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  • Review by Hamzah of Cafe Social
    5 years ago
    Good atmosphere, but that piece of cracked digestive with a tiny bit of cream cheese spread on top they claim is an "Original New York Cheesecake", yuk! لأ والويتر لما طلبتها بده يفهمني إنه هاي مش زي التشيزكيك اللي كانت تعملها أمك بعيد ميلادك وعليها توت من فوق، هاي نيويورك بايكد تشيزكيك بتيجي بس جبنة من فوق. يا ريته حكى بتيجي بس بسكوت ومدهون جبنة هههه
  • Review by Hamzah of Rakoon Indian Food
    5 years ago
    Tried ordering from this place at lunch. Friends got the butter chicken and I had hr chicken masala. Both were really good actually. We shared a rather large plate of rice and a few pieces of naan which were also great. It was the first time I try it, but my friends had read it before and recommended it. Very good value for money and the food did not arrive cold. I will definitely try it again :)
  • Review by Hamzah of FireFly Burger
    6 years ago
    Tried this place yesterday and it was less than average. I had the kamikazi burger and my wife had the firefly burger. The kamikazi burger is huge, but really dull. Didn't like the sauce, the burger is served in a basket already almost having fallen apart, making it extremely messy. I got the impression that they use a charcoal grill to cook their patties, but didn't notice it in the flavor of the meet. Wife said the firefly burger was less than average. Staff is mixed. The guy on the cash wasn't really attentive, almost didn't acknowledge my existence standing in front of him waiting to make an order. There are many better burger places in Amman, some that are gourmet and pricey but more than a couple that have better value for money. Doubt I'll be going there again.
  • Review by Hamzah of Floriana Pizza
    6 years ago
    They have good pizza, and I order from there a lot. The other day I tried their sandwiches and was very pleasantly surprised. They have an awesome zinger sandwich. The bread is baked in their oven of course, and it's nice and thick. Excellent value for money.
  • Review by Hamzah of California Mexican Restaurant
    7 years ago
    They have a great steak burrito. Huge and filling and with good quality steak. It comes out to JOD 8 I think, which is on the high side. Their steak quesadillas are great as well. Sometime they also served us some of their own made chips, salsa and guacamole, and it was really good. I love Mexican food and think there aren't any good Mexican restaurants here. California Mexican comes really close to being the place that fills that gap. Last time I was there the owner was cooking the enchilada sauce and I think next time I go there I'm gonna try the enchiladas.
  • Review by Hamzah of Chapatti
    7 years ago
    Note: Sorry i just noticed this is the Jubeiha branch. The review below is about the Sweifieh branch. Tried this place a little over a month ago (a week or two before Ramadan). We went there based on a friend's recommendation. I wish we hadn't. First, the place was badly ventilated, I think there was only one A/C working upstairs and the heat from the Indian shawerma skewer downstairs must have really made it hot inside the restaurant. We were not comfortable dining there at all (and there weren't even many people inside anyway, just one more table). The food was mediocre. I think you know the food is mediocre when all the dishes taste the same. We ordered like 4 or 5 dishes and they were all bland, a real disappointment. But at least we didn't end up overpaying for less than average food, the price point was not outrageous, although there are now much better options for Indian in Amman.
