Buffalo Wings 12 piece 7/10
Spicy boneless wings (very delicious)
Boneless chicken
Boneless chicken wings
Burger meal
Western Burger
استيك مع خضار سوتية
Review Wingers by Fares
40 Reviews |  two years ago
كانت تجربتي رائعة جدا في مطعم وينجرز في عمان طعم مميز بالوينجز والسناك

Amman - Seventh Circle

Soad Abu Al Hawa
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12:00 ص - 1:00 ص
12:00 ص - 1:00 ص
12:00 ص - 1:00 ص
12:00 ص - 1:00 ص
12:00 ص - 1:00 ص
12:00 ص - 1:00 ص
2:00 م - 1:00 ص
  • Outdoor Parking
Payment Method
  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Alcohol Free
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  • Accept Credit Cards
General Features
  • Opens After Midnight
Internet Connection
  • Free Wifi
Meals Served
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Background Music
Reservation/ Appointment
  • No Reservation / Appointment
  • Outdoor Area
  • Indoor Area
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  • Self Service
  • Take Out
  • Delivery
  • Smoking Free

Reviews (74)

  • Review Wingers by muhammad abdulhadi
    2 Reviews |  one year ago
    Best wings in town !
  • Review Wingers by Sara
    2 Reviews |  one year ago
    Best place for wings, Very delicious sauces, highly recommended
  • Review Wingers by Sarah
    38 Reviews |  two years ago
    The best wings I’ve tried in Amman so far, well cooked and the sauces are so tasty, prices are lower than other wings places. One thing that I didn’t like is that they don’t have many options for the sauces, only 5 or 6. Burgers are so delicious as well, quality of meat is perfect! It’s a bit hard to find a parking in front of the restaurant but there’s a land for parking next to them. Highly recommended for burger and wings lovers
  • Review Wingers by Louai
    7 Reviews |  two years ago
    crispy chicken, not drenched in oil. Very clean. Good service.
  • Review Wingers by Diyaa
    16 Reviews |  two years ago
    Really really top place to go Everything more than perfect And the most important thing is the consistency of there passion and work Same great quality food and service for years and they never ever disappoint you Highly recommend if you want to enjoy your meal Especially the boneless wings and crispy chicken burger
  • Review Wingers by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  two years ago
    i tried the wingers with the honey muster sauce is the best wingers in Amman Highly recommended
  • Review Wingers by Adnan
    12 Reviews |  two years ago
    Boneless honey mustard wings enough for five stars
  • Review Wingers by Nadeen
    113 Reviews |  two years ago
    المحل موقعه سهل ورا سيفوي السابع.. القعدة صغيرة ودايما فل بس الطاولات بتفضى بسرعة.. طلبنا اوردر وحكولنا بده ربع ساعة حكينالهم تمام لانه بنستنى شخص عالطريق.. وفجأة بعد دقيقتين بنلاقي الاكل نزل! راجعنا المسؤول حكالنا بنشوف وبنرجعلكم ازا في حل وبالاخر حكولنا ما بنقدر نعمل شي وما عرفو حتى يدخلوه جوا المطبخ مشان ما يبرد لانه كنا جنب الباب قاعدين وبرد الاكل.. جربنا الboneless wings وهم بيجو قطع من صدور دجاج ومش اجنحة! وجربنا بطاطا كيرلي وبطاطا حارة مع جبنة ولحمة وموزيريلا ستيكس و كرات هالابينو بالجبنة اجمالا الاكل زاكي والاسعار كويسة وعلى ٤ اشخاص دفعنا ٢٤ وزاد كتير من الاكل
  • Review Wingers by Wessam
    23 Reviews |  two years ago
    وينجرز ، فعليا من اطيب المطاعم الي بجربها بعمان جربت البنلس مو طبيعي قدي زاكيين وتنتين بيشبعوني الاشي اللي كان طعمو ببكي حلقات البصل كتير طيبين للبطاطا الكيرلي كمان واو اسعارو متوسطة بس برضو حرام تكون اسعارو اقل من هيك بيستاهل قد ما هو زاكي نضافتهم بتجنن والموظفين بيجننو للقعده جوها حلو وفيها حماس لف يو وينجرز
  • Review Wingers by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    Affordable prices for huge portions its so heavy on stomach but tasty they have many options to choose from starting with the number of pieces of chicken ending with the taste of the sauces also their curly potatoes so yummy as well as the service is just graet and its a clean place