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  • Review by Fares of Atay Cafe And Restaurant
    6 years ago
    A very nice and cozy cafe located in the quiet part of Abdoun (behind the Embassy of Saudi Arabia) They offer Shisha, drinks, and food "salads, Mana'eesh,, sandwiches...etc” Food 9 / 10 Shisha 7/10 Drinks 9/10 Service 9/10 Will definitely consider this place again.
  • Review by Fares of Anas Chicken
    6 years ago
    One of the best shawerma sandwiches I've ever had. Very clean and tasty. Definitely I will only consider Anas Chicken when eating Shawerma
  • Review by Fares of Chocolette
    6 years ago
    One of the best chocolates I've ever tasted. I've ordered a small pack of chocolates (roses and hearts) with different fillings, seriously I enjoyed each peace, remembering the taste makes my mouth water ! Also I've ordered a jar of chocolate peaces in which you can put in a hot glass of milk to enjoy the super tasty hot chocolate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Review by Fares of Abu Jbara
    6 years ago
    Excellent place to have your breakfast at. Food is excellent Service excellent Very expensive
  • Review by Fares of Sawsan Cuisine
    6 years ago
    Last week we had a company activity and we ordered food from Sawsan Cuisine, excellent fresh food, and presented in a very good way. All invitees were impressed with the quality if food. Sawsan Cuisine will definitely be my choice for such occasions.
  • Review by Fares of Qasr Al Aman
    7 years ago
    تشكيلة واسعة من ابواب الحماية تعامل الموظفين اكثر من رائع اسعار متوسطة ديكورات حديثه.
  • Review by Fares of BEKO
    7 years ago
    Good place to buy home appliances from, its located in Al Madina Street, so it’s hard to park your car. Service is good, i bought my oven from there, and requested to deliver it after two months, and they bought it after 60 days which is really great! Prices are reasonable since it’s a Turkish brand. The stuff is very friendly. I recommended this place.
  • Review by Fares of PC Circle
    7 years ago
    PC Circle is one of the best computers shops in town, located near Al Madineh el Riyadeyeh, anything related to computers can be found there. Their prices are very reasonable (maybe the best in town), staff are very friendly and always there to help. Its hard to park in front of the place. Highly recommended.
  • Review by Fares of Holiday Inn Express - Safa Park
    7 years ago
    An excellent hotel to stay at, its located in the middle of the Sheikh Zayed Street (beside the two towers for Marriott) Rooms are excellent (not big though), the room service is perfect. Their breakfast in very good with lots of options to eat. The most important thing is that the hotel is only 5 minutes away from the metro station. Will diffidently come back again
  • Review by Fares of Al Ahliah Co. for Reem Soring Mattress
    7 years ago
    انا بنصح الكل يغير فرشته و يجيب فرشه من ريم. انواع متنوعة بتناسب كل الناس و بمواصفات رائعة. تعامل الموظفين رائع و بشرحولك كل اشي عن الفرشة. الاسعار متنوعة تتراوح بين 200 دينار و حتى 1500 دينار.
  • Review by Fares of Moustache
    7 years ago
    واحد من احسن محلات بيع بدلات رجالي في عمان. تشكيله جدا واسعة و خصوصا من بدلات التوكسيدو. الموظفين متعاونين و بخبرة عاليه جدا. الموقع هو على امتداد شارع الحمرة بش المشكلة الوحيدة هي بالصفات. السعار تتناسب مع جودة البضاعة. بنصح الكل يجرب هذا المكان.
  • Review by Fares of Abu Jbara
    7 years ago
    Yesterday was my first experience in this place, not as expected at all. Like everyone else am a fan of Abu Jbara food, but this branch is extremely over rated! We went for a company breakfast , and ordered the typical food (Hommous, Falafel, Fatteh & Fool), presentation was good and employees are always there to help, but honestly taste was below average (nothing special at all). Prices are not logical, how come we pay 90 JDS for eating local traditional food! I wont try this place again.
  • Review by Fares of Canvas Restaurant & Art Lounge
    7 years ago
    Canvas is one of those cozy places where I enjoy going to in winter. very nice modern decoration and super friendly staff. That day we went to have dinner, I ordered the Mediterranean chicken plate which really tastes great (check my picture in the photo gallery) prices are a bit high but at least worth the service. We paid 28 jds for having 2 Mediterranean chicken plates, one chicken Cesar salad and two cokes. You can easily park you car in front of the place. Highly recommended.
  • Review by Fares of Umami Asian Fusion
    7 years ago
    Yesterday was the first time I try this place, decoration is very stylish and unique, staff and super friendly and always there to help. We ordered chicken corn soup which really tastes good, we had spring rolls , chicken balls as appetizers , and chicken noodles and sweet & sour chicken as main courses. I can say that it's one of the best Asian restaurants in town. Price is a bit high but trust me it's worth it as you will get a high quality of food They have a valet service. Will diffidently come back again .
  • Review by Fares of Al Ameen Car Showroom
    7 years ago
    One of the best car dealers in Amman, it's located in ٍShmeisani next to king Abdulla gardens . They sell several used cars models such as Honda, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Kia...etc. They sell selective cars only so all their cars are very good. The owner is called "ayman" and he is really friendly. I highly recommend this place when considering buying a new used car.
