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  • Review iSTYLE by Bassel
    310 Reviews |  7 years ago
    محل كتير كتير حلو و مرتب طريقة عرض البضاعة كتير كتير حلوة المحل كبير ومقسم بطريقة حلوة في قسم معروض فيه كل أنواع iPhone ومعروض كل الألوان نفس الشي لأجهزة iPad & Mac & iPod معروض كل الأنواع و الألوان وبجانب كل جهاز مكتوب المواصفات والسعر يوجد أيضا بالمحل قسم مخصص لشناتي اللاب توب موديلات كتير كتير حلوة ومتنوعة موديلات الشناتي والانواع كتير كتير حلوين يوجد كل مستلزمات و اكسسوارات شركة Apple المحل كبير و مرتب و نظيف الإنارة جيدة الخدمة ممتازة و الموظفين كتير مناح ومعاملتون منيحة و بقدموا المساعدة
  • Review iSTYLE by Alan
    24 Reviews |  9 years ago
    iStyle is definitely my one stop shop for Apple products in Dubai - they've got everything that I could get back home and all products are genuine - they even carry a wide range of accessories for most apple products from macbooks to ipad stuff - granted, things are usually slightly more expensive compared to back home but then again, what in Dubai isn't ?
    Being a Mac user, you can see why this is easily one of my favourite electronics store in Dubai
  • Review iSTYLE by Mary
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    iStyle carries good quality products. the staff is knowledgeable of the products they carry - accommodating to undecided and meticulous customers. they have stores in most malls around Dubai...
  • Review iSTYLE by hanson
    12 Reviews |  9 years ago
    i bought my 13' macbook pro, it makes me say i feel great when i am in front of my mac pc. it does everything... apple products are good... iphone is also good, as you could almost do everything a pc can do.