the pic for that desert.
  • Review by Saad of Outback Steakhouse
    7 years ago
    I'm writing this in english for all the foreigners. This Outback is just as good as the Outbacks in the US, its actually pretty tasty! One of my favorites, its better than Chili's, Apple bee's and Fuddruckers I haven't tried the steak in Outback Saudi, but when I'm super hungry I go for the Bloomin burger (check out the pics) The bloomin burger never fails to impress me (perfect), it also has the onions from Outback's specialty appetizer (bloomin onion - which you absolutely have to try). I also tried the cesar salad, which was pretty tasty, and the mushroom soup, which was delicious, very thick and creamy of course. The brown bread they serve in Outback US taste better than the one here, but still it tastes good. Food portions are large. As for the price, it is pricey according to Saudi restaurants' standards, as well as in comparison to Outback prices in the US. The soup & the Salad were bundled in a good deal, still expensive however. The waiters are very kind and nice, the ambiance is relaxing, at least on the singles' side.
  • Review by Saad of Simply Cozmo
    7 years ago
    excellent location, has a selection of everything from the large cosmo. I absolutely love the location, no grocery chain is present in that area, and that makes it unique and very high in demand. I believe they have their own parking (not sure) They get the bread from their main bakery (so there isn't a bakery) but you can find most of the breads you want. Bottom line. I love it.
  • Review by Saad of 50 Fruit
    7 years ago
    من أفضل محلات العصائر الجربتهى بحياتي. محل ممتاز، كل العصائر طازة. يزيد سكر لكن رهيب، الخلطات ولا أروع. الأفوكادو الاشي الوحيد الي ما عجبني، كان مخف بمي (ماء) .

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