  • Review by Hamzah of Indian Tandoori Oven
    7 years ago
    Went to this place twice so far; once in Ramadan for the iftar and once in Eid for lunch. I think it's safe to say Amman finally has a "goooood" Indian restaurant for serious Indian food lovers who know the difference between good Indian and mediocre spicy food. The iftar buffet offered a limited selection of their menu, but the food left a really good impression that made me feel I can enthusiastically recommend this restaurant to family and friends (everyone who tried it based on my recommendation was happy), and also made me come back in less than a month. So, having said that, on to the food: 1- Chicken Tikka Masala (9/10): Excellent! Spicy, rich with flavors, great tasty white chicken. 2- Butter chicken (9/10): I don’t like butter chicken (I prefer Masala), but everyone who was with me and tried it said it was “excellent” and one of the best dishes we tried (we tried a lot, see the list). 3- Dum Ka Murgh (8/10): A great chicken curry dish. I liked it, but not as much as I liked the masala, and the butter chicken lovers also preferred that over it. Still, I’d eat it any day. 4- Mutter Mushroom (10/10): This is the dish EVERYONE loved! Green peas with mushroom in a delicious creamy and buttery sauce with strands of fresh ginger. A true delight. 5- Dal Makhani (9/10): I LOVE Dal Makhani, and Tandoori Oven do this dish great justice. They serve it in a small bucket (literally a bucket), and I recommend you order two for the table if you’re 6 or more people. Everyone should try this. 6- Kalmi Kabab (8/10): Chicken drumsticks cooked in their tandoor oven. This was awesome! Next time we go we’re going to order more from their grilled selection. 7- Chicken Tandoori (8/10): Half chicken cooked in their tandoor oven, very similar to the Kalmi Kabab. Also excellent. 8- Garlic Naan (10/10): Just the way good naan should be. I can’t believe how many Indian restaurants can’t get this right, but thankfully this is not a problem at this place. Excellent bread. 9- Rogan Josh (6.5/10): Unfortunately, I’ve found that beef or lamb dishes at ALL Indian restaurants in Amman are bad, and while the sauce in this dish wasn’t bad at Tandoori Oven, the meat wasn’t good. I really don’t know what it is that causes this problem in every Indian restaurant in Amman, but I’ve learned to only order chicken and vegetarian dishes. 10- Sikandari Raan (??/10): This is a leg of lamb cooked in the tandoor. Unfortunately, it takes 30 minutes to cook and we didn’t want to wait, so I don’t know how good it is, but if it’s anything like their tandoori chicken, it should be good, hoping that they can’t screw up the meat with a straight leg of lamb. So there you have it, that’s what we tried and as you can see it was pretty much all excellent. The only negative thing about this place was the service actually. We found ourselves too many times just waiting for a waiter to grace us with their presence, and I had to on more than a couple of occasions actually leave the table to go either ask someone to come by, correct an order, or bring us the check. And I’m sorry to say this, but some of the waitresses they’ve hired are really really “slow” if you know what I mean. So you have to really be on top of them. Finally, another good thing about this restaurant was the price point. When we ordered a la carte from the menu and were 9 adults, it came up to around JOD 14 per person, and we had eaten a lot.
  • Review by Hamzah of Copper Chandni Restaurant
    7 years ago
    جربت هذا المطعم مرة واحدة فقط عندما زرت الرياض للمرة الأولى. لإني أعشق الأكل الهندي وقلت لا بد يكون في مطعم ممتاز هندي في الرياض سألت صديق إلي وقال لي هذا هو!! أول علامة إنه المطعم ممتاز كانت وجود زبائن من الهند فيه. هذا معناه إنه أهل بلد الأصل يثقوا فيه. في مطاعم هندية أخرى ما بتلاقي فيها ولا واحد هندي لأنهم عارفين إنه الأكل مش هندي صحيح. ثاني علامة إنه المطعم ممتاز كانت إنه معظم الأكلات اللي في قائمة الطعام كانت أول مرة بسمع فيها. ثالث علامة إنه المطعم ممتاز كانت وجود شاشة موصولة بكاميرا في المطبخ وتسمحلك تشوف شو الطباخين عم يعملوا. وما أكد لي إنه المطعم فعلاً ممتاز كان الأكل نفسه. رائع فعلاً وفاق التوقعات. أنصح بتجربة دجاج التاوا، و الأرز البرياني عندهم ممتاز. الكباب المشكل أيضاً كان رائع، والخبز أيضاً.
