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  • Review by MaRina of Orange Telecom
    8 years ago
    We asked Orange to transfer our internet to the new house last month. We went to the company and finished the paper work. We've been given an appointment for the technician to come and fix the whole thing. Our appointment was on the 20th of January, but nobody showed up! Therefore, I made a call to the customer service asking them to send someone and they said "tomorrow"! That's has been the case since the pervious date until now! I don't recommend dealing with them at all! Because once you have a problem with the service, they'll become ignorant and will never listen to the actual compliant!
  • Review by MaRina of Caribou Coffee
    8 years ago
    Caribou Coffee is a decent place to get a beverage, and to just kind of chill out. It's a convenient place to stop at if you need a break during shooping. their Latte is delicious. It is one of the best coffees I've ever had, and even though it is not very strong, it has complex flavors that remind me of hints of chocolate with just a dab of cinnamon. I really like this in the evening, or during a shopping trip in Al baraka Mall. They have a limited food menu, and I did enjoy a Blueberry Muffin on my last trip there. Its a bit expensive at 3.00jds, but its of decent size, and you do get your money's worth as it is loaded with berries. Its soft interior texture, with a slightly toasted exterior, make it a culinary delight that I will be getting again. Service has been fantastic, the staff are always so cheerful while making sure that your order is correct. I've been pleased by how fast they keep lines moving, and in keeping the dining area clean. The dining area is simple, with just a few tables, but its a fine place to get some internet and read a good book.
  • Review by MaRina of Houston's Restaurant
    8 years ago
    I have eaten at Houston's a number of times, probabely 4 or 5 times and I've never had a bad experience there. The menu has many dishes to choose from, their appetizers are always good, i usually order potato skins, its way beyond delicious, with the melted chedder cheese and sour cream, its so yummy. As for the main dishes I personally like their Fried chicken, which comes with grilled potatos and vegetables. These Chicken Tenders are the best in taste, they are crispy from the outside and chewy/juicy from the inside.The staff always looks professional with their red outfits. The service has always been good in this place. Tables are cleared and reset quickly. Quick service to the tables and timely presentations of the courses and drinks. The prices are normal for this quality. You have to try Houston's I believe its the right place for you.
  • Review by MaRina of Cantina
    8 years ago
    Nothing's terribly special about this place. We decided to try it after hearing many good reviews from friends. The atmosphere is below normal, the tables are so close to eachothers that you can hear others chewing and Even though there were empty tables it appeared they were short staffed, so we waited a long time to get our food done. I ordered mssakhan rolls, It was fine but definitely it wasn't msakhan. I think it was some chicken wrapped in a tortilla!but it wasn't that bad. The prices are reasonable and there is a valet service.
  • Review by MaRina of Vetzone Pet Health Center
    8 years ago
    I called the center yesterday to take an appointment to groom my dog. When the lady answered I asked her about a grooming voucher that i have, and if i can still use it. She was very welcoming and she said yes sure you can! when I got there the groomer/Veterinarian, gave my dog one look and told me in a disgusted voice that his fur was so matted and that I should have taken better care of him. Well, sorry, but his past owner didn't groom him much! Then I showed him the voucher when he told me in the rudest way ever that i cant use it!! and he decided to charge me 30JDs! I will never took any of my pets there again! the employees have some behavioral issues that they need to work on!
  • Review by MaRina of Mario's
    8 years ago
    Today, it’s common to have at least 100 or more pizza joints to choose from in Amman, offering pizzas for pickup or delivery, served piping hot and ready to eat once they leave the restaurant. One pizza place that’s a little different from the others is Mario's. A place that I've recently heard about. Pizza might be their specialty, but it’s not the only food served at Mario's. This restaurant also serves cookies, several different salads, calzone and burgers. I tried the Margarita pizza, its was so good & prepared with fresh ingredients that are never frozen. However, the dough was so thin that i couldn't hold the slice. The prices are fine, its not that cheap but its totally affordable. The employees are so helpful and friendly. I recommend it for pizza lovers.
