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  • Review by Rasha of Wolfes Burger
    8 years ago
    we visited Wolfes restaurant as a group,The burger at this restaurant was delicious fresh and healthy,the price was not expensive we had a meal by no more than 3.5 Jd,it has nice and simple Decoration,very good customer service,but its not too much quickness to meet requests,it offers takeaway service.
  • Review by Rasha of Ocean Sea food and Lebanese
    8 years ago
    تجربتي كانت رائعة المطعم كتير مرتب ونضيف والاحسن من هيك انو الخدمة ممتازة،جلابت عندهم السمك والسلطات وحبيت شوربة الفطر عندهم كات فريش وزاكية كتير،الاسعار متوسطة بالنسبة لجودة الطعام والخدمة يعني بستاهل السعر،في اماكن للاصطفاف،الديكور مرتب ومريح والمحل واسع اكيد بنصح بتجربتو :)
  • Review by Rasha of Whispers Restaurant
    8 years ago
    من اكتر واحب المطاعم اللي بحبها وبميزها كل شي بالمطعم بنحب وبتميز الاكل ،القعدة،الاضاءة،بالنسبة الي مكان مريح واكلو كتير طيب و زاكي،بحب طريقة تعاملهم وتقديمهم،اكتر مطعم بحب اعتمدو،جودة الطعام ممتازة وكل شي فرش وصحي،الاسعار مناسبة بالنسبة لكل شي مقدم.
  • Review by Rasha of Zalatimo Brothers Sweets
    8 years ago
    جربت المكان اكتر من مرة بالمناسبات والاعياد وبصراحة هوة كتير مميز بالتشكيلات اللي عندو طبعاً جودة وانواع الحلويات اللي عندو كتير ممتازة،وطريقة عرضها وتقديمها مرتب ،بحب من عندهم الراحة بالفستق والشوكولا بانواعها،هوة من الاماكن المرتبة والموثوق فيها لشراء الحلويات بالمناسبات والاعياد بنصح بالتعامل معهم،بالنسبة للاسعار اعلا من غيرو شوي بس السعر مناسب للجودة والنضافة.
  • Review by Rasha of Sufra
    8 years ago
    جربت المحل على فطور رلامضان مع الشركة وكانت تجربتي جيدة لاول مرة بزيارتنا لسفرة،حبيت ديكور المحك والقعدة الخارجية كتير كانت حلوة مع الاجواء الرمضانية،وكان المحل منظم بالضيافة والترتيب،الاسعار كانت جيدة لفطور رمضاني و التنوع الموجود بالبوفيه ،لكن بالنسبة الي جربت المنسف والكبة اللبنية بس ما حبيتو كتير كان عادي بعض الشيئ بحب المرة التانية اجرب نوع تاني،بس كان المقبلات زاكية ومرتبة حبيت اللبنة عندهم والحمص والمتبل ومفركة البطاطا كانت زاكية كتير،بوفر الاراجيل وعندو خدمة الاصطفاف،بحب اني اعيد تجربتي بالاخص بالاجواء الصيفية.
  • Review by Rasha of Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken
    8 years ago
    I stopped by here for lunch,everything I've had has been great, delicious potato and crunchy chicken,its different than other chicken restaurant,i like to try a Fish Fillet sandwich again its delicious,prices is good,the food seems fresh,the food is also very good and I definitely look forward to visit this place again,its offers takeaway.
  • Review by Rasha of Coffee Republic
    8 years ago
    I had an iced latte and Espresso, with layers of milk, and perfect foam. It's also nice to have breakfast here,nice atmosphere and simple area to have a coffee here, not quite busy place,its offers shisha of seating outside,prices is good like other brands of coffee, ,i recommended to visit it.
  • Review by Rasha of Joy Town
    8 years ago
    I've been there several times the best and the most fun places and games there. and always had a greeat time with the kids,i love this place really i think this is great for kids :) ,you can buy a card having a credit there to play of a different games,its safety for the kids and interesting, especially because its inside the "Avenue Mall" so you can have a parking there,prices is good but i hope that games does not end quickly in my opinion this is only the disadvantage for it!!all the stuff and customer service is friendly and i recommend others to visit it.
