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  • Review by Shahira of Volcano
    5 years ago
    Their mana'eesh is really good, I really recommend it. They are generous with their toppings, so you don't feel like you're eating pastry only. My favourite is the cheese and zaatar mana'eesh. They do deliver if you ask them to, through a delivery company.
  • Review by Shahira of Volcano
    5 years ago
    Their mana'eesh is really good, I really recommend it. My favourite is their cheese and zaatar mana'eesh.
  • Review by Shahira of Noble Chocolate Cafe
    5 years ago
    like this place overall. Took my brother's kids with me and they also approve it. Here are the good things: - Great banana crepe - Good price - Helpful that gives good recommendation Some things that I didnt like: - There were guys smoking - The chairs are too office like, I wish there were couches
  • Review by Shahira of Music Whale
    5 years ago
    Love their ballet lessons for little girls, the girls enjoy it and the instructor is very friendly and turns the class into a game. Wish their place is more colorful and cheerful. Hope they add more dance classes to!!
  • Review by Shahira of Curves For Women
    8 years ago
    I am a relatively new member at Curves , so I will share my initial experience on it.  I heard about it through many friends, some recommending and others not, and by coincidence I receive a call from them, asking if I would be interested in a tour of the gym and an assessment. So I went. The tour was short, I would rather a full trial, instead I tried out a couple machines  with the trainer followed by a 30 minute discussion on why I want to enroll in the gym, my goals, my exercising preferences and so on,  it was hectic and time consuming. As the questions asked did not require extensive analysis. At that point, I was going to leave and never come back, but the thought of a 30 minutes exercise was very inviting. The gym is really fun, and effective... You don't get bored of doing the same moves as there are 10 different machines, and the trainers are very motivating and make the workout fun. The place is clean and convenient with changing rooms, showers, lockers and toilets. Free parking is also available.  So yes, I highly recommend it if you are on a tight schedule  and not a fan of the regular gyms.
  • Review by Shahira of Gourmet Garden
    8 years ago
    Been to this place several times this summer. The location is great, close to the busy Abdoun area, still away from the crowded streets. The setting is actually in a garden, beautifully set. This a place you go to have a descent or intimate conversation with someone, not loud nor crowded, which is why I like going there. I recommend the chairs instead of the couches. Not very comfortable, especially for dinning.
  • Review by Shahira of The Paino Room
    8 years ago
    The best music teacher, I really recommend her, she is great with kids, and they enjoy their classes with her. If you are interested in learning Piano, do not hesitate !
  • Review by Shahira of GOA Cafe
    8 years ago
    This is one of the hidden places I like to go to when I am not in the mood for bumping into others, the cafe is quite small, well decorated and has quite good service. It isn't for you if you're looking to go out and meet new or even old faces, it's the place you head to when you want to talk, and well, hmm.. listen. Dessert is super, from Cozmo's bakery, which is a great one by the way. Food is sometimes delicious other times okay, not happy with the inconsistency, although I don't go there for the food. Penne is recommended :) And their Coffee is good. The valet is annoying, they block the whole street, forcing you to hand over the car, which I proudly don't do :D
  • Review by Shahira of Il Pizzaiolo
    8 years ago
    Today was the second time I eat this Pizza, it's the best I've had! I've tried several kinds, My favorite is the one with Rocca and pomegranate. The crust is thin, which is to my preference, and the toppings (cheese, sauce and so on...) are just right. Not greasy, not heavy, I could say a downside could be that you dont fill up quickly. I honestly haven't paid for it, but heard it was a bit pricier than other similar pizza places, worth it of-course!
  • Review by Shahira of Furun Sabaho
    9 years ago
    Their mana'eesh is really good, my favourite is the Akkawi cheese, and the turkey & cheese. They have some other good mana'eesh as well. The cost is very affordable as well. The place is not the best in terms of cleanliness. the dough is a bit sweet, just a tiny bit. Overall, it's good.
  • Review by Shahira of Chili House
    9 years ago
    my favourite Jordanian food chain. this place is must go to place for every Jordanian, it's part of our childhood. The classic cheeseburger is delicious! the Chinger, and the chicken burger are also delicious. don't forget to order your fries as chilli cheese fries and enjoy!
  • Review by Shahira of Abu Jbara
    9 years ago
    best of the best in Falafel, and you can actually enjoy sitting in their Mecca street branch with friends and family. Cleanliness of the place is above standard. their falafel pita bread sandwich is my all time favourite!
    Funny side note, that they don't serve knives with their silver ware. we weren't convinced and kept asking different waiters, they all said, we simply don't have. Another note to the owner, please switch your tea to Al Ghazaleen or Lipton, because Twinings English breakfast tea does not go well with fresh mint, and you can't eat falafel without tea with MINT :)
  • Review by Shahira of Zaatar w Zeit
    9 years ago
    In short, the best sandwiches of its kind in the world! pricey? yes! worth it? yes! the ingredients are so fresh and tasty! their delivery is super fast! and I really like their branding as well.
  • Review by Shahira of The Mill Bakeries
    9 years ago
    I really like everything they bake, especially the mana'eesh and my favourite is the one with cheese and zaatar together, without a doubt its the best in Amman ! however, its always disappointing that you don't always find Mana'eesh, they stop making them by 11 which is quite early expecially on Fridays, when people usually have brunch at 12-1 instead of breakfast and lunch. They are a bit pricey on the small pastries. And you have to try their pistachio Ma'moul, it's really yummy!
  • Review by Shahira of Sufra
    9 years ago
    This is one of the finest restaurants in Amman, a personal favourite. It's cuisine is Jordanian, so you can find Msakhan, Maftool, Mansaf, Freekeh and the likes, all are very tasty. Dishes are served in clay bowls.
    The restaurant itself is also beautiful, not extravagant, just right. The interior design reserves the antique-ness of the house.
  • Review by Shahira of King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque
    9 years ago
    مسجد جميل وحدائق جميلة جداً، رحت مرة في رمضان وعنجد كان مكان ساحر. وأعطى عمان جميل خصوصا باليل. تعليقي الوحيد انه مصلى السيدات صغير شوي، فبرمضان بتعجق كتيير.  
  • Review by Shahira of Noodasia
    9 years ago
    من محلات alsushi المفضله، كتيييير طيب ، و الصيني كمان ممتاز، اسعاره ذي المطاعم إلي بمستواه، ريحة الأكل بتعلق فيك لأنو open kitchen . الخدمه منيحة و في valet، بس كمان في باركينغ قريب منو أحسن تصف فيو 
  • Review by Shahira of Fruit Salad
    9 years ago
    أحسن وجبه خلال الدوام، كتير بحبه، دايماً بطلب التروبيكال مكس .في Mara إستعملو Ana as معلب ، فبتمنى انهم يستعملو بس فواكه طازة

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