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The burger is quite big
JR burger.. Highly recommended for those who thing the other burgers are too big.
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Bash Burger
Bash Burger

Amman - Abdoun

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  • Outdoor Parking
Payment Method
  • Cash
  • Alcohol Free
Meals Served
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • No Music
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  • No Reservation / Appointment
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  • Self Service
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Reviews (23)

  • Review Bash Burger by Thamer
    9 Reviews |  two years ago
    الانجوس عنده خرافي وكثير زاكي وبشبع بس غالي
  • Review Bash Burger by Ahmad
    43 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Not bad for what you get , at bash burger the prices are , little bit high but you get a good quality Angus beef make sure you order before 20 mins of pickup time , otherwise you will end up waiting for your meal
  • Review Bash Burger by Nart
    4 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Great burger. Worth trying
  • Review Bash Burger by Inal
    10 Reviews |  4 years ago
    best burger in town
  • Review Bash Burger by Mohammed
    4 Reviews |  6 years ago
    جداً سيء.. الأسعار جداً غالية بالنسبة للطعم العادي جداً مش ازكى برغر بعمّان أبداً وجبة ١٩٠ غرام ب ٩ دنانير وشوي؟ وبحكيلك انه غالي عشان ال "انجوس" بس اللحمة عادية كتير.. لا انصح
  • Review Bash Burger by Rania
    7 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Although they make good hamburgers, the menu is over priced$$!! Comparing with other fast food restaurants, the prices are still high. The beef really tastes good and well-done, nothing special in fries and pops,they make them good as well. The restaurant cleanliness is some what acceptable comparing with other restaurants. Even-though, this is a fast food restaurant not a 5 star one, I can tell from the service that the restaurant opens for people came from outside........... and live in Amman; thus, they wanna a certain class or people to serve; I don't mean there is a discrimination, but I feel some kind of discomforting when I go there. In ma point of view, it isn't good for day to day lunch, but you can visit it in occasions for a change. Thanks
  • Review Bash Burger by Bassel
    310 Reviews |  7 years ago
    محل زاكي كتير كتير الوجبة زاكية كتير وكبيرة وغنية المعاملة منيحة كتير الخدمة سريعة وممتازة المحل نظيف يوجد صفة سيارة ديكور المحل حلو
  • Review Bash Burger by Esraa
    1 Reviews |  7 years ago
    من اطيب المحلات الي بتعمل برجر ..كثير نظيف وزاكي
  • Review Bash Burger by Hisham
    12 Reviews |  7 years ago
    This is one of the few places to get a decent burger, I ordered "to go" 2 Bash Burgers and 1 onion rings, total bill was 15.3JD. For me a burger places with no onion rings & mozzarella sticks is a waste of time, but "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" we cannot change everything, specially restaurants menus, but it was good to see that Bash Burger added onion rings, to see but not to eat. The onion rings were embarrassing, oily & mushy, don't order it. I gave this place 4 starts for two main reasons: 1- The beef is good. 2- I ordered the burger to be medium, and it was medium, it wasn't adjusted to suit the cook's preference. The bun was soggy & bad, tomato was greenish and the beef needed a bit more seasoning, a bit. Overall the burger is good, atleast better than 90% of other burger claiming places.
  • Review Bash Burger by Assem
    6 Reviews |  7 years ago
    The burger is quite tasty and juicy but the prizes are tooo high for two burgers delivery i paied 18 JDs I dont recommend it