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  • Review by Batoul of Moon Mood
    4 years ago
    This was absolutely ghastly and disgusting. First of not only did they confuse my bill and made me pay 5 extra JDs for this thing they called food. But their lasagna was swimming in sauce.. it tasted like it's been made 3 days prior with cheese reapplied and recooked and it was clearly burnt. I would give this to my dog honestly.
  • Review by Batoul of Old View Cafe
    5 years ago
    Been to it like two years ago and it was beautiful, service much better enjoyed the view and the atmosphere and decor were great. Recently i don't know if the management has changed but now it's just a cheap lovers spot to be honest, the table clothes were dirty and i don't know what they are trying to do with the decor and all service sucks, the only good things is the view and the free peanuts.
  • Review by Batoul of FireFly Burger
    5 years ago
    To be honest i found the burger to be over rated, just a regular home made style burger, no biggy! We visited on athursday night which granted it was super busy our orders came after 30 minutes and we weren't treated very well by the workers, waited like 20 minutes to find a table. And they don't take credit cards... Burger meal was about 6JDs
  • Review by Batoul of Café Hanin
    7 years ago
    Pricey!, relaxing setting, i loved the little traditional details the hostess was dressed in a tob and they had little newspaper adds from the 30's at the end of the menu, it has a very nice view inside of the cafe not at the terrace, i tried the watermelon juice and the grilled potato salad both yummy i would probably go again if it was with family
  • Review by Batoul of CrepAway
    7 years ago
    ohh crepaway mmm yumms, i love this place LOVE , the place is really nice its lovely to sit on the terrace in the afternoon, not so much at noon gets super sunny and annoying, the prices are average, the food is really good and there's a large variety, the waitresses are funny and down to earth which i liked because it gave a friendly touch to the place, i will definitely try it again and again LOL Meals i have tasted: i have tried the mozerella burger perfect for a vegetarian, speilburger -high quality regular burger so no different but yummy, chicken b-mozz yumms!, BBQ burger BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER tasted seriously so yummy its like with avocado and tomato and bbq sauce, chicken tenders -not bad-, homemade nachos -so dang good-
  • Review by Batoul of Noodasia
    7 years ago
    Overall it's great i've tried twice once i ate at the actual resturant and the other time i ordered in, both times the food was great. The setting is beautiful and relaxing, very clean, nice people too. The food was AMAZING we ordered a huge variety of entre, everyone loved it i specially liked the Thai chicken and the sweet and sour, be sure to order Indonesian rice its really yummy and its honestly what made me feel like im eating asian, i had a great time and also learned how to use chop sticks correctly :P . When i ordered in the food was delivered in exactly 50 minutes which is great, it was hot when i got it the portions where great and the prices were average but overall yummy, i ordered the Indonesian rice and thai chicken , it was 13 JDs, my and my mom ate and i even had left overs for the next so ya!
  • Review by Batoul of Al Hindi Restaurant
    7 years ago
    I ordered in, its honestly one of the best Indian cuisine restaurents i've tasted in ammman, the portions are good i don't feel like i have been robbed out of my money, delivery packaging is really good because it kept the food hot and didn't spill or anything. As for the actual food i ordered the regular chicken curry with biryani rice which was great clean and the chicken which i'm very picky about is clean it doesn't have any smells like the usual Indian restaurants in amman, prices i found great, i'd imagine it would be even cheaper at the restaurant because of the delivery charges. I highly recommend it. :D
  • Review by Batoul of Centro Diner
    7 years ago
    the food was yummy but nothing special, it's certainly pricey specially the steaks and grilled chicken, the burgers are average price wise and taste wise, the setting is lovely, the music was nice, there is outdoor seating, i think im going to give the place another visit just to try some of the other dishes.
  • Review by Batoul of TAJ Cinemas
    7 years ago
    The place is nice, not a lot of people, but its not better than the other cinemas in amman if you purchase the regular ticket which is for 7 JDs, good collection of chocolates popcorn is yummy, it has most of the movies in the box office which is good, i found the seats a little uncomfortable, if you go be sure to bring a jacket or something it gets cold inside, and over all it was a good experience. :)
  • Review by Batoul of Gyros & More
    7 years ago
    I loved the experience, the owners are so nice, it's small but it wasn't a problem for me, the food is out of this world it was so tasty and made with patience, the prices i thought were pretty cheap, it's a nice hang out place, meals include fries, salad and a drink which is great for the price. definitely recommend it
  • Review by Batoul of 18th Century Burger
    7 years ago
    The food was great, the place is clean and lovely, the prices are not that expensive but be careful prices do not include sides like fries and drinks, there wasnt a lot of people, the music was nice mostly mood 92, theres free refill while dinning for the drinks.
  • Review by Batoul of Cafeteria Al Quds
    8 years ago
    I ordered falfel which is pretty much what it has, its clean, regular falfel rusturent menu, there's no place to sit so its take out, does not offer alcohol, cheap prices. really fast like we ordered 13 sandwiches and they were ready in about 6 mns, parking outside can be tricky cause of how crowded rainbow st., they dont offer delivery.
  • Review by Batoul of Dr. Medhat Abdel Malek
    8 years ago
    I like the clinic they always have soothing music, the doctor is good i've been going their ever since i can remember, ofcourse like most doctors he only gives you a few minutes of his time but mostly it's enough. i don't know about his prices because i'm insured so i don't have to pay anything

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