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  • Review by Lana of Fouad
    8 years ago
    One of the best supermarkets in amman, i just love this place, i can find anything there, specially my favorite Milka strawberry and yoghurt, I’ve been looking for this chocolate for the past two years and when i saw it the other day i bought like 20, you can find different brands local and international, items you won’t find in other big stores, prices are good for what you’re getting, workers are friendly too.
  • Review by Lana of Wox and Company
    8 years ago
    I love this hindi place, we usually order from there once a month and I keep dreaming of the next time, they deliver it fresh hot and perfect, they will never disappoint you, the food tastes good you can choose how hot spicy you want it, my favorite dishes are hyderabadi, chicken butter and nan bread, and prices are reasonable.
  • Review by Lana of Ararat restaurant
    8 years ago
    I had lunch at Ararat the other day, will definitely go back and eat their amazing food, literally we ordered everything on the menu, and we cleaned the plates, am a bit picky when it comes to eating meat, but couldn’t resist the look of the food nor the taste, the taste is great I liked everything, professional staff they know how to satisfy their customers, good prices, clean and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Review by Lana of Fornarina Pizza
    8 years ago
    It’s a small pizza place that serves pizza all day long and pizza manakeesh morning time, the place is clean, helpful staff a small stool bar if you want to wait for your pizza or enjoy it there, I love the salads, you can add, remove any item or even ask for something you like, the owner of this pizza place will do satisfy your hunger needs, and he will make sure your happy, my favorite is funghi salad and pepperoni pizza.
  • Review by Lana of Fatty Dabs Burger Shack
    8 years ago
    My favorite place for burgers, I can’t describe the taste out of this world, I can say I am addicted to their burgers, the meat tastes different juicy clean and yummy the mixes and toppings are perfectly added, my favorite is the fatty burger, I tried their ice cream, something to die for, rich and full of flavor, not a commercial ice cream.
  • Review by Lana of Snax Convenience Stores
    8 years ago
    Snax is one of my favorite places to grab something to eat, you can find different kinds of fresh salads, healthy sandwiches, hotdogs, Lentils soup, Pastry, coffee, tea, Turkish coffee, ice tea, alongside to some cookies and English cakes from Auntie Hanadi’s, the store is clean, and the staff is very helpful.
  • Review by Lana of Casper and Gambini's
    8 years ago
    Thou its one of my favorite places, I love the food and dessert, but the last time I went there was kind of disappointing, the sugar on the tables was expired two months ago, no one noticed, we told the manager they apologized and changed the sugar, the food was good as usual, I had spicy chicken wrap, it was perfect not to spicy juicy full of flavor I do recommend.
  • Review by Lana of Al Kalha
    8 years ago
    My last experience at kalha was a disaster, I went to get two sandwiches at 11:15 am they told me there’s a huge delivery and they need around 15 minute to be done so I paid and I told them I’ll be back, I was there at 11:45 my sandwiches wasn’t ready, when I went and I checked they told me there’s no falafel in the restaurant and I need to check with the cashier and get my money back, I was really upset, and the cashier had to check with the workers and ask for my sandwiches, after that they start preparing falafel again, and I got my sandwiches at 12:15 pm, basically I spent one hour to get two sandwiches of falafel.
  • Review by Lana of University Bookshop
    8 years ago
    my favorite bookshop, you can find any book you want for any author , and what i like about it in particular is the price, very reasonable comparing for other book shops, especially if you want to buy a book, plus people who work there are very friendly, and nice plus they know about books and can help you out, even if you give them a call they can assist you, answer your questions, and they are aware of their items.
  • Review by Lana of The Cakery
    8 years ago
    My favorite place on earth, yes the shop is a bit small but what they got inside is heaven, the perfect cakeshop if you want to get a cake for a special occasion, something extra ordinary, creative and tasty, im in love with their tarts it’s a must try, specially the passion fruit tart, and the lemon tart, and their cookies are soo good my favorites are the ones with dates, prices are good comparing to what you’re getting, nice helpful staff, good location, you can’t go in without buying 10000 thing, I love it.
  • Review by Lana of Gerard
    8 years ago
    the other day i tried a new ice cream flavor "dates", it tasted like real dates with pieces of dates and nuts, if you like dates you will love i, heavy you won’t be able to eat more than one scoop, but it’s a must try definitely
  • Review by Lana of Fifty Six 56 Cafe & Restaurant
    8 years ago
    A great lovely place, where should I begin, big well furnished and decorated, everything is white and green, comfortable chairs, outdoor, with a view, you can go grab a bit or enjoy your argeeleh, you can go there with your family or a big group of friends, food is good, services is good too, you must check it out.