  • Review by MaRina of Bits and Bites
    8 years ago
    bits and bites may well be the "compromise" in fast food. They aren't exactly your green, leafy salad, but they aren't a dripping Big Mac either. It's a little something healthy and a little something unhealthy, mixed together and doing alright. they offer a nice selection of food, I tried the Jalapeno Sandwich it was so delicious, however the fires are a bit thin! I also tried the Greek salad, It was so fresh and well made. the prices are fine, the meal will cost you around 4 jds.
  • Review by MaRina of Dorado
    8 years ago
    I went to Dorado for the first time this weekend with my cousin. None of us had ever been there before, so it was our first time, and believe me it won't be the last. They offer many ice creme flavors but not so many that u'll become confused to pick. The employee was very friendly and was happy to offer us a sample from each and every flavor. I LOVE ice cream, and let me tell you, this is the best ice cream I have had in a long time. The ice cream is really rich and creamy. I could only eat a small cup! If you like ice cream, don't wait another day to get there. If you don't like ice cream, you just might change your mind. I tried the flavor that my cousin's got, and even the flavors that I don't usually like were delicious (coffee, Mango, Bubble gum.. etc). I had the apple and the melon without any toppings and it was a creamy, tropical dream.
  • Review by MaRina of Feel Burgers
    8 years ago
    I'd like to give Feel Burger a more positive review, since they seem to be doing a lot of things right, at least in theory. The hamburger patties themselves are fresh and made of high quality beef, the buns are fresh, and the fries are crispy and flavorful. That being said, Feel burger really just reminds me of a somewhat upscale version of what a standard fast food chain offers. Sure, it's better than McDonald's or Burger King, but it doesn't stand out in any particular way. The food fills you up, and it's pretty good, but I completely forgot about it within 15 minutes or so.
  • Review by MaRina of Haagen Dazs
    8 years ago
    Visiting Haagen Dazs for the first time, I was well impressed. I know Haagen- Dazs isn't considered the best ice cream in the world, but OMG does it taste amazing when you are hungry, have a sweet tooth, and have been shopping for several hours. As we walked in and looked at the different flavors, the worker gave us samples of many different kinds of ice cream, he was friendly. Their vanilla is the best I've ever had, the standard against which all should be measured. Though, the ice cream was expensive, it was delicious. I really enjoyed my evening snack.
  • Review by MaRina of PAUL
    8 years ago
    Normally I don't review a place twice unless something has changed, and this time it was the service. Food was fine, but the service was rubbish.
    One of the waiters doesn't know how to respect other costumers, he keeps on yelling and fighting with his colleagues. I noticed that he made one or more rude comments on other diners. Moving on to the prices,, the place became so expensive! and the quality of food is dropping down! I think this place is not for me anymore
  • Review by MaRina of Massimo Dutti
    8 years ago
    They have a nice variation of clothes in different colors. The collections are stylish, quality is the "classic chic" a little less original than Mango but timeless! That's good as you can keep it a long time ... And unlike some other shops, the vendors here are really lovely and helpful, they cut into four to help you, and to keep the store in order. However, I find that sometimes the prices are really exaggerated.
  • Review by MaRina of Al Dayaa
    8 years ago
    This branch is just amazing! I went there yesterday, I ordered four meals and i gotta say that i had the fastest service ever. Although the place was so crowded, the employees were too fast gettin me my meals. The shawerma was very good. However I have a tiny complain, the pickles were too saggy, it didn't even crunch! and its hard to park your car there.
  • Review by MaRina of H&M
    8 years ago
    This place is so hit or miss. Every time I go in there they have the music so loud that I feel like I'm going to drop dead from an exploded blood vessel. Not conducive to nice thoughtful shopping or even fun. However, H&M has decent quality clothes that are also very stylish. The best part is the price; it's actually affordable. This store is a bit small, therefor, the clothes are closer together and there may not be that much space to shop. The lines may be long at times especially on the weekends or when there is a sale. Staff is usually fairly patient. Otherwise it's one of the more affordable shops at Taj Mall.
