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  • Review by NuR of Al Arabi Restaurant
    6 years ago
    Passed by this restaurant for a quick meal. Ordered chicken shawerma sandwiches. They were delicious. The restaurant is clean and the service is fast and good.
  • Review by NuR of Blue Fig
    7 years ago
    I like this place on Fridays mornings for a nice breakfast, they have different options in the menu but lacks more vegetables in each dish,,the way i like it in the morning The Atmosphere is nice, with a great customer service We tried the American Omelette with French fries, which was good enough the other dish was Omelette with cheese and turkey bacon which i liked more we asked for extra vegetables plate on the side, and they brought us a plate of olives, tomatoes and cucumber slices this breakfast was ended with toast breads with honey and cream dips, and they were delicious The price is average and the quality of the dishes is good. What I most like there, are the quotes written on the tea and coffee cups bases by famous people
  • Review by NuR of Buddah Club
    7 years ago
    I was invited there on a Wednesday night for a Sushi Open Buffet last week The Atmosphere and the decoration is very nice, with a great view overlooking at Amman city The Restaurant was empty without any customers but us, which marked a question in our heads about the quality of the served food, and was disappointing some how as we found only few kinds of sushi roles designed in three plate, maybe because we were the only customers there! The taste was fine but not great! for the parking you will have to give your car to the Valet of Le Royale Hotel as the restaurant is inside it.
  • Review by NuR of Bonita Inn
    7 years ago
    I tried this place last week for a work official dinner, some friends suggested that they have nice delicious dishes, though when i saw the menu it looked like more Italian than Spanish for me! I ordered the Lasagne bolognese, the serving portion is big enough and the taste was extremely nice that I will keep it in my mind to go back for another dish! The order took a long time to be ready on our tables, but it was worth waiting. The decoration and the Atmosphere is more suitable for a Romantic Dinner than an Official Dinner, so many candles all over that you can barely see the face in-front of you! The price comparing to the quality is quit fair And they have a valet parking service
  • Review by NuR of Café Hanin
    7 years ago
    The Place, Atmosphere and the service were good The decoration is simple and nice i tried only the Cinnamon drink, but it really needed cinnamon flavor!! it wasn't a good choice at all. also ordered chestnuts and they were very difficult to peel! and they serve it with a honey dip which was a good combination My friend tried the shisha and she says it was good enough it won't be one of my favorite places in winter, as they serve shisha and it is closed, but they have an open area in summer, so i'll give it a another try in summer to try the dishes which my friends told me that they were nice.
  • Review by NuR of Nestlé Toll House Café
    7 years ago
    It is a nice place to rest in the shopping mall for a nice cup of coffee, where you have enough choices that can fit your mood any time.. I tried the caffee latte which was good enough with the yummy extra chocolate chips Cookies which sweet enough that you can't finish it will go for smaller size next time. my favorite was the Toffee Nut Latte with the nice rich flavor and enough to go without any dessert beside. the Cups sizes are big,,the small size is even big!! , see picture. Friendly and fast service and they have Non-Smoking part. the prices are reasonable comparing to the quality and portion size.
  • Review by NuR of Feel Burgers
    7 years ago
    What i first like about this place, though it is small, the decorations are nice, and it is a NON-Smoking! it serves burgers, which taste close to the home made burger, the meat is delicious, the bread is nice and you can have as much as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, Chilli sauce and many others you would like which can be found on your table. the quality is fantastic and the place is very clean what i tried and was great, the pepperoni burger, the mexican chilli burger and the hotdogs, and will be back to try others for sure :)) what made my eyes heart-shaped and surprised me are those Coca Cola Vanilla flavored cans in the back of the counter, which i love but didn't find in Jordan but there. the price is a good deal comparing to the quality and portions. you can always find a place to park over there too.