  • Review by Lana of PAUL
    8 years ago
    Yesterday was my first time visiting Paul City mall and I wish I didn’t, I liked the decoration you don’t feel that you’re sitting In a mall, the staff is super nice, the quality of food is good accept one thing, I ordered omelet, they serve it with lettuce salad for some reason, the thing is I noticed a green small worm walking between the lettuce and that was the most disturbing moment ever, I asked him to change the plant and he did without adding the salad again, please guys make sure to check your salad before eating it’s not a joke.
  • Review by Lana of Zest Pool lounge
    8 years ago
    one of the best summer places in amman, outdoor, dance music, great atmosphere, friendly working team, great DJ's, nightlife place.
  • Review by Lana of Burger Joint
    8 years ago
    The place is clean nice interior, but I think it’s a bit over priced I ordered (BBQ burger + fries+ juice, paid 9,50 JOD), the meat is tasty, burgers size is good, you can find pickles mayo ketchup …. on the counter if you need extra, but when you order your burger make sure to ask him if it contain tomato's, one of my friends ordered Swiss Mushroom and it was full of tomatoes and that was wired.
  • Review by Lana of The Ivy
    8 years ago
    amazing place, must visit for lunch or dinner, superb service, friendly helpful staff, the food is delicious i cant even describe it u must try it for your self, what i liked about is i wanted fried mushroom and it wasn't on the menu but the chef was kind enough to prepare it for me. i love this place.
  • Review by Lana of Las Tapas Bar
    8 years ago
    i love this place,specially the out door area, but i didn't like nor enjoyed the food last time i ate there, the chicken wings were oily and greasy, nachos were ok, moderate prices, good friendly services.
  • Review by Lana of Il Pizzaiolo
    8 years ago
    the best pizza place in Amman, heaven, Ive never tasted something like this before, you can taste all the ingredients mixed together, the cheese they use is different and doesn't kill the taste of the other items, healthy fresh salad, must try tuna salad, and chicken supreme.
  • Review by Lana of H2O
    8 years ago
    one of my favorite places, you can hang out during the day, swim and tan, and at night you can go their and party, good music open space, lovely people, good food, nice atmosphere.
  • Review by Lana of Le Royal Amman
    9 years ago
    Le royal spa, is one of my favorite spas, clean, spacious, good service, the gym is big and clean on the 8th floor with a great view, Two indoor swimming pools, dead sea pool, normal pool, and one outdoor small but nice. Plus there’s ladies gym with massage rooms, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, and machine room, they do give Different types of classes too.
  • Review by Lana of Le Gemelle
    9 years ago
    Salads and appetizers are really really good I tried stuffed mushroom Delliziosa Salad, pastas are good too, but pizza fatty, greasy, oily cheese, if you’re planning to try it make sure its lunch time not dinner or you will end up with stomach problems from the dough.
  • Review by Lana of Dr. Arafat Al Nueirat
    9 years ago
    this Dr. in my opinion is the best ear Dr. in Jordan, and when I say in Jordan I mean it, two years ago I’ve suffered from some whistling voice inside my ear, visited around 10 drs for help, but non did, some told ill lose my hearing some said u need to get medicine from USA, and then I decided to visit this dr. he checked my ear did some complicated tests and then told me that I need to remove the smallest bone in my body because it’s the reason why I keep hearing those noises and whistles inside. And if I decided not go with surgery I will lose the ability of hearing in one ear, After that I asked couple of Drs about the surgery they told me it’s a must and recommended Paris or Lebanon. but I decided to do it in Jordan, the surgery took around 4 hours he realized there’s a lot to be done in side my ear and did it, it was a successful surgery and I can say I am really proud to have such a dr. in Jordan, by the way he does this surgery like twice a month.
  • Review by Lana of Tempo Dance Academy
    9 years ago
    In my opinion I think tempo is one of the best dancing schools in Jordan, I’ve been there for the past six years and I don’t consider leaving, I took hip hop, salsa and tango classes, you will be addicted to the atmosphere and place, you will see young and old people dancing, talking, exercising, spinning, jumping and laughing.
    it feels like home.
  • Review by Lana of Books@cafe
    9 years ago
    One of my favorite relaxing spots, you can go read a book chill enjoy the view, comfortable atmosphere, great food tasty food, you must try the BBQ chicken salad.
  • Review by Lana of Jeeran
    9 years ago
    thank you jeeran, i can upload pictures and it is FUN FUN FUN.
    i was wondering regarding the iphone ipod app, is there an English version? and i noticed that i cant write reviews using my ipod, any future planes for this matter? thank you guys, all the best :)

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thank you cakery, best bday cake ever :D
pasta in the oven, make sure to add chicken to it, and enjoyyyyy :)
chicken quesadillas, really good.