  • Review by Hamzah of La Maison Verte Restaurant
    8 years ago
    Maybe it wasn't this place's best night. I was honestly disappointed. It's supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Amman and it does demand a premium. A special dinner for two can run up to well above $150 without beverages. My wife and I tried a couple of their appetizers, the mixed mushroom risotto was excellent, really done well and was the best dish we had that night. The other appetizer was just tomatoes and fresh mozzarella which is hard to screw up. For mains, we had a chicken breast with lime sauce and a fillet with mushroom sauce. The "100% Angus Beef" fillet was horrible, not seasoned well, way overcooked (how can you overcook a steak almost 2 inches thick?!!!), and the sauce was barely noticeable. The chicken was good, but not spectacular. We then shared a small scoop of ice cream and it was almost frozen. The bill was around $125 for a meal that I can only classify as average quality at a premium price. The service there is excellent. Staff are friendly except for one guy in a suit who looked like he was their supervisor. Very stiff fellow that perfectly fits the local stereotype of abu kashra :D The place is well decorated, nice, but the one downside that it is all smoking and you can smell cigar everywhere. So be aware of that if you're easily bothered by smoke. My hunt for a good steak in Amman continues ...
  • Review by Hamzah of Fatty Dabs Mexican
    8 years ago
    I can now safely say that Amman finally has a proper Mexican restaurant. I went to this place for lunch today with a couple of friends, and it was really great. We had chips and salsa for appetizers. They make their own chips and salsa from scratch. The chips are exactly how authentic Mexican chips should be, and their salsa has a really great smoky flavor from the grilled ingredients they use. Their guacamole and pico de gallo are superb too. Then we had taco's, which they also make from scratch in the store. Again, the corn soft taco's they make taste exactly like authentic Mexcian soft taco's and reminded me of what you would get at a good Mexican restaurant in the US. They have multiple types of beef and chicken tacos. I had the regular beef tacos (items 1 and 2 <- spicy), a beef taco with pineapple salsa, and a chicken taco with sweet peppers (item no. 7). They were all excellent, beef more than chicken though. I also asked them for some hot sauce to use with my taco's coz I like to have spicy food. They gave me a green pepper hot paste/sauce that was really spicy and zesty and just did the job so well. They have a JOD 7 deal that gives you 4 tacos and a can of soda, and I think for the quality of food you get, it's worth it. But my advice is this: don't just get the taco's or the other items, order some chips and salsa and guacamole and have those too, because they are really that good. It'll just make your eating experience there that much better. Right now, this is the only place in Amman that I would call Mexican.
  • Review by Hamzah of Jammu Kashmir Restaurant
    8 years ago
    I have tried this place twice; both were delivery orders. The first time I ordered chicken masala and it was just ok. Not bad, but not great either. The second time I ordered was today, and it was a big order with a bigger disappointment. We ordered Naan bread (both regular and garlic), and ordered Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani, Chicken Tekka Masala, and Kadai Gosht, with Biryani rice on the side. Pretty much every piece of meat we had, be it chicken or lamb or beef, was bad. The chicken was black, tasted like it was leftover chicken from the day before. The Khadai Gosht meat was very tough, dry and tasted bad, while the bread was just chewy. The Palak Paneer was the only dish that tasted ok. I understand that at this restaurant's price point, one shouldn't expect something out of this world, but at no price point should one have to suffer the aftertaste of bad old chicken. I finished my meal at 4:30pm and almost 5 hours, several cups of "gahweh sada", two pieces of ma3mool, and a scoop of chocolate ice cream later I still can't get rid of that bad taste. Disappointed!