  • Review by MaRina of Baguette Restaurant & Cafe
    8 years ago
    I went to Baugette for the first time yesterday & was amazed by the experience. The service was good, formal but very personal. The food was sensational and the menu varied, I ordered Deluxe Chicken Sandwich it was well prepared and presented using the freshest ingredients. However, they took a long time preparing our food and that is the only down side. This place has a nice atmosphere. I really recommend it, for me, I think its a jewel that will never fail to dazzle.
  • Review by MaRina of Batshon Home Fashion
    9 years ago
    Ok, first of all, I am VERY picky about bedding, especially sheets! but when I found Batshon my problem got solved! they sell the perfect bedding and sheets for everyone! They offer you some amazing colors and designs! I bought all my bedding and sheets form here, they are so comfortable and I found no problem fitting the xxl sheet over the king size bed, it slid right on. if you surf the store and didnt like anything they can custom made a special sheets for you! the customer service is wonderful, the employee was so kind, he helped me mixing and matching the sheets I wanted. prices are moderate. I recommend it for everyone
  • Review by MaRina of Donuts Factory
    9 years ago
    donuts factory is my ultimate favourite donut place. I can easily buy a dozen donuts but half a dozen of them are the double chocolate donuts.
    The first time i tried it i felt like i was in heaven. The delicious white chocolate coating and the surprise of a chocolate filling. It was purely sinful indulgence. I found the peanut butter filling a bit too much though. A bit too thick to me. But another filling i liked was the apples. Some people do not like the taste of apples in a donut but i liked it. especially with the layer of glaze around it. Prices are normal.. I cant give you a specific figure but a single donut coasts around 1.5 jd
  • Review by MaRina of Swatch
    9 years ago
    Swatch is a very good brand for watches. It produces a wide variety of watches twice a year (winter and summer collection), and there’s a Swatch for everyone! Swatch watches have a basic design. Most of the watches have the basics only,seconds, minutes and hours. If you want a fancy one, you can have the date aswell, or if you want to show off, you can have a timer and more snazzy options. Since i was a kid i've known the importance of wearing a good watch.Infact my first watch was a flik flak(a division of swatch).Punctuality is important and so is style.On that basis swatch watches are one of my favourite brands. Recently I got my husband a Swatch Irony - Windfall,The looks of this watch are stunning, a chrono on a black dial with a nice metal strap. The customer service is amazing, the staff is very helpful. Parking can be difficult and i don't remember if there is a valet service or not.
  • Review by MaRina of MAC
    9 years ago
    I was always a little anxious about visiting this store! Because everytime i pass by a MAC, its filled with teenagers tryin the makeup products.. However, one day i found it somehow empty so i decided to go in. As far as supply goes, they obviously do have all of the products laid out nicely and aesthetically. I just bought eyeshadow and blushes and they are fairly easy to locate. Sometimes their collection displays are a little lackluster, though.
    In terms of customer service, that's pretty much why I don't give this place five stars. The staff are just not that friendly and one gets the feeling that they are judging every particle of makeup on your face. It is clear that they are paid partially on commission by the way that they hover and snatch you up.  I didnt feel comfortable walking in and i changed my mind, now i prefer going in when it's a little busier so as to avoid that happening.
  • Review by MaRina of Shawermama
    9 years ago
    Yesterday I was graving shawerma, and truly I don't know any good shawerma restaurants anymore! So Jeeran was my first solution.. I searched for shawerma places in Amman nd I noticed that many neighbors recommend "shawermama" nd since I do trust them I suggested that we go and try shawermama, and so we did. However, most reviews are on Mecca mall branch, and there is nothing I hate more than eating in a mall! So we tried abdoun's branch. The place is small somehow, there is 2 seating areas, both are relatively small. I ordered something called "shazooka platter" which comes with fries, pickles, two kinds of sauce and a soda. My husband ordered the same thing. When our order arrived I noticed that the chicken chunks were somehow big! I thought to myself that it's going to be dry, but that was not the case, it was so tender and absolutely delicious! Seems like "jeerani" didn't fail, i want to thank them for recommending an amazing shawerma for me .