  • Review by Fares of Tulip Inn Hotel Knowledge Village
    7 years ago
    An excellent 3 stars hotel that is perfect for business trips. Its located in the middle of the Knowledge city, The hotel from outside looks weird as you will have to walk a little bit in order to reach the main gate (its weird because its not as Dubai hotel "HUGE"). Rooms are big enough with an excellent decoration with free wired internet service, stuff are super friendly and always popping up to help. Their breakfast is quite good, not very rich though! Price is very reasonable that's why its perfect for business trips. You can easily find a taxi in front of the hotel. I will diffidently try it again.
  • Review by Fares of Fatty Dabs Burger Shack
    7 years ago
    Based of my friends recommendations i decided to try it out. Its located in Abdoun near (the old Abdoun Mall), the same building of KFC, in the second floor. Place decoration is nice, stuff were helpful and the owner of the place manages the cash. I ordered Backyard burger, the burger looks super delicious, but here are my comments: - Burger size is very small . - They put too many things inside the burger (arugula, Tomato, Chili pepper, bacon , Swiss cheese) so the taste of the burger gets lost. - Their french fries is delicious . - Cost is really high (it cost 8.5 Jds). Honestly i got disappointed as i thought am going to have the best burger in town!
  • Review by Fares of Khader Sallam Housing Co.
    7 years ago
    شركة اسكانات ممتازة و متعاونبن جدا, عندهم شقق في كل المناطق, و باسعار متنوعة. موقعهم في شارع الجاردنز , جانب Adidas , بتقدر تزورهم و تعطيهم طلبك و هم انشاء الله بساعدوك.
  • Review by Fares of Agave Lounge
    7 years ago
    Yesterday was my first visit to this place, and honestly the reviews I've read are 100% correct. We booked a table for a birthday party, place decoration is nice, but the first issue we faced was coldness, the place is really cold and this was annoying us. Their food & alcohol menu is huge, but they only have VERY FEW options for normal drinks (only Nescafe, tea & coffee). I ordered Nescafe and taste was good (nothing special). My friends ordered Hubble Bubbly but they called the "fa7em" guy many times to fix it. The stuff weren't very helpful and we had to drop their attention many times before getting things done as we want. There is a valet service. Regarding the bill, honestly i was invited so i cant judge if its expensive or not.
  • Review by Fares of Man2ousheh Oriental Bakery & Cafe
    7 years ago
    A great place to have breakfast at, its located in Sweifieh next to Wakalat street, it serves all types of breakfast stuff such as Ka3keh, mana2eesh, & stuffed sandwiches. Yesterday i ordered a ka3keh wish za3taar and cheese, honestly it was very delicious. What i liked the most is that they prepare your sandwich in front of your eyes. The place is very clean and employees are super friendly. Price is very reasonable specially that the place is located in Sweifieh. Maybe its a little bit hard to park in front of the place specially that the street is usually crowded. I highly recommend this place , and i will keep on trying new stuff.
  • Review by Fares of Asyad Al Mandi
    7 years ago
    Today we ordered Mandy from this restaurant, honestly i really liked the taste, Rice was cooked perfectly, i didnt like much the taste of the chicken , The presentation is very nice. This is the first time i try eating Mandy from a restaurant, but i think i will try it again and again. And they also have a delivery service.
  • Review by Fares of Batshon Home Fashion
    7 years ago
    بطشون هوم فاشن واحد من اعرق محلات اللوازم المنزلية في عمان. رحت عليه امبارح لاشتري بياضات و اغطية فراش, بالتاكيد عندو تشكيله واسعه من الانواع و الاشكال. اغلب بضاعته بجيبوها من اسبانيا مما يضمن نوعية فاخره جدا. الاسعار مرتفعة شوي بس بصراحه هاي الامور مستاهل الدفع عليها لانها بتخدمك لفتره طويله. اصحاب المحل دائما متواجدون و بقدمولك المساعدة الي بتحتاجها و ما بخلوك تطلع الا و انت ميسوط. بنصح الكل يزور هذا المحل.
  • Review by Fares of Cushions Lounge
    7 years ago
    من كثر ما بحب المكان, هاي تاني تعليق بكتبه على نفس المكان. انا زبون محل من اكثر من سنتين, و صراحة كوشنز من المحلات الوحيدة الي حافظة على نفس المستوى من الجوده, الخدمة و النظافة. مدير المحل "عبد" حريص كثير على رضا الزبون و دائما بسعي ليكون الزبون راضي. الاكل في هذا المكار رائع, طلبت الاسبوع الماضي "Cushions Cheese Burger" و صراحة استمتعت جدا فيها. المشروبات جيدة جدا, و من اكثر ما يلفت انتباهي في هذا المكن هو النظافة . يوجد خدمة الفالية, فما بتاكل هم الصفة. الموظفون رائعون و متعاونون جدا باختصار , بنصح الجميع ان يجرب هذا المكان .
  • Review by Fares of Hamleys
    7 years ago
    What can i say, Hamleys is the best toys shop in town. outstanding decoration, super friendly stuff who always offer their help each time you hold a weird game. Honestly, each time i enter this place, i wish we had such a place when we where kids. Anything you can imagine can be found, they even have a play area for kinds to have their birthday parties. Prices are very reasonable, and anyone can afford it. They have a parking in front on the shop. You really should consider this place when buying a kids gift.
  • Review by Fares of Pancake and Waffle House
    8 years ago
    A nice place to have your morning breakfast at, its located in Abdoun, near the housing bank. This place serves all kind of breakfast food. I usually order big waffle & a cup of Nescafe. The waffles are very tasty. The cost of a big waffle and a cup of Nescafe is 5 Jds. The place decoration is very relaxing and beautiful. I recommend trying out this place.

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