  • Review by Hamzah of Burger Joint
    8 years ago
    I'm disappointed. I heard about this place from a co-worker, and that it supposedly made great burgers. What I found out after trying it is that you end up overpaying for burgers that are (I'm being too generous) slightly above average. This place has positioned itself against what I call the "high end" burger places in Amman; places like Bash Burger, Fatty Dabs, and Cafe Burger. The burgers at Burger Joint are expensive, 5.5 JD for just the classic, but you just don't feel the justification for the price you just paid when you start eating the burgers. As a matter of fact, you can pay less (5 JDs) and get a better and slightly bigger burger at Feel with fries and a drink. Better yet, you can pay much less (2.25 JDs), and still get a more satisfying big burger at Tabheereh Snack. It's really disappointing! Overall, the high price with an average burger makes this place a bad deal. They need to work really hard on their burgers to get to the level of something like Bash Burger, which provides more and better meat and a tastier burger for the same price.
  • Review by Hamzah of Feel Burgers
    8 years ago
    Feel Burger makes a solid good burger. The meat is above average, but it's not as good as what you would get at a high end burger place like Bash Burger. Some people have complained that their patties have too much of a spices flavor in it, which is kind of true. They seem to have definitely adopted the spiced patty school of thought on burgers. Still, for 5 JD's you can get a really good filling double cheese burger with fries and a can of soda, and that is in my opinion the best burger they make, and it's called the "Feel Burger". I have eaten at Feel twice, and ordered delivery twice. I would definitely recommend you go there and not order delivery, or if you must eat your burger outside, then go take it out yourself, because if this burger goes cold, it loses like 60% of its grilled taste. The fries are average.
  • Review by Hamzah of Pizza Al Reef
    8 years ago
    I think this is one of the top 2 places for thin wood oven pizza's in Amman. It's the one that started the wood oven pizza craze in the city. They've been open for almost 2 decades now? And they've been consistently GREAT! One of the things I like the most about this place is the famous red hot sauce they put on the tables which you can use with the pizzas. It's really good. The only thing that I don't like about "some" of this restaurant's pizzas is that sometimes they come too watery (I think it's from some of the ingredients like the green peppers, hot dogs, and it might actually be the cheese). But there is a solution to this small problem, you can tell the restaurant when you order some pizzas (like the Capriciosa) to "dry it". They basically hold the pizza up against the flames a little bit to dry out its surface. It really makes a BIG difference and you suddenly go from what would have been an otherwise watery pizza to an AMAZING crispy but soft pizza crust. My favorite pizzas there are "name your own ingredients". They are: - Salami with parmesan (I don't think they use parmesan, I think they use something else, but they call it parmesan, but it's still good). - Capriciosa with Salami (tell them to dry it) - Reef with Salami As you can see, I love Salami pizzas :) Other notes: - Price is great for the taste you get when compared to the other pizza places in Amman. - The place is small, with only 5 or 6 tables from what I can remember, but I've rarely seen it full as most people normally just order for take out, so you can still go there with a big party. Until very recently, we used to always go there on Wednesdays with a party of 7 to 8 people (sometimes more) - They have another branch very close by which is bigger called Pizza Remini
  • Review by Hamzah of Ajenat Zaman
    8 years ago
    This place makes really good "3ajeeneh" for a very decent price. Really great value for money. On top of that, this place already has a "secret menu" which just tells you how much of a loyal following it has (more on that in the end). At my previous job we used to always order from 3ajeenet Zaman for breakfast. I remember being in the middle of a meeting with a client when our managing director walked in and gave the client a plate with some 3ajeenet zaman. The client went nuts on those mana2eesh/fatayer. I remember he asked the secretary for the name and phone number of the place. The client was the CEO of a major US car manufacturer's distribution operation in one of the major markets in the Middle East. It was funny watching him react like that. To the menu now. For breakfast, the best things to order are: - Halloum and Kashkawan cheese mix. - Meat with cheddar. This is really good if you want a heavy breakfast. It's really filling, and more importantly, REALLY good. - Za3tar and Jebneh. For any other time of day, they have a wide selection which is really good. All you have to do is look up their menu which is online, but what you won't find is .. their secret menu item :D I think this is only available in their 4th circle branch, and it's called the "Bosh". I'm not exactly sure what's in it besides the salami, but it's really good, and it's basically what I order if I want to eat 3ajeenet zaman at any later time in the day.
