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Vinaigrette Restaurant
Vinaigrette Restaurant
Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Issa
15 Reviews |  7 years ago
Very nice place with a great atmosphere! The appetizer menu could be improved but the main courses are delicious. More could be done to accommodate special requests such as anniversaries or parties, but given the demand for the resturant, I could understand the difficulty of getting the best table. Overall, one of the best outings in Amman!

Amman - Shmeisani

AlQasr Metropole Hotel - 7th Floor - 3 Arroub Street
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Reviews (27)

  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Salam Kuttab
    1 Reviews |  7 months ago
    Best sushi I’ve had, no doubt. However, this time service was not up to par, not to mention the unrealistically overly priced menu. I don’t think I’ll visit again.
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Fajer Alduaij
    3 Reviews |  two years ago
    Highly recommended, Good food , great service
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Diyaa
    16 Reviews |  two years ago
    No words can really describe this place Everything deserves more than 5 stars The place , the atmosphere , the food , the stuff Highly recommend if you look for something fancy
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Walaa
    135 Reviews |  two years ago
    Classy classy classy Was a good experience The food was amazing but the food portion could be bigger. Price are a bit expensive. The place is very well decorated, Cozy place and softly lighted. Highly recommended their prices are a bit expensive but its worth.
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Lina
    20 Reviews |  two years ago
    Vinaigrette restaurant, one of the nicest and most prestigious restaurants in Amman, reflects a magnificent image of hospitality and welcome in Jordan.
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Arzo
    22 Reviews |  two years ago
    اطلالته بتجنن , والاكل كتييير زاكي جربت السوشي كان رهيب والسعر بالنسبة للخدمة والاكل والمكان كتييير مناسب
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Rawan
    19 Reviews |  two years ago
    great sushi place i tried sushi in many places but this one is the best the decor and view is wonderful service is very good
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Dania
    38 Reviews |  3 years ago
    One of the best places to have sushi at. The decoration of the place is very nice and the atmosphere is great.
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  3 years ago
    The best sushi in Amman and the restaurant view is very beautiful really the best sushi. I advice everyone to try it.
  • Review Vinaigrette Restaurant by sadi amro
    2 Reviews |  3 years ago
    the sushi was extremely delicious but it was very very expensive but it was absolutely worth it there's no way i can describe the taste of the sushi that i had there, it would be great if they had the prices low