  • Review by Rasha of Kempinski Amman
    8 years ago
    It a good place for group of people to spend time their They have bowling, billiardo at the same place I will sure bring my friends here to spend our weekend,the bowling are different from the normal bowling in the other malls,prices is on average,the place is clean and nice atmosphere,staff are friendly,looking forward to going again...
  • Review by Rasha of Trio
    8 years ago
    جربنا المطعم وكانت تجربتي معو جيدة،طلبت سلطة يونانية كانت زاكية كتير ومرتبة ونضيفة،بس الوجبة اللي طلبتها كانت مش كتير زاكية يعني عادية ،طلبت تشكن ليمون مع خضار وبطاطا بصراحة كانت ناشفة وعادية،ماحبيتها كتير،بالنسبة للمكان خدمتو كتير كويسة واسعارو متوسطة،والقعدة فيو منيحة،ممكن اجربو مرة تانية بس بطلب وجبة تانية واكيد بجرب السلطة من جديد،المحل بقدم اراجيل وموجود في خدمة الاصطفاف،قائمة الطلبات متنوعة.
  • Review by Rasha of Perfect Nails
    8 years ago
    I tried the saloon myself and am actually thinking of goin back there,the receptionists were so nice and polite,amazing and am very happy.The salon is beautiful and definitely worth a visit,The place is pure luxury,efficiency of staff and workers,quality of the used supplies are very good and clean and the salon is just for women and all the stuff are women,you have to make appointment before,Place a systematic and organized dates so you will never be late.
  • Review by Rasha of Feel Burgers
    8 years ago
    I've heard alot about this place from my friends,food was pretty good fantastic selection of meals served good place is if you wanna have burgers, it didn't expect to get dazzled by this place.. the food seems tasty i had fun experience of the freshness of my grilled sandwich.. maybe I'll try another meal next time,service is good and I think this place is really cool for everyone that wanna eat burgers..
  • Review by Rasha of Raghad Flowers
    8 years ago
    دائماً بفضل اني اشتري من عندهم الورد واتعامل معهم ،معاملتهم كتير كويسة مع الزباين،بنصحوك شو تختار ، وبالنسبة للاسعار جداً كويسة ورخيصة وبتطلع الباقة مرتبة وحلوة بالتزيين ، بحب اشتري من عندهم كمان الزريعة الصغيرة ،احياناً بكون في اماكن اصطفاف كونو بالدوار السابع،بقدم خدمة تزيين قاعات الافراح والمناسبات وعندو خيارات متنوعة لتختار.
  • Review by Rasha of Showmarz
    8 years ago
    جربنا اليوم شومرز واكلنا من عندو سندويشات متنوعة،توقعت يكون ازكى من هيك،حسيتو عادي جداً متل غيرو من المطاعم،بالنسبة الي جربت الستيك ساندويش وكانت سعر الوجبة 5,50 دينار،حسيتو انو اغلا من غيرو من المحلات مابعتقد انو هاد سعر مناسب للساندويش!نضافة المطعم جيدة وفي عندو خدمة التوصيل،ممكن اعيد التجربة بس مابفضلو عن غيرو كتير..!
  • Review by Rasha of Deir El Qamar
    8 years ago
    I heard of the place before but it's even better than I though it is,It very Sophisticated restaurant, the atmosphere is great, the food and drinks are brilliant. I had a variety of foods, it was really delicious, perfect for dinner and lunch with your family and friends when you are hungry and want a delicious foods,prices are pricy but Suitable for quality foods,total satisfaction :)
  • Review by Rasha of Baboonej
    8 years ago
    We went there for the 1st time in a while,and i didn't really enjoy it,I was feeling pretty disappointed,The price has fortunately good,this place was boring for us and annoying,it offers shisha,customer service is good, there's much more places in amman most beautiful than this, the place is very normal and it does not have something special.