  • Review by Hamzah of Tabheerah
    8 years ago
    I will always love Tabheereh. This place saved me one night when I was suffering from a severe case of craving for a good burger. I was sitting with a friend in a nearby coffee shop when that friend suggested I try "Tabheereh". I explained that I needed to have a burger, but not any burger, a burger that would satisfy my craving, cure my itch, something "befish el ghol". He said "tabheereh burger is the answer". So I ordered it, and I was a much happier person when that burger came and I devoured it. The burger is BIG, big bun, big patty, two slices of cheese, mushrooms, and an oh-so-good sauce, and it comes with the "tabheereh" fries, which are basically regular french fries with some spicing added to them. So good. From that day on, I started exploring their selection of sandwiches more often. Their tabheereh burger is by far the best thing on the menu, and it's very cheap. I think JOD 3 and you'll have the full meal. They have good chicken bbq sandwiches, and good chicken shish taouk sandwiches. They also have REALLY good hot dog sandwiches. Not out of this world good, but solid good, and great value for money. I highly recommend this place. It's located in the western side of Umm Uthaina, in the same commercial buildings complex that has Fishawi Cafe, A3deh (previously Play On for kids), and some other shops. Go try it.
  • Review by Hamzah of Al Dolab Grills
    8 years ago
    Are you tired of shawerma, falafel, KFC, and McD sandwiches? Want to have something else tonight? A sandwich that has proper grilled meat that drips with sauce and explodes with taste? Well, this hidden gem (literally, it's hidden between Shawerma Karam and Fares in Sweifeyyeh) has the best shish taouq sandwiches in Amman. The marinade they use on the chicken is AMAZING; I wish I have that recipe to use when I do some grilling at home. But the thing I love the most about this place is the long narrow plastic bags they give you to use for holding each sandwich while you eat it. They make sure none of the good juices in the sandwich can escape your hungry stomach. Boy, I'm already salivating. I think I'm gonna have me a couple of Doulab sandwiches for lunch today.
  • Review by Hamzah of Bash Burger
    8 years ago
    We went there last night (Oct 2, 2012), and tried it for the first time. I tried the Diablo, and my wife tried the Bash, and we both had their spicy or Cajun fries. Short version: 5 Stars A+ This is "it". The best burger in Amman. Beats all of them. Long version: The meat is obviously premium quality Angus beef just as it says on their menus. You can tell when you eat it that you're eating proper Angus steak meat that's been ground into perfect patties. I also liked that it is not spiced up too much like some other places, but at the same time, it still has a distinctive taste to it, most of which comes from the taste of the high quality meat itself, which is the way it should be. IMPORTANT: Because they use steak meat and because their patties are so big and thick, I recommend ordering the burgers medium or medium well to really enjoy the taste and texture of the beef. We ordered it medium well. The bun is excellent. It's not too small, not too big, not too thick, and most importantly it's neither too soft that it breaks apart nor too hard that you feel your jaw is going to break from having to work through it. This place has really managed to get the meat/bun combination on their burgers just right. I tried a couple of bites from my wife's burger (The Bash) and I really liked it! The sauce they use is some special sauce they make and it tastes really good, and really is just perfect for that burger. The Diablo is VERY spicy. It has both jalapenos AND a spicy sauce. If you want a burger with just some kick to it, but not one that will make you sweat, then I recommend you ask the waiter to take it easy on the spicy sauce (I think it's the same as the Bash sauce, but with red chilli peppers in it). Overall, I think BB has rightly earned the title of the best burger joint in Amman. No other place serves such big portions of such high quality meat. They get every thing right. The choice of bun, the sauce, the fries, everything. They really have done a great job!

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This is what passes for an "Original New York Cheesecake" at this restaurant. اللي اخترع التشيزكيك انتحر لما شاف الصورة