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Lana Bandak

caramel latte

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  • Bassam0
    Bassam Abuaitah over 7 years ago

    We at Coffee Republic truly believe that we have one of the finest coffee blend in the world. Our secret unique blend is sourced from many countries and roasted to the highest standard at our roasters in Milan, Italy. All of our drinks are espresso based, as we believe this is the finest way to enjoy coffee. Whether you prefer a latte or espresso you can always savour our distinctive flavour.

  • Lana47
    Lana Bandak over 7 years ago

    yes its very good, my favorite is starbucks, but this one is really good trust me.

  • Aya75
    Aya Shurafa over 7 years ago

    i didnt try coffee rep before, i always go for starbucks or second cup should i switch?

  • Lana47
    Lana Bandak over 7 years ago

    you are welcome ;)

  • Alia26
    Alia Shooly over 7 years ago

    Lovely I adore these things thanks for the photo