  • Review by Rasha of Bob Beauty Lounge
    8 years ago
    the place is nicely decorated and very clean,i went there with my sister for here wedding to make a reservation and try the salon,the stuff did a great job ,services and products are great,the owner their his name Ibrahim provides advice to clients in all honesty,Definitely worth a visit and you won't be disappointed,for sure I'm going back, next time!
  • Review by Rasha of Pizza Qaysar
    8 years ago
    good pizza ,slightly better for you than other "in my opinion",pizza with vegetables or little caesar pizza,delivery is taken about 45 min , prices on average and you can get the second pizza for free,the atmosphere of the restaurant in this branch was good,service is good,its pretty good.
  • Review by Rasha of Second Cup
    8 years ago
    I like this place! I was there several times with my friends and we always had a coffee or cappuccino from here,last time i tried Mocha it was tasty but i always prefer espresso from here its so delicious and its smell great :) the prices is good,the place was quite and the service was very good,i recommended to visit it when you are going to have a quite moment with a delicious coffee..
  • Review by Rasha of Fruit Salad
    8 years ago
    Their fruit salad is a huge serviing for 3 to 4 jd! All seasonal fruit, all well cut and in good quality. Their fresh water melon and pineapple juice is very good too,I prefer fresh juices here. They are very delicious recommend this place to try fruit salad or a cool glass of fresh juice.
  • Review by Rasha of Orchid Flowers
    8 years ago
    المحل كتير حلو كتير مرتب وبصراحة تعاملهم جداً راقي وبسمعو الزباين جربنا المحل لتنظيم ازهار العرس وكيف بعرضها والاهم من هيك انو بعمل العينة وبورجيها للزبون هوة وبالمحل يعني بتطمن كيف شغلو رح يكون،يعني بحضر طاولة العرس انت وموجود وبعطيك افكار كتير حلوة ومش تقليدية بالمرة،المحل كتير مرتب ونضيف وخدماتو ممتازة،صحيح انو الاسعار غالية بس بتستحق الشغل اللي بعملو،والاهتمام اللي بقدمو للزباين.
  • Review by Rasha of Izheman Mills
    8 years ago
    بحب اتعامل معهم واشتري من عندهم مش بس لانو محمص وببيع قهوة بس الشي المفيد اللي عندو انو بتلائي كتير انواع من الزيوت والعطارة وبنصحوك شو تجرب يعني بتلائو عندو اشياء العطارة والاعشاب والزهورات والحنة والزيوت بانواعها مابتتغلب تلائيها بالنسبة لاسعارو كويسة الخدمة ممتازة وبتلبي طلبك.
  • Review by Rasha of Ruken Al Sham Sweets
    8 years ago
    جربنا اليوم من عندو حلاوة الجبن وكانت كتير زاكية وخفيفة والاهم من هيك انو المحل نضيف كتير والحلويات الموجودة عندو كتير مرتبة وزاكية،بالنسبة للاسعار اسعارو متل باقي المحلات الحلو يعني متوسطة ومناسبة،بقدم الحلويات الشرقية بكافة انواعها بنصح الكل يجربو خصوصاً حلاوة الجبنة اللي عندو لانها فريش وحابة ارجع اتعامل معهم واجرب انواع تانية،علب الحلو اللي عندو حلوة ومرتبة،بنصحكم تجربو واكيد بعيد تجربتي:)
  • Review by Rasha of Vero Moda Jack & Jones Fashion
    8 years ago
    I bought a selection of vero moda clothing... pants, shorts and tops.its casual simple and stylish,the price is good not pricy it has new collectin every week,suitability and availability of the fitting rooms,Service switch and rewind its available and customer service was very comfortable,I've already recommended to friends and would have no hesitation in doing so again....
  • Review by Rasha of Pharmacy One
    8 years ago
    Staff are very friendly and always willing to help.., I go there to get my best medical care i found every thing i need , the quality of care for the products are perfect cleaned and new,Everything was efficient, from dealing with my insurance company to checking .the staff were caring and knowledgeable,i would have no hesitation choosing to go here again,you can find every thing you need of a medical goods.

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