  • Review by NuR of Mijana
    7 years ago
    I've been away from this restaurant for a while because the food quality became day by day worse... but after reading the comments i decided to give it a try again, as i love the summer outdoor area which is fresh between some nice trees. The food was great, especially the new menu that they have for the oriental dishes, i can't remember a starter (from Mtabbal, hummus, cheese, salads) that wasn't good or even from the main plates...all were delicious, in the other visit i tried the the Chicken with lemon sauce and it was good enough. the price comparing to the quality is average, the customer service is fast, and they offer valet parking as it is somehow difficult to find a parking place around. mostly you have to make a reservation i guess, and as i remember they ask if you have children with you or not...maybe children are not allowed to enter the restaurant or they have a special area for families with have to check on phone
  • Review by NuR of Rajeen Restaurant
    7 years ago
    Honestly if the chairs were more comfortable and the prices little bit cheaper i would rate it as out of this world! They serve oriental food plates, many delicious choices that cannot be found in other restaurants, with a nice way of serving Decoration of the restaurant is old oriental, with arabic oldies music.. very nice and calm i didn't check the non smoking area, but i guess they don't have, as they serve hubbly bubly too..but the ventilation is good enough that it doesn't become foggy inside the restaurant. the prices are pretty expensive, but the quality of the food is great! and the serving is fast and polite. they offer valet parking too you can even park yourself in the parking beside the restaurant, after the restaurant take the first right exit, and the parking will be on the left after few meters (Paid parking) what i like most that they serve as starters small shots of cucumber soup, very yummy and end up with a citrus shot of grape fruit juice that helps you after that heavy delicious meals you ordered. I was fascinated of the starters, we ordered superb mashrooms dish which was great, Sultaniyyeh made from eggplants was wonderful, and salads especially fattoush was delecious as a main dish i tried the Rainbow shawerma, beef shawerma which is served in a nice way, as shown in the picture, but the last time the spice of cardamom was more than usual, used to be less and tastes better before. any way we left very happy
  • Review by NuR of Jafra Cafe
    8 years ago
    if you have foreigner guests, they well love this place as it has a very classic old oriental design with nice antiques spread everywhere. the food they serve is quite delicious, whenever we go there, we first order the Kofta with Tahini plate before looking at the menu, HIGHLY recommended. the place serves oriental dishes and shisha (Smoking Area), if you are a non smoker, try to make a reservation at the terrace. the service is fast. the only difficult thing is finding a place to park in, you can't park on the street sides as it is forbidden which is not fair!, there is a small parking area few meters far away from it but no one can guess where it is as it is hidden between the buildings. one more thing... at night you will be surprised with a live performance of a singer playing Oud and singing old songs...But I'm sooooo sorry to say that his voice is not nice at all...sorry again!! :o/
  • Review by NuR of Steak Out
    8 years ago
    we ordered Sandwiches and boneless buffalo wings, the quality of the food was pretty good especially the bread that they use is so delicious and soft not forgetting the beef meat they use is not chewy and well done, and the place is clean and non smoking with simple decorations. The prices are fine comparing the taste and quality of the food that you will have and the fast service with the smiley faces too. it is located on a small exit, but you can park any place around and have a short walk. they serve only fast food. No children playing area No Valet.. No need!
  • Review by NuR of Cozmo
    8 years ago
    In this place, you can find some nice international brands, and when it comes to Qatayef, a friend suggested to me to try the Qatayef of Cozmo's own bakeries, it produces clean fresh and tasty qatayef, that when cooked it keeps its crunchy texture for a long period ( crunchy is the way i like it when it is fried) i was happy when this place was suggested, because you rarely find parking places in front of the other bakeries, don't forget the queue that you might wait in, wasting your time, while in Cozmo you can buy the other stuffing ingredients all from the same place. the prices are of good deal comparing to the great quality they serve.
  • Review by NuR of City Mall
    8 years ago
    This mall has the best design, in which you will never get lost and can find any store easily, as it is wide and the opening in the middle helps you see what is around and keeps its freshness ,and you can enjoy the decorations they add on their middle yard depending on the event. The parking of this mall has the best design ever, enough areas and spacing for each car. and the No-Smoking rule is taken care of by the security officers. Adding to this the toilets are clean. It has a good collection of stores,of different global brands, starting from clothes, bags and shoes for all ages, make-ups and perfumeries, accessories, electronics, chocolate, coffee and even desserts...and when you get tired, you can have a rest in the food court or the restaurants there for a meal or a drink..also you can end up your shopping to Carrfour for home groceries... for families with children, there children will enjoy shopping time in the playing areas. all in one place. So, when you go there for eid cloths shopping you will find what you need from a to z with the suitable prices. which i consider them as average prices in some store, not cheap nor expensive comparing to the other malls. and some of the shops gives you the right to exchange or refund what you bought within few days that they define which is great if you changed your mind about what you bought. After shopping in this mall, in eid you will have nice clothes, look good, smell nice, and be able to serve delicious desserts, chocolates, drinks and coffee to your guests...all this after one shopping visit to this mall.
  • Review by NuR of Big Mama's Bakery
    8 years ago
    Best Place ever for Non-Smokers and Cheesecake addicts that is if you find a table for yourself as the place is too small. The quality of the cheesecake they serve and other desserts are the best in Amman so far in my opinion, delicious, clean, and each portion is of average size that you can finish easily. Adding the tasty coffee in that huge cup you will be surprised with the most suitable price (about 4.5 JOD)! and the smiley face of the cashier... Cheezcake options are many, starting from nutella, blue berry, red velvet and others, my favorite was caramel cheesecake. In Ramadan, they had different types completing the nice atmosphere of Ramadan, date cheezecake, blue berry qatayef, cheesecake qatayef and arabian cheezcake with nice mistaka falvor. they were creative in these combinations of international and local desserts and very successful. for the parking, you can park any place in the neighbor hood, there are enough places out there. simply this place is out of this world
  • Review by NuR of Wox and Company
    8 years ago
    the restaurant has a new decoration, it is clean and well designed though i used to like the old atmosphere and decoration much more. but now it looks bigger and brighter. and the music is as usual calm, so good for gatherings and even work dinner. they have two types of dishes like being in a restaurant of 2 in one, indian and chinese, so you have too many choices. from the chinese dishes, the sweet and sour is perfect, kong pou is delicious and the quality of the meat they serve is pretty good, juicy and not gummy! the crab salad is out of this world and sushi is good as well but the corn soup is not the type that i like, it is not creamy. from the indian dishes, my favorite is chicken tikka masala, and beef mouli dish is great as the meat's texture and taste are wonderful. this restaurant is the perfect place when you are looking for healthy and tasty food, with good quality and hygiene, fast and polite service from the waiters who have SMILEY faces. the prices are average, and they have a non-smoking area. it offers take away and delivery services. for the parking, you can park any place in the neighbor hood or valet or even park it in the paid parking areas near by. the restaurant is located near Abdoun Park where children can go and play. since a long time this restaurant has the same good quality of food.
  • Review by NuR of Spinneys
    8 years ago
    a big, nice, clean and tidy place where you can find every thing you need for your home grocery from A to Z, and you will never feel uncomfortable if the place is crowded because it is well organised and you can find what you search for easily. The best thing in this store that you get surprised by finding very nice international brands with high quality that you would never find in other store in Amman. so if you have an invitation for ramadan, it is the best place to go for grocery shopping instead of wasting your time in more than one place, you can find what you need from drinks, food , vegetables, fruits and all necessary stuff for your recipes even the desserts. the prices are normal, sometimes expensive for the fruits and vegetables but deserve the quality you find. they have this spinneys card which you can gather points from your purchases and then refund the points with a gift. all your bags will be easily moved with the shopping cart to your car, where the hard moment starts when you drive trying to exit the mall.. the parking is not well designed at allll.. you go through a challenge to find the exit but thanks to the working staff in the parking who show you your path most of the time because you can't trust the signs.
  • Review by NuR of Bruschetta
    8 years ago
    the location of the restaurant is in calm place, where you can easily find a place to park in, it is also close to paid car parking places.
    the decoration and atmosphere is calm with fresh colors, cozy, clean and comfortable. the menu has wide selections, for a light meal, try pizza margarita, or mangolian stirr fry, for a heavy meal try lazanga.. the corn soup and the onion soup are tasty and warm. for the dessert, they have the best molten chocolate cake eveeeer, it just takes your heart away when the chocolate starts flooding from inside the cake. they serve a nice simple salad with good breads as soon as you order, so, good when you are starving, you don't have to wait the main dish. the service is fast, clean with very friendly faces. the prices are moderate and appropriate to the taste and portions of the dishes. the NON SMOKING area is fine, though it is open to the smoking area but you rarely feel the smoke from that side.
  • Review by NuR of Casereccio
    8 years ago
    it is one of my favorite places when I'm starving, because as soon as you enter they serve you very nice appetizers with delicious bread and olives,so you can snack before the main dish.
    the dishes i tried were perfect for someone looking for a heavy meal, like Risotto with mushroom, vegetarian Lasagna, lasagna with meat or fettuccine with mushroom. all are soooo delicious. following it with a light dessert the best choice is tiramissu they deserve every penny you pay them, the prices are appropriate regarding the portions of the meal which are more than enough for one person and the taste beside. with the decoration and music they take you to italy :) not noisy and perfect when you want to have a calm gathering with kind and fast service. could also be appropriate for a work meeting dinner!!! also...I'm a NON SMOKER and i left happy.
  • Review by NuR of PAUL
    8 years ago
    nice place to have a either a coffee drink with a dessert or a light nice meal, the prices are a little bit expensive, i will rate it 3/5 stars because the indoors (Non-Smoking) part is extremely smokey unfortunately!!!
  • Review by NuR of Auntie Hanady's Cheesecake & Cookies
    8 years ago
    one of the best places for the cheesecake addictive people, too many choices and outstanding dressings

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