  • Review by MaRina of Aldo
    9 years ago
    OK, do I have to wait to for you to finish your conversation with your friend when I said I want to return something?? What a great customer service!! As for the shoes, they look good, but somehow they wear too quickly and turn really ugly. Also, somehow when you try them on, they are really comfy but then when you really wear them, they just kill your feet. Which, at that point, you can't return because there's sign of usage.
  • Review by MaRina of Hardee's
    9 years ago
    I'm going to be honest. My impression of Hardee’s was already pretty bad. My experiences here never impressed, and I was never expecting much. Hardee’s, after all, is fast food, and when I judge a fast food restaurant, I don't expect the service and cuisine I'd receive at a fancy restaurant. I have eaten at enough fast food restaurants to have certain expectations, though, mainly being fair to decent quality food served quickly and for a reasonable price. I don't expect pheasant under glass, but I do expect something edible. Unfortunately, Hardee's had never met that simple challenge!!
    However, I only wrote this review to mention the drive thru issue! I will never go to their drive thru again because they have not given us items that we've ordered, or put something incorrect in the bag almost every time we've ordered from the car. I think a lot of this has to do with their microphone/speaker system, as its the worst I've ever seen. You have to yell to be heard on it, and all you hear from the employee is "Gojgwsnfnvnv." It's so hard to understand them, even when they speak loudly.
  • Review by MaRina of Bel Mondo Cafe
    9 years ago
    I know its popular! i just don't like it!
    the place is very close to my home so i decided to give it a try since its so popular as i noticed. However the place is so boring! The people sitting around are mostly over 35 years old. My problem with Bel Mondo is the fact that in my opinion it lacks uniqueness! Well first lets start with the store itself the decor isn't bad per say, but I don't find it inviting like other coffee houses I have been in, People smoke sheehsa all over the place which makes it hard to breath! Okay, some could say I am a pretentious coffee snob, up to a certain point I say sure I am, but it’s not the fact that they have nothing to offer it’s that what they do offer is not what they claim it is, their cappuccino is simply powder and hot water, you can get the stuff at many convenience stores these days. This drink can still be enjoyable but calling it cappuccino when it is far from what you would get in a real coffee house is just wrong in my book.
  • Review by MaRina of Whispers Restaurant
    9 years ago
    Finally! A Restaurant that Understands the Concept of "Lunch"!
    With a large selection of healthy meals and a delicious salad bar, Whispers makes an excellent choice when going out to eat. However, those who are known for being indecisive by nature may have a difficult time arriving at a decision once staring at the menu. While I don't want to bore you with listing all of their menu items, I would like to share what I tried there. Went a week ago with my sister for lunch, I ordered Grilled Fillet Salmon, honestly i haven't had such a good salmon in ages it was cooked exactly as I ordered. My sister had the rib eye steak, she was so busy enjoying it that she couldn't hear me talking to her. They have excellent service, we didn't have to wait too long for our food. Overall, Whispers is an excellent choice when you are in the mood for good hearty relatively food.
  • Review by MaRina of Al Khayyam Restaurant
    9 years ago
    Decades ago when the late Abu Yahya opened this restaurant it used to be a genuine Lebanese restaurant in Jerash where good meals and polished service were expected. No more. These days, the quality of the food and service are both disappointing.
    Yesterday my father in low took us to dine there. There is no atmosphere, staff is very stiff, no interaction with the guests ! We were the only diners in the restaurant!! The most important issue is the food! we ordered many hot and cold appetizers and all were less than average. What could be worse than soap flavored tabboleh?? Bubbles were about to come from my mouth after eating a bite of it!! The rest of appetizers were not seasoned! later on the mashawi arrived, it was so below our expectations!! Overall unpleasant experience!! wont dine